February 2010

[Born Rich] Episode 31-35 Thoughts

The story is getting more interesting again!! As things are settling down, I begin not to hate Angie anymore because I am slowly accepting what Connie has said. I mean, I don’t mind her that much. Connie and Marcus’ divorce has become a fact now and as long as I see Connie happy that her children are ok, then that’s all that matters in the end…?

Onto Gallen’s side of the story- his identity is at threat once again when a man from Sabah who has been hunting for them, coincidentally picks up Kenneth’s work ID and realises the position he has gained at the bank! He blackmails Kenneth’s identity for a large sum of money. In hope to keep his mouth shut, Kenneth tries all sorts of ways to gather the money for him.

Without telling Gallen because he did not want him to worry, Kenneth borrows money from Benz. However, the man later realises that Gallen has become the COO of Cosmos Bank and comes back to blackmail for even more! This time Gallen overhears and tells Kenneth not to get involved anymore. Thinking his brother might kill the man (or do something bad to him) to “solve all his problems”, Kenneth sought his own routes to obtain funds..by asking Marcus!!

Born Rich

Gallen ends up simply paying the man and letting him off himself. When he found out Kenneth borrowed money off Marcus, he became so angry at “how dumb” his brother was as this would lead Marcus to becoming suspicious. To cover this up, he and Kenneth play an act in from of Marcus..but Gallen’s reaction just seemed over the top (and more suspicious in my opinion) I don’t think Marcus is that stupid…

On the other hand, things are getting more interesting with Rene and Yatming.

Born Rich

A drunk Rene asks Yatming why he has to be her second brother


Born Rich

In another scene Yatming, (I think, deliberately) let his feelings loose while he was drunk and he starts kissing her! OMG! I feel so sorry for Rene ~ It’s driving her insane~~what he’s doing to her is quite gross (if you think about it from her perspective). She’s trying so hard to control herself from those forbidden feelings, and yet he obviously does not suffer that kind of psychological pain.

I think my perspective of this couple has changed. I no longer like Yatming , hence I do not support this couple anymore. As much as I like what I’m seeing ( those sparks and chemistry between the two), I see Yatming as a scary monster.

Rene was really upset and confused and quickly runs back to Topman. I was relieved that she went back to find him. I think Topman would be happy too.

Born Rich

Rene: Don’t come near me! I’m scared I won’t be able to control myself!

In episode 33, Rene returns the diamond watch Gallen had given her in the early episodes of the series.

To sort out her feelings and to avoid the two men, Rene escapes to Sabah for a holiday.

Born Rich

In order to win Rene back, Topman follows her there. At first, Rene’s like the usual- finding him annoying and telling him to leave her alone. I loved watching the two together 😉 It’s just so much more fresh and pure. It’s funny watching Rene treat Topman that way (as if they’ve never dated lol). It was kind of sad that Rene rejected Topman when he tried proposing to her again and threw the ring in the ocean. However it was like they were destined as Topman was able to find it back XD After going through so much on the island, and Topman getting bitten by a poisonous snake, Topman finally wins Rene’s heart!! Yay!! XD
Born Rich


Back in Hong Kong, Marcus finds out Nancy has given Gallen large sum for investing in a property which he knew Gallen did not actually end up buying. Adding to that, Kenneth finds a speeding fine- the day Gallen went to find Angie’s father who was fishing! However, he accidentally drops it in the lift where Marcus picks it up and Kenneth quickly snatches it back when he gets the chance. Only when visiting Angie’s father’s grave did Marcus realise the date/time/location on the fine matched Angie’s father’s death!
Born Rich

In Episode 34,  Gallen’s once again tried to put on an act in front of Marcus to justify Kenneth taking his car. Gallen had a huge reaction- it was so obvious he was hiding something- first borrowing money, then next “stealing the car’ . It’s getting more suspenseful! I was so happy when Anita promised to marry Topman!! Finally!  XD I was really happy when Rene told Yatming the one she loves the most is Topman and I was convinced she will stick firmly to her decision this time!

The scene where Kenneth has to leave, and Sharon tries to keep him was so sad to watch.  I didn’t want the two just to end like that :< They were both so sad.  Clearly he did not want to give up what he has in Hong Kong- Sharon, his job, but he didn’t want to lose his brother even more.
Born Rich

Born Rich

The end of the world for Gallen was drawing near. Not only did he lose Rene to Topman, but Gallen’s identity was at the verge of being revealed when he finds out that the doctor (who knows about Yatming’s left ear being deaf) sent a report to Marcus!! Angie’s father wasn’t dumb afterall 😀

As Marcus and Topman put the pieces of the evidence together of Gallen’s real identity and intentions, it  finally occurred to Topman the reason behind Yatming’s behaviour towards Rene!

