March 2010

[Born Rich] Episode 36-41 Finale

Hi everyone! It has been a long while since I finished watching Born Rich (and I’m sure you guys have too), so I’m going to keep this final post nice and brief, yet at the same time, share some of my thoughts on some of the main happenings so I can give my BR postings a sense of closure 🙂 Enjoy!

Rene and Yatming get back together

Born Rich

I found this to be a surprising, shocking, exciting moment. I did not expect this to happen. After Rene finds out he was the one who had raped her that night,  Yatming’s “excuse” was that he could not control himself because he loved her too much. He was jealous and angry that he lost Rene to Topman and lied, saying he only just found out he was not the real Yatming- hence they were not biological brother and sister.  I think this has to be one of Rene’s most confused moments! Could she forgive someone who raped her because she liked him back too? Should she be with the one she loves now that she could?  It makes me wonder what she was really thinking. I mean, how could she disregard everything and treat Topman like that?  Topman was the one she deemed to love the most- would she have lied to herself the 2nd time around?  Not only was she determined to be with Yatming through all means, she was willing to stick by Yatming and go against her brother and family.  I had some doubts about Rene’s actions, but it was believable considering Rene can be pretty irresponsible/irrational sometimes. What will happen next?

Marcus rejects Connie

Born Rich

Poor, poor Connie! I can’t believe after all that Marcus has done to her, Connie still loved him and was willing/really wanted to put the past behind and be with him again. I really feel sorry for Connie..she deserved someone so much better than Marcus. She asks if they could save their marriage and get back with each other. However, he breaks her heart again by turning her ‘request” down, saying he does not want to do the same mistake because it would be unfair to Angie. Very sad touching scene for Connie.

I am not convinced by Marcus’ words that he cannot choose who he loves the most. He says he will always have Connie in his heart- but loving her the same as Angie? I am not convinced. It did not seem like he genuinely considered Connie’s request and was just saying it to make her feel better. So, what? He could treat Connie like that, but refuses to treat Angie the same way? How is that fair to Connie? His “logic” sounds similar to when he requested to divorce her!

Rene’s Plans revealed

It turns out Rene is getting close to Yatming only to secretly find evidence against him. As Rene was sneaking around in Yatmings’ office with a usb, Yatming notices her and starts to get suspicious as she seemed to have hid something in her pockets.  She quickly runs and hides in the female toilets where Yatming chases her!! Quick and witty enough, Rene finds a pregnancy test in the toilets and reveals that she is actually pregnant with his child, removing any doubt he had on her.

Born Rich

Now I just feel more scared for her XD

Born Rich

Topman gets in a fight with Yatming when he finds out Rene as “pregnant”. Adding to that, Nancy sees Rene and Yatming kissing outside the hospital!! Hence Rene reveals her plans with Marcus in getting rid of Yatming. Nancy and the rest of the family tried to convince her to leave him because it was too dangerous but Rene refused, saying she must take her own revenge or she will never be able to live in peace. At least Topman knows now =)

It makes me wonder though- how convincing is that really? How/when did she finally wake up and turn into hating him so much?

Born Rich

Angie’s Death

Angie finally finds out from Marcus that Yatming was the one who killed her father. Marcus tried to comfort her, saying they’re doing what they can to arrest him and that she shouldn’t think about it too much. Marcus uses Angie in calling the cops to hold Gallen in confinement for 24 hours as the cops investigate the matter,  allowing the others to search for his evidence/ password to access his computer.
Later, Angie accidentally comes across Yatming and overhears his conversation on the phone- talking with someone about installing a bomb in Marcus’ car! Yatming notices Angie and to cover off the fact she heard the conversation, Angie starts having a go at him by angrily asking him why he killed her father. She soon runs off, but Yatming chases after her! With Rene in the car, I thought she would been able to convince/try to stop Yatming from chasing Angie…didn’t quite work! Yatming was convinced Angie overheard the conversation on the phone so kept going to stop her.

Born Rich

In the processing of saving  Marcus, Angie ends up in a car accident and dies. I felt indifferent about Angie’s death. I was expecting it as I did not believe TVB would make her end up happily with Marcus. Before she dies, she visualizes their wedding on the ship…


Gallen finds out Rene has “betrayed” him

On the other hand during the car chasing, Yatming and Rene get into a car accident where Yatming finds out from the doctors that Rene was not pregnant at all.

