November 2009

[Born Rich] Episode 11-15 Thoughts

TVB Born Rich Gallen and Anita

The focus of these episodes moves away from Anita and Gallen and more onto Ray’s relationships – love triangles and challenge he faces at work. I felt  kinda glad there was a bit of a break off Anita/ Gallen/Joe  since they were heavily focused in Episode 10- keeps things live and refreshing when we will see them again. I have to say Anita and Joe are also really compatible and I’m surprised how much I enjoy seeing the two happily together ^^ I just hope for the best for them and think it is best Gallen just leave Anita alone…

TVB Born Rich

TVB Born Rich

Joe and Anita officially come out to the family as a couple. Gallen was forced to congratulate them.

TVB Born Rich

Joe asks Anita to marry him in Episode 15 but she avoids answering him.


After seeing that he lost Anita to Joe, Gallen becomes really annoyed (did he really think he can have both love and money?) and he decides to continue  pursuing his goal of making a fortune. While at work, he comes across some confidential insider information about a takeover and “illegally” purchases a  stack of shares before the announcement of the takeover! This shows how inexperienced (or  desperate) Gallen is for taking such a big risk!!! On the day Marcus was supposed to receive the Outstanding Banker Award- this news gets leaked out and Marcus – as the CEO- ends up having to face the consequences ><! Not only did it damage the bank’s reputation but all the director’s were questioning Marcus’ ability as CEO. While the bank shares were falling due to the negative news- this also opened up the opportunity for their competitors  to use this chance to attack them.

TVB Born Rich

When Marcus finds out it was Gallen who did it he becomes really angry and disappointed at him. I was slightly shocked to see Marcus act in that way because we often see him act nice and patiently with Gallen. I felt so sorry for Marcus having to put up with all the pressure and potential liability of committing fraud because he felt it was his responsibility for not bringing up Gallen properly and that the family owed him- so he would not point Gallen out.  Gallen really annoyed me when he became such a coward and didn’t want to help Marcus. He considered just running away because he was didn’t want to go to jail, nor let his identity revealed. I understand those are really big issues that Gallen does not really know how to deal with or face but when you compare him with Kenneth, it makes you wonder how much conscience does Gallen really has. You just can’t help by adore Kenneth even more XD He is the most innocent, naive character in the series <3 He is really  sweet and genuine and he tries to convince Gallen not to treat ‘his brother’ Marcus  like that since he is nice to them..

I was more disappointed for Marcus when Gallen revealed he did not trust him, and believed he would point him out when he went to the US. What’s worse in this whole situation is the fact Gallen isn’t even his brother!

TVB Born Rich

On the other hand, Kenix is starting to really get on my nerves!! Unlike before when Kenix was loving Ray from afar- is she aggressively  pursuing Ray and determined to come in between Ray and Connie- taking over her family !!

TVB Born Rich

The scene where Marcus fell asleep, with his head resting on Angie’s shoulder-was pretty interesting. Angie was curious. She wanted to see what Connie would do:  Pretend she didn’t see and walk away? or come in and clear the misunderstand? Or did she trust Marcus so much to she left?  Angie wanted to know the answer…and it made me wonder too- would Angie have backed off if Connie actually came in and woke Marcus up as if it was no big deal? Instead, Connie was scared to face what she thought was happening and walks away- not having the courage to come out. She let Kenix see through her insecurities which I believe actually led Kenix on…

TVB Born Rich

“If someone has already bought the clothes, I won’t fight for it-but, that will depend on who suits the clothes more”-Angie

Kenix has started to  come out to the light and made direct confrontations with Connie and I feel so bad for Connie because Kenix always seems to have the upper hands! It angers me so much!! I love watching how Connie deals with everything though and I really wanted Kenix to back off.