Born Rich

The contrasting scenes was so scary!!  As the two spoke out how scary this person really is, we see Yatming in the dark smoking nearby Rene’s place.. is it too late…?

Out of extreme jealousy, selfishness , lust and greed – Gallen walks into Rene’s room (who is drunk after her engagement party) and rapes her !! OMG! Such a monster!! How could he do this to her!?? He’s despicable- he can just go and DIE!

Born Rich

Poor Rene- she could not face anyone anymore- especially not Topman. Her happiness was all taken away 🙁 The only one she trusted was Connie and went to tell her. When Connie brought Rene back home, Nancy not knowing what was going on went rambling on about how she should be a good wife etc, and Rene blurts out she got raped! Rene runs away, and the shock of the news caused Nancy to become hospitalised.

Topman, Marcus and Connie team up to plan ways to get rid of Gallen as they realise he s a Conartist the whole time. Because of his current director position at Cosmos Bank- they need to deal with  him properly or else it would have an adverse affect on the bank’s share prices and reputation and goodwill etc.

Born Rich

Marcus went to confront Kenneth as he knew Kenneth was not like Gallen. He had a good heart and was very innocent. When Marcus forced Kenneth to the wall and told him straight out what Gallen did – including raping Rene, Kenneth angrily went to find Gallen!

Born Rich

After confirming what Marcus had said to him was true, the poor guy did not want his brother to continue his wrongdoings and attempts to point out his criminal behavior to the police. Unfortunately as he was driving away,  he loses focus from his injuries when fighting with Gallen and ends up driving off a cliff! Gallen jumps in to save him but with no success. He could not find is body..and  witnesses his own brother sink into the sea. I think this is Karma for not trying to save Angie’s father.  However, instead of blaming himself for the loss of his brother, he puts the blame on Marcus for becoming between them and swears to take revenge.

Gallen then receives an sms from Rene, telling him she was hiding on a boat. I was so angry when Rene called him!! Out of all people she was hiding from,  she wanted to see him? I know she didn’t know but as an audience I can’t help but feel that way. As Gallen grabs onto Rene’s face and ears, Rene realises that he was the man who had raped her!

Born Rich
Born Rich

17 Responses to “[Born Rich] Episode 31-35 Thoughts”

  • KTVB says:

    The second last batch of Born Rich summaries! ^^ Sorry that it’s been such a delay! Hope you enjoy my write-ups, and do share with me your thoughts on these episodes too!

  • lovespicy says:

    Great to see your new post on BR. Yeah! one more to go. I’ll rewatch this series (selective scenes) when there’s nothing good to watch.

    I think the ratings started to pick up from ep. 34 onwards.

    I’m different from most of you. I still like to see Gallen with Anita although Gallen is despicable here. I can’t explain why I don’t find Anita with Joe that loveable. It’s not that I supported Gallen for the dreadful things he’d done. It’s like I do understand why he had turn into a monster and wish he had realised his wrongs because of his love for Rene. My last wish was Rene to forgive Yat Ming and chose to be with him because she loved him most. There are reasons why I believe Rene love Yat Ming the most. She didn’t accept Topman’s proposal only after the life & death situation. Who’s the one who make her suffer mentally so much? If she knew he’s not her brother earlier, she would have accepted him. Even the scriptwriter originally had one scene to show Rene’s feelings (they were kissing passionately) but it was removed.

    My question is if the person whom you love rape you and explain to you later why he did that (assuming he’s telling the truth), would you make a 360 degree turn to hate and kill the person instead? We can discuss this more when you post the rest of the final episodes.

    I always enjoy watching Kenneth with Gallen (esp. their confrontations), so much so makes me think they do have a brotherhood relationship in real life. It’s a pity that Kenneth has to sacrifice for his brother here.

    • Nicole says:

      i agree with this post 100%. i see you’ve turned into a Anita/Joe shipper, but somehow i couldn’t make that switch haha. i just don’t think they have much chemistry together. anyway i think ep35 (& the beginning of ep36) is the most intense part of the show so far. Gallen & Anita were really great in the boat scene! as much as Anita hates Gallen for raping her, i don’t think she can ever totally hate him.

      “My last wish was Rene to forgive Yat Ming and chose to be with him because she loved him most.”
      AHHHH i agree SO MUCH. XD

      • KTVB says:

        I agree Anita and Gallen have more chemistry~ but it just seems a bit too late for him to be forgiven. There was no real reason for him to turn into the evil guy he is now…and he didn’t have much regret ? lol He was some selfish greedy guy who wants everything

      • stella says:

        even though she knew that yatming was lying to her she still called him meaning she still loves him
        but realy he is scary but their chemistry is great

        although i already saw the ending, i still wish that the had ended up together instead

    • KTVB says:

      Hey lovespicy! I remember before starting the series I was disappointed when I found out Anita would end up with Joe, especially after seeing the early episodes with Gallen and Anita ^^ After all the stuff Gallen put her through, she just deserves someone so much better.

