January 2010

[Born Rich] Episode 26-30 Thoughts

Some more exciting episodes~~!!

Born Rich

Topman’s confrontation

Topman’s ex-girlfriend finally wakes up so the barrier between him and Rene is removed. Unfortunately Rene continues to find excuses not to accept him. Topman is really disappointed because he really tried his best. They even got engaged, yet she’s still not sure? Topman knew that Rene still had Gallen in her heart and when he confronted her, it was obvious what he had said was true. Poor Topman :< With that, Topman hopeless walks away.


Yatming on the other hand, continues to give little hints and does suggestive things towards Rene- sometimes even randomly! I’d be scared if I was Rene…Yatming’s behaviour is NOT normal…

Born Rich

Gallen convinces Rene that the best way to save Marcus’ marriage with Connie was to put his CEO position at stake. Rene expresses she is worried that it wouldn’t work. Gallen suddenly lends close to her and speaks softly “If you’re tense and can’t sleep, how about I sing you to sleep?”

Born Rich

Episode 26 was definitely the most climatic exciting scene in these episodes!

Angie’s father coincidentally bumps into Yatming’s family doctor where he mentions to him that the real Yatming left ear is deaf! I knew that Angie’s father would be in danger and I always hoped that he would have told or spoken to someone about it before he confronted Yatming…

He tells Yatming that he’ll give him a sum of money and asks him to leave and never come back! However Yatming denies any of it is true and insists he that Angie’s father was talking non-sense. During the confrontation, Yatming shoves Angie’s father and he slips, hits his head on the rocks before falling into the sea and dies!!

Born Rich

Awwww..poor guy ><!! He always looked after Yatming the whole time and this is what he gets in return?? He was so selfish!! It makes me wonder what Yatming would have done if he didn’t shove him in the sea..what could he possibly have done if Angie’s father didn’t die? It makes me wonder if he was given a second chance- would he have hoped for the same thing; or taken the money and leave..?

Born Rich


Knowing that their identity was at risk, Kenneth tries to convince Gallen to run away; and Gallen promises Kenneth that once he makes a large sum of money, they’ll leave quickly. Gallen however, was indeed very greedy..that pretty much did not happen! He was not willing to leave without Rene.

Born Rich

In episode 27, Gallen goes to Sabah for a work function where he takes Anita on a date, neglecting Sharon. He uses this opportunity to take her around the place and share alone time with her. What IS he thinking?? How could he just pursue Rene like that?? I ddin’t quite see how he could possibly take Rene away with him without revealing his real evil self… Despite me questioning his character, I actually quite enjoyed watching these scenes XD

Born Rich

It reminds me of the time they spent before they found out they were brother and sister.

In episode 28, Gallen deliberately treats Sharon nicer in front of Anita to make her jealous but then becomes cold towards her when Anita isn’t there. He is so slack to Sharon- he obviously does not care about her feelings, and the way he stirs up Rene’s feelings is disturbing too.

Born Rich

Gallen then later asks Anita to go shopping for a wedding ring with him for “Sharon”. It was obvious he was buying for her XD After she chooses the ring, Gallen makes her rehearse the proposal with him …he is driving her insane!!

Born Rich

One day I worked late at work, then I drove home. Because I was really tired, I suddenly fell asleep. A strong flash of light shone at me so I suddenly woke up, then I saw a big truck coming my way. Luckily I quickly turned and avoided the truck. At that life and death situation, I really wanted to give you a call, because just when I could have died, I thought of one person; and I really missed someone. Even if I died I will still remember that person. And then every morning when I wake up and open my eyes, I’d think of you. I really missed you. And then when I wake up next time- eyes opened, I would only think of you again, and miss you. So I really hope that every day when I wake up- I could see you. Marry me.”
As he leans forward to kiss her, Anita backs off and quickly takes off the ring and runs away. Having witness all this, Kenneth angrily confronts Gallen for cheating on Sharon and arousing Rene’s feelings. Gallen realises Kenneth’s feelings for Sharon.