TVB Born Rich

Angie flies all the way to the US for Marcus when Connie “ruined” her plan of not allowing her to go with him..and then later- she deliberately falls off the stairs so she could live with Marcus and the family..!!!! ARGGHH!! How annoying is this for Connie?!! She even goes into their bedroom and has fantasies…how long will Connie be able to handle this? Despite the scheming, Angie loses to Connie for spending a day with Marcus  out with the family. Out of hopelessness and  depression(?) , Angie  overdoses on drugs. It’s scary to think what love can do to someone…

TVB Born Rich

Sharon is starting to get a bit more spotlight in the series-she’s cute, shy, and a really kind-hearted person. I love the way she interacts with Gallen and Kenneth. It’s cute how Kenneth has a crush on her XD Funner when Kenneth avoided Sharon’s comment when asked whether Kenneth had a thing for Gallen (i.e what he’s relationship with him was) XD Kenneth didn’t deny it so it looked like a yes! Kenneth was also happy to be the “mandarin” when Sharon lost her “Orange” ^^

TVB Born Rich

Sharon and Gallen share a pretty light-hearted relationship. When Gallen kisses her -it  scares her so much her hiccups stop. I don’t think  Gallen likes  Sharon that way but he doesn’t reject her or anything…I wonder if he’ll use her in the future.

TVB Born Rich

Gallen was really comforted by Sharon’s encouragement and was grateful towards her. He worked really hard to come up with Comosbank’s new image, but the spotlight was stolen by Marcus that day and when the reporters were more interested in what he was doing… Gallen prepared a whole speech but ended it quickly when he noted reporters didn’t care…

*Reminder: Please do not post spoilers of upcoming episodes and only discuss about Episodes 11-15. Thanks!*

20 Responses to “[Born Rich] Episode 11-15 Thoughts”

  • csfan says:

    Yeah I really enjoyed eps 11-15.. heheh there was more focus on Anita-Joe.. I dont mind them, they’re cute together but somehow I liked Anita-Gallen… They had chemistry.. lol But of course based on storyline then Yatming should leave Rene alone…

    I was thinking that Rene avoided Joe’s proposal because she still had lingering feelings for Yatming but I guess that was not the case…

    About Angie-Marcus-Connie… I’ve watched up to 24 and all I can say is… Oh lord!

    I completely adore Connie for her strength and caring nature and do not understand why Angie does such things…. I mean she does love Marcus but he’s got a family and all… I have heaps to discuss but that would spoil you.. lol I’ll comment more about the triangle relationship once you’ve seen more episodes 😉

    I’m sure the next 5 episodes for you would be quite entertaining!

    • csfan says:

      Oops.. I meant Anita-Gallen has more chemistry than Anita-Joe…. hehehe

    • KTVB says:

      Hey csfan 🙂

      When Joe proposed to Anita, I thought it was a bit quick and sudden. I mean, they just started dating (despite how long they may understand/know each other).
      Up to this point, I don’t feel that Anita loves Joe. She likes him, yes- but I still think she has feelings for Gallen, and dating Joe was to give him a chance, and also help her get Gallen off her mind. I wouldn’t be convinced if she agreed lol I think they need to go through more things together XD and deepen that relationship.

    • bellicose says:

      hey csfan. i’m on the same track as u! am now at episode 28! True enough the love triangle between Ray, Kenix & Jamie is like OMG!! Shall not discuss it here so as not to provide any spoilers. =D

  • thuonggiieex3 says:

    aww. anita and joe.
    i just hope everything will work out between them in the end. and t hat anita will pick joe instead of gallen.
    i mean…he did pick money over her.
    since the beginning, i thought joe would suit her more. :]

    • KTVB says:

      Hey thuonggiieex3 ^^

      The idea about Gallen choosing money over her..is a bit shaky. Yes, he chose money over her, but from the day he chose to be Yatming- it was already a bit too late and decided. If he did decide to choose Rene..How was he supposed to tell her? If he told the truth about his fake identity, I think Rene will really look down upon him (and so will her family). They won’t accept him.

      • thuonggiieex3 says:

        I understand that. but no matter what it is.
        i still think joe would be better for her.
        just my opinions.

        • miranda says:

          Agree with u, Joe loves Anita very much…. and will do anything to make her happy…. True love 🙂

          I love to watch Gallen n Anita… but prefer she will end up with Joe….

  • vuongphi says:

    yat-ming’s actions in these episodes are so selfish and despicable. i don’t think there are any conscience left in him. his greed has blinded him. he does not deserve the cheuk’s family’s trust and love for him, especially rene. i am glad rene has moved on and started a relationship with joe. they are so cute together and joe obviously adores her but i also think that rene does not love joe yet. he rushed into proposing when the relationship is so new.

    angie is definitely obsessed with winning over marcus. she will do anything to get close to him. the only thing that stopped them from having a full fling affair was the missed call from connie. marcus is no innocent party either. he caused angie’s obsession. i feel so bad for connie. i can imagine the pain, turmoil and frustration that she is going thru.