Gallen becomes suspicious of Rene and realizes she has “betrayed him”. After the confrontations, he slaps her and captures her! He forces her to make a video, recording a message to Topman saying she was indeed pregnant with Yatming’s child and that she previously lied to him.  She chooses to be with Yatming and told him not to find her. “I’m going to pick up where I’ve fallen”.

Born Rich

Yatming later drugs her, and places her in a bathtub of overflowing water.  I was expecting Topman to rescue Rene in time XD, especially since they made Topman realise Rene’s words and the fact their relationship has always been fated. Time and again, Topman was able to find what seemed like the impossible. This final scene proved this to be true, so I’m happy for this couple XD

The Bomb

As Yatming loses everything and his plan of taking over Cosmos/making large money was ruined, the only desire left in him is to take his revenge on Marcus- one he claims to cause his downfall and cause the death of his brother.

Born Rich

He captures Connie, her children, and Nancy in Cosmos Bank to lure Marcus to rescue them. Setting a timer/bomb, Yatming plans to commit suicide and die with him. He also fools with Marcus, asking him to shoot himself etc Luckily and miraculously just in time, Kenneth appears!! He actually did not die, got saved and reunited with Sharon when she went to find him at Sahbah. Kenneth tells his brother that he doesn’t want to lose him and that they could still start over and that it’s not too late.  I was relieved to see  the two brothers reunite. Seeing that Kenneth was ok, he gives the  key to release Marcus’s family.  However, Gallen refuses to leave and in the struggle, the top  level of Cosmos Bank explodes as they escape…


Born Rich

Sharon and Kenneth are happily married, running their own cake shop in Sahbah with Gallen who seems to have lost his memories.

I don’t know how I feel about the ending. I’m quite surprised how “happy” the ending is. I mean, Kenneth doesn’t die?? Feels a bit unrealistic..I wasn’t expecting it. Rene and Topman live happily ever after with their baby at Topman’s new fishing site, and the Cheuk family is together again.. At the same time-Gallen gets no punishment??  What is going on?? TVB must favour him to grant him something like that!- Gallen learn his lesson, forgets his memories, forgets all the guilt, and lives happily ever after with his brother. That’s SO UNFAIR to everyone else..it doesn’t make sense…He should suffer the consequences of all the bad thing he has done, not get off it so easily!

Born Rich

I don’t know if I prefer a happy or sad ending. I know they could have made it very tragic, but after 41 episode you would hope for some happy resolution, right?

What do you guys think of the ending? Are you satisfied?

Thanks once again for all of you who have been following my Born Rich write-ups 🙂 It was great fun able to share my thoughts with those who appreciate the series XD I must admit I thought I would never end up writing this last post simply because it has been way too long ago, but glad I did XD

28 Responses to “[Born Rich] Episode 36-41 Finale”

  • engsamnang says:

    Gallen lost memory..mnh mnh, very similar point to the ending of tavia.

  • gohan says:

    I’ve been looking forward for this post! thank you!!
    I agree, I was expecting Gallen to have something bad happened to him because all that he’s done, but really he just intended all these actions because of his greed, he still loved his brother actually it was his brother who he’d never hurt, which makes him a good person??? I think because he hasn’t killed anyone so that he cant be jailed or punished maybe tvb way of portraying him as a ‘good’ character who only planed and scheme but didnt actually kill? actually I would like your opinion on my theory XD
    I expected kenneth to be alive but I would like it, if they actually showed us how he was rescued and not just throw him in at the last minute. It also surprised me that out of all places Rene decides to return to sahbah to live?? same place as Gallen living now! Overall i loved he movie besides the scenes with marcus and angie everything was good. The build up towards the end was good all the events simultaneously happening.
    I really liked Kenneth and happy that he ended up with Sharon and lived happily after 😀
    Thank you for summarizing this series, i really enjoyed reading all your posts and your thoughts on it

    • KTVB says:

      Thanks for reading Gohan ^^

      Hmm okies I agree that he didn’t kill anyone but he attempted to kill XD And his actions(or lack of actions) indirectly caused the death of Angie and her father.
      I’m not saying he has to go to jail, because the only ‘legal” crime he has commuted was probably corporate fraud..and the fact he scammed his way using a false identity.