Gallen: “You like her don’t you? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

Kenneth: “The one she likes is you! I’m not selfish as you! As long as she’s happy, that’s enough!”

Poor Kenneth!! I hope he can end up happily with Sharon.


Born Rich

Yatming breaks up with Ah Yan and Anita overhears their conversation. He tells Ah Yan it’s because there is someone who he can never forget- and no one could replace her. The scene was very exciting and intense, especially when Yatming realsied Rene had hear his confessions as she ran away when Ah Yan was leaving. Gallen goes to find Rene in her bedroom and starts suggesting they can be together. I must say it’s such a akward feeling which sort of gives me the chills- Imagine your half brother saying something like that to you- it’s just wrong! And it shouldn’t happen, but we know that love does exist between then and Gallen KNOWS they aren’t actually blood-related.  It aws driving Rene insane, and she continuously told him to stop! however, Gallen kept going and you can see Rene trying to hold back as much as she could. She finally gets the message through his head when she slaps him across the face (Go Rene! XD) What will he do now…?

Born Rich


On the other hand, I’m starting to feel that Marcus and Angie’s affair is slowly settling down, now that Connie and Marcus officially divorced and there’s no turning back. Connie is trying to put her life back together and starting new. She seems to see things quite clearly now and bravely moves on.  Connie teams up with Topman and Matthew and runs a company competition with CosmosBank. I’m happy for them and wonder whether their company will directly go against CosmosBank further down the storyline 🙂 It’s funny how Connie brought up the point that all three of them share something in common- all have been rejected by their other XD

It may be the way the director has directed the story, but I’m starting to slightly feel sorry for Angie- being called a prostitute and made to climbing all those stairs. She was really nasty before but these episodes shows a genuine side of her.

Born Rich

Episode 30 got more exciting again as Gallen continues to pursue his goal of becoming rich and powerful. He tried to get rid of Marcus, but Marcus ends up finding out that Gallen was the one behind ruining his plans. Unfortunately Marcus seems to have let him off again- I  hope Marcus would be more cautious of him now!

Born Rich

I think I’m starting to see the old Marcus back again 🙂

14 Responses to “[Born Rich] Episode 26-30 Thoughts”

  • Lavendar_Bluez says:

    omg..yes thank you!! someone agrees with me. like by this point, i was starting to be afraid of yat ming. i didnt want yat ming and rene to be together anymore, he’s too creepy. and i also began really liking topman too. i dont like the way yat ming was toying around with rene’s feelings..she was going nuts.

    lols..i must be mean, but i didnt completely feel bad for angie when she got called a prostitute..i think the writers tried to make us feel bad with having angie try so hard..but like i dunno..like she didnt care before when she did those actions, why act nice now? lols. and she kind of should have known it was coming…i mean her evil schemes to break the family was revealed. lols. i would prefer if angie was kind of evil more.. lols, kenix gives me the chills when she’s evil here..but i love it. makes u really hate angie.

    marcus..oh marcus. XP

    • KTVB says:

      Hey Lavender!! actually I slightly grinned when Angie was called a prostitute but then later felt sorry for her.

      “ike she didnt care before when she did those actions, why act nice now? “- AGREE!!

      Angie admits she isn’t as strong as she thought she would be. She couldn’t handle the pressure of being with Marcus but feels helpless in love with him. It’s kinda sad to think she once thought of giving him up (after seeing how courageous Connie was when saving Marcus), yet it’s like she just tossed that idea away soon after.

      I think they’re trying to make Angie a bit more realistic and more human (i.e directors trying to get your sympathy towards her character later on in the series)- BUT! That makes her previous evil behaviours completely wrong and out-of-character. Why is she trying to be considerate now after breaking up the family? She schemed so many things..

      It was nice to know her evil doings were revealed to the pubic- but it didn’t seem as important for Marcus to know anymore- it wouldn’t change what she is to him in his eyes..