    • KTVB says:

      Hey vuongphi : I agree! I’m glad Rene has moved on to..and that Gallen doesn’t deserve Cheuk family’s love and trust. They gave him so much family warmth *sigh*

      And I agree..seriously- after 13 years, Marcus STILL kept the tie Angie gave him..um, even after getting married? That is WRONG with him? =\ If he chose Connie, he should remain faithful and dedicated to her..if it was Angie who he truly loved- why did he go back to Connie…=X

  • karen liang says:

    I am soo annoyed at angie !! Does Marcus and connie end the marriage? I REALLY WANA KNOW !!

    • KTVB says:

      Judging from the opening themevideo..Marcus will end his relationship with Connie and marry Angie..as for the details, I prefer not to know..and no other spoilers from there 🙂

  • Jean says:

    There was a song in episod 13 when Angie & Marcus at the ship, does anyone know the song?

  • a.w. says:

    I agree with Vuongphi that Anita and Joe look great together.. And Gallen doesn’t deserve to get Anita’s love because he choose money than her..
    I read in wikipedia, that Joe will be Anita’s husband later but the engaged ghad been cancelled in the episode 22. I wonder how their relationship gonna be.. Maybe just friends?

  • lovespicy says:

    Anita is so funny here. http://asian.tv-soap.com/asian-entertainment-news-headlines-f5/anita-yuen-turns-on-more-tv-s-to-save-ratings-for-born-rich-t1656.htm#axzz0Y0exbjWF

    How do we encourage more HKies or HKers to watch this series? It’s getting better and better now, I’m already at ep. 28. My goodness! I would say “WOW!” and my jaw dropped.

    • bellicose says:

      hahahaha. a.w. i saw your link. It’s so funny. Anita is so cute. Her comment on switching on more television sets is so hilarious. Too bad i’m not staying in Hong Kong or i’ll switch on all the television sets i have in my house to show my support for Born Rich & boost up it’s ratings. =D

  • bellicose says:

    Hey. A new post on Born Rich! I couldn’t help but feel sooo sad for Gallen when Anita asks him to leave Hong Kong & return to Sabah. She even say that he stayed behind in HK just because he wants to earn more money & wanted to give him all her money if it makes him leave. I believe it hurt Gallen so much that Anita thinks of him that way.

    I feel it’s quite refreshing to see Ray act like that when he discovered Gallen used insider info & bought shares “illegally” cos Ray is often very calm & would never throw his temper at Gallen. Ray even gave Gallen lots of chances to be true to him abt it but Gallen didn’t admit his mistakes. I feel that Ray is more MAN this way cos he’s always indecisive. Am looking forward to more of such confrontations between Ray & Gallen!! I believe it would be superb!!

    As for Kenix, I feel that her character seems to start taking actions. She starts to enter Ray & Jamie’s Family. I feel Jamie is very generous to let Kenix stay with them or, maybe she doesn’t even has a choice. haha. Anyway, Kenix’s character is starting to get real crazy. She hurts herself just to spend more time with Ray. That’s like really insane! lol.

    Support Connie all the way!~ =D

    • KTVB says:

      Hey bellicose 🙂

      About the Anita asking Gallen to leave scene..isn’t it kinda true though? Gallen really IS here for the money..it’s not like Gallen wanted to stay because of family warmth or as if genuinely loved his “family”. Actually that bit is kind of confusing. At first I thought Gallen would have wanted to stay to become rich and have a family. Despite choosing money over Anita, he could still also see her everyday etc. But at the same time he doesn’t seem genuine towards the family and seems like he is already scheming..when everyone is so nice to him!

      I agree~ Ray was very manly in that scene haha

      As for Jamie- I don’t think she had any choice =X

  • lavender says:

    I’m following Beyond and my mum is watching born rich but after scimming these recaps I thinking “wow I should watch this too”. I tune in and out and haven’t been paying too much attention.

  • chibi says:

    wow, Kenix is such a silly and shameless lowlife. I can imagine her scenes being particularly annoying! It doesn’t matter how much feelings you have for someone, you can’t just go in there and ruin someone’s happy family with your lust and selfishness…

    its adds drama though. lol I wonder if Marcus is enjoying the attention..?

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