      Nevertheless, I would have liked to see him suffer some kind of consequence for causing so much pain and drama in people’s lives..at least feel guilty! He got it off easy by being simply able to press the “reset” button. At the end, he was still able to find his happiness.

      Just a thought XD

  • Badger says:

    I think the endings for both BTROC and Born Rich were cop outs. Gallen and Tavia should have paid for their actions. TVB needs to come up with better endings, especially when you consider the finale for Cupid Stupid was a terrible conclusion as well.

    • KTVB says:

      I don’t hate the Born Rich ending, I just felt Gallen had it off kinda easy? I do pity his character though and overall BR has a happy ending.

      Cupid Stupid on the other hand is one of the WORST things I’ve seen XD

      • karened says:

        Lol I think 99% of the viewership think the same as you. XD This is one ending where we don’t have major disputes over. XP

      • Badger says:

        Yes, Gallen got off easy.

        Argh…the end of Cupid Stupid was so frustrating! No wonder it has been warehoused in HK. I think the many HK viewers would be complaining about that ending.

        Another gripe about TVB is the opening montage sometimes gives away too much of the plot. From the BR opening, it made it pretty clear that serious harm would befall Angie/Kenix.

  • Lavendar_Bluez says:

    haha i lost my BR review..so i have to cough out 3 pages of text in addition to the remaining thoughts..LOLS..

    have been very busy lately..but i happened to be rewatching parts of Born Rich again..made me feel like talking about it..HEHE

    i couldn’t agree more..that i honestly felt bad for Connie. Like everyone wanted Connie and Marcus to get back together…but when COnnie got the courage to ask..Marcus rejected her. And then after Angie dies, it’s like Marcus turns back to COnnie…. sigh…i dont see what’s so good about marcus. But it really shows..Marcus didn’t like Angie THAT much..LOLS….

    as for the ending…i guess it is slightly acceptable because well that’s really been what the series wanted…the family to resume its happiness. But yeah…i would have liked it if they showed that yat ming did end up going to jail but was released…he did lose his memory..i like that because he wasn’t bad to begin with. Some things i guess are better off forgotten for him. i like him, ah yan and sa bo jai in sabah.

    BUT..i dont get why rene and topman would be in sabah. why not pick a different location? LOLS… trying their luck at not seeing yat ming again?

    yet while ive got some critics about the ending..nonetheless i still quite enjoyed this series for the superb acting & chemistry between the cast. it’s also got a very classicness to it with the really good background music. Terrific cast that is worth loving 😀 it’s a shame TVB didn’t release any of the behind the scene videos for this drama. the cast has mentioned many of their blooper moments and in pictures, all of them together eating and joking around…would love to have seen it.

    • KTVB says:

      hehe I’ve been very busy lately too..but I figured the next “available” time I had to blog was in May..and by then it’ll be even harder to write up XD I had to rewatch bits of the last 6 episodes to remind myself what had happened lol
      I agree! haha seems like Marcus did not love Angie THAT much… XD Well it helped solve his problem since it’s so hard for him to make decisions…

      lol, I felt they put in Sahbah nicely at the beginning etc since TVB’s aim was to promote it, which is also probably the reason TVB made them live at Sahbah (nice video clip of the fishes and all) XD I also found it slightly unusual that Rene went to holiday at Sahbah when she wanted to get away from Topman and Yatming- but Sahbah was always the place where she was reminded of Yatming.

      I agree with you Lavender! Overall I still enjoyed the series- much loved the cast etc Would have loved to see the behind the scene clips too!!

  • cooldudejohn says:

    I thought that this was another unrealistic endings. First point is how does Kenneth not die? I mean I’m happy he got together with Sharon (I absolutely loved watching this couple!They are so cute!) but it’s nonsense that he got rescued since Gallen was also in the water looking for him. I expected Gallen to die as the top floor exploded cause, seriously, that kind of explosion could’ve killed anyone. But besides some other bits and pieces, the ending was ok. I do love the cast though, they all have great chemistry.

    p.s. Well done for completing the summaries!

    • Karenishere says:

      agreed but wat about teh cops on the ground floor?? wouldnt they arrest him for blowing up the place?