      What’s not to like about Topman?

      I’m just happy that Anita finally woke up feom it. As for whether its realistic, we’ll chat about that in our next post XD

  • cooldudejohn says:

    I know everyone is talking about Rene and Yatming but personally I loved watching Kenneth and/or Sharon! They are such a great pair! Kenneth has played his character so well! I just love how he’s so innocent and kind of naive! With Sharon, I disliked how she fell for Yatming. Gallen just doesn’t really fit Sharon as well as Kenneth.

    Anita has done a fantastic job acting this character out! She kind of makes you want to watch this series.

    p.s. Did anyone notice why TVB’s massive grand productions aren’t getting the really high ratings compared to like Beyond? First The Gem Of Life (maybe it was too long) and now Born Rich? I mean, Born Rich has a great cast line-up!

    • KTVB says:

      I think it’s such a huge transition from Gallen to Kenneth- the brothers are so different lol Kenneth obviously suits Sharon more (more her type). I liked when Sharon admitted that she most likely did not like Gallen that much and saw him as a fall-back after being dumped by Tiger.I thougth it was so sad when Sharon said she’ll go find Kenneth at Sabah (when we know he’s not actually there 🙁 )

      p.s Agreed..seems like much fail these days =\They all have just a great cast. It’s a shame that they don’t learn to appreciate them.

  • Lavendar_Bluez says:

    YAY!! update!!!

    im so glad anita woke up too…
    i guess i also became disgusted with yatming and rene… and fell for rene & topman instead

    while rene and yat ming does have lots of chemistry but i feel yat ming’s actions were not justifiable in anyway. like he was just too greedy because he wanted money and people.. and by getting those things, he was hurting others. i just probably couldn’t stand it.

    topman was willing to be rene’s “replacement” in love… and i just grown to really like how he’s still loves her and such.

    sharon & kenneth are CUTE couple!! hehe i love the two together.

    the phase they portrayed rene’s rape was really well done… this drama isn’t bad, it’s just doesnt have those dramatic climaxes in every episode. it’s also got some flaws to the script but i think it has to do with the many tumbles during filming. they had to cut back on a lot… so there’s prob stuff that arent properly explained. none the less though, the acting is superb. rene’s shock reaction. then the whole keeping it a secret from the family and then bursting. it was added nicely with the whole mu ma having heart attack… and of course..CONNIE is obviously an important aspect in the family..lols…hint hint to us that connie will be back.

    anita is terrific actress … love movie queen!! =]

    • thzdth says:

      I wonder what’s the creepy background music for the rape incident. Just like the seductive Come O Come Emannuel, this one suits the scene to a T!

  • bellicose says:

    haha. updates!! everyone seem to be discussing on Anita, Gallen & Joe’s love triangle. am one who has successfully made the switch and begin liking Joe & Anita’s pairing instead. cos Gallen began to give me creeps when he did all those stuff to Rene. besides, Topman is very romantic and stays by Rene’s side. He touched me with his sincerity so i’m happy to see Rene with him. Aniticipating more updates!! =D

  • bbfreak says:

    i love born rich! haha. i don’t realli get why the ratings are so low….(i really liked Gem as well) ah… BR gave me a great surprising, the cast was strangely refreshing! i loved Connie/Jamie…I didn’t think I’d like her, but i ended up loving her character! Not to mention i love Kenneth as usual…he’s so adorable, wish he had more screen time…(loved how he loved sharon!)

  • tvbfan says:

    although i really liked this couple (rene and yatming) i feel that his behavoiur is abnormal, i mean rene as already trying to hard to get those feelings out of her and then yatming comes along and makes her have feelings for him again. I mean this, would drive a regular person insane. Still, i love this series

  • hoki says:

    they should have named this drama Born Greedy instead.

  • chibi says:

    woaaaahh so climatic, it’s gonna end soon!! Sounds very exciting! But man, Rene gets raped? Ughhh… Gallen is so disgusting!!

    I don’t really understand how Gallen got into Rene’s bedroom? Wouldn’t it be locked? And why isn’t Topman with her?

  • eugene says:

    That’s the most disgusting thing about Gallen. No matter what he should not do that to Rene. I disgust his character in this series. But i feel happy for Topman that he finally got her.

  • Star says:

    I can’t believe that he raped her!

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