      • Lavendar_Bluez says:

        lmao..nancy was not called a prostitute, lols if she was, i’d feel pretty bad for her!

        angie, like yeah i think i felt bad..cause i mean the directors ended off with mu ma feeling guilty. but i still feel that angie had it coming.

        see..her character doesnt seem to fit the career of being a lawyer. lols..am i the only one that feels that way? breaking promises, unable to control emotions.. makes her seem like she dsnt like her that job all that much later on. lols.

        i know..like..i dunno like the sudden change in character..made angie seem like a faker and very ungenuine about her actions. it seemed like she only really trying so hard because rene pointed out how much marcus sacrificed for her. so then it seemed like she wasn’t doing it because she had that kindness, but because she owed marcus and thus had to treat his family nicer. lmao, it just gives me that feeling.

        and omg, that is so true. Why the heck didnt marcus ask about it?? like wtf, this women sabotaged your family and had the intention of causing him to be like he is now: his family hates him for his actions, his kids dont love him anymore, he’s seen as an a-hole. really, if it wasnt because of angie plotting to steal him, he wouldn’t have been the wimp he was to run away all the way to india where he then got kidnapped. really…marcus? you’re not going to ask? so much for constantly saying you are a calm man who knows how to deal with situations properly. how to be responsible and that you love your family. geez marcus.

        and boy, im mean. lols

  • bellicose says:

    HAHA! yea yea! Marcus is finally back!!! No more weakling side of him. So much more MAN. Omg feeling faint. haha. Gallan is getting freakish. He gave me creeps when he toyed with Anita’s feelings and ‘proposed’ to her. I couldn’t help but imagine if i was in Rene’s shoes, i would totally freak out and lose control. haha. The plot is getting so exciting! More updates pls! =D

    • KTVB says:

      me too!! While I was watching those scenes I was putting myself in Rene’s shoes. No matter how “romantic” they were before- its just so..creepy and wrong!

      I think she should have had a chat with Connie about it..Rene needs help!

      Thanks for anticipating more BR updates! ^_^

  • estelle says:

    Sharon looks really pretty! *o* maybe i should watch this series..

  • KTVB says:

    Hey everyone!! Sorry once again for the slow Born Rich updates..I’m glad to know there’s still enthusiastic BR readers eagerly awaiting each update 🙂 There’s just 2 batches of posts left to write up (although I think they still may take some time).

    Anyone still watching it by any chance? XD

    • Lavendar_Bluez says:

      does rewatching count?

      on occasion, i’d pop in the dvd to watch some of it as i eat or such. there’s nothing to really watch now and well technically i should be studying for my exams.

      hehehe yes..i sneaked away from studying to read your post and make comments. XP

  • lovespicy says:

    While reading your post, it actually refresh my memory of its scenes and dialogues. I really enjoy the rehearsal of the proposal. I’m glad you translate every word of it. The words Gallen used and the way he describe it, every woman’s dream to hear?

  • Nicole says:

    i dunno…i was so torn watching these eps. cos i’m a huge Gallen/Anita shipper (their relationship in the first few eps) so it was nice to see the Sabah scenes. on the other hand, i kinda love the psychological warfare that he’s pulling on her. yes, i’m twisted. XD poor girl…i’m surprised she didn’t need therapy or something after her “half-brother” made advances on her.

  • shadow says:

    I am currently watching. just got to chapter 30.

  • duoplast says:

    Thanks for posting the summaries! I watched the serie, but I didn’t understand what’s going on =( so this site helps me a lot to understand the serie. I look forward to reading more posts. =)

  • chibi says:

    Finally, someone is dead! XD I was wondering when this would happen.. heh.

    I remember watching the scene where Nancy made Kenix walk all those stairs, kinda pitied her too, hehe. But you know, there’s not much drama now because Connie and Marcus have already divorced, so it’s not really having an affair or cheating anymore. I just keep wondering if Kenix and Marcus actually live happily ever after, or if he’ll go back with Connie..

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