    • KTVB says:

      Hey cooldudejohn xD
      Yea I agree..the car would have sunk and everything. Plus, it seems like Gallen has been sitting there after a while after he jumped into the water and tried to rescue him..

      but YES! Happy Sharon needed up with Kenneth. I felt sad when Sharon said she’ll go find Kenneth because I thought she wouldn’t be able to find him/or find out that he died.

  • karened says:

    Having finished the series a long time back, I can’t really remember how I felt at the ending. All I can remember is finding it illogical.

    I mean, even if the criminal loses his memory, he still has to get jail time for his crimes right?

  • Nicole says:

    i was half-hoping it would end with Anita/Gallen running into each other in Sabah again lol. it would be interesting he pretty much reverted to the Gallen she fell in love with. yes, he got off too easily, but it’s not a bad ending. 🙂

  • chibi says:

    Thank goodness Anita didn’t fall pregnant from Gallen being raped, that would’ve been so crap..

    I’m not sure I’m convinced Rene would betray Marcus like that- it feels kinda random?

    And, Marcus ends up back with Connie? huh? That’s kinda weird, too especially after he rejected her earlier because Kenix was alive? I’m glad Kenix didn’t get her happy ending though, because seriously she didn’t deserve one.

    Anyhows, that was a fun read! Feels like I got to watch all of BR simply reading our awesome summaries, hehe! It was enjoyable 🙂

    • KTVB says:

      Thanks for reading all my summaries : )

      If Anita actually had Gallen’s baby that would have been disastrous….

      Yea..why must Connie forgive Marcus for?

      • thzdth says:

        Gallen’s character here is gross but it is Ray’s Marcus that is really a bastard. Dawdling indecisively between the two women and ruining their lives, both girls gave him their youth and beauty and their whole lives and what do they get in the end??? One dies without even a ring while the other gets a cheating husband. Too bad he isn’t born in the olden days, he could have just taken Angie as a concubine.

        I guess Connie loves Marcus so much that even if he beats her up, she will still stick to him. Lucky bastard, both girls willing to die for him! 😛

        • KTVB says:

          I totally agree with you! Both Gallen and Marcus are greedy men who wants the best of the two worlds.

          Makes me wonder why he gets to have a good ending..

  • eugene says:

    The ending is not fair. Based on what Gallen did, he should get punishments by law or even death. There’s no way for him to deserve a happy life without any memories. That was unfair to people who had suffered from what he did. I’m not really like the ending even though everyone enjoy their happy life

  • Suby says:

    I loved Born Rich, but was really hoping and expecting that Anita would get together with Gallen. I really wished Gallen wasn’t evil 🙁 When Kenneth fell into the sea in his car, I really did NOT believe that Gallen couldn’t find him! Seriously, if Topman could find a RING in the sea, how can Gallen not find a huge CAR right after it sank? But since Kenneth fell into the sea in the car, I didn’t believe he died. It would be too sudden an end to his character. I was so happy that Kenix didn’t get a happy ending though, I really hated her character >:( Actually, I think Gallen wasn’t truly a bad person…he just was very moneyminded and loved his brother

    • KTVB says:

      haha you have a really good point there!! (comparing Kenneth+ car to the size of a ring ^^) That would have been such a sad sudden death, he at least deserves a proper burial and all. I didn’t like how they made Kenix like a crazy woman when she was after Marcus and then they tried to portray her as more likable afterwards when Marcus and Connie broke up..

  • Ha says:

    This synopsis was very accurate, nice pictures too.
    What I don’t get it why other posts (such as asianfanatics.com) says that Marcus proposed to Connie. I didn’t see any part where he proposed to her and got married again. That may be so in the future, but it wasn’t mentioned at all on the show.
    I preferred the happy ending, but in a way it was predictable that the show would get a happy ending.
    I was surprised Yat-Ming or Sa Fu Loi didn’t die, and I agree that he shouldn’t have been let off that easily. The writers should have made him go to jail or something. I’m sorta glad that he’s a good man now, and plays with the little children.
    Gonna stop talking now. 😀

  • I really Like this post, It really clear the air for me. Thanks.

  • Joyce says:

    Hi, where can i download ‘Born Rich’ Theme Song?

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