December 2009

[Born Rich] Episode 16-20 Thoughts

Within these 5 episodes, the whole series turns into a different mood altogether.

Born Rich Episode 16

Marcus finds out that Angie has never stopped loving him the whole time. Thanks to Wendy (Connie’s cousin and Marcus’ secretary), Angie and Marcus get trapped on a boat as ‘proof’ of the relationship that exists between  the two- in hope Angie’s father will stop the two from going on further. Instead, this led Marcus and Angie to officially begin their affair and Angie’s  father actually started encouraging his daughter to win Marcus off Connie since Angie  loved him that much. I was a little shocked because I wasn’t expecting her father to say something like that. I mean, what father would encourage their daughter to become the third party in a relationship? One who wants their daughter to be happy…

What was Marcus thinking when he was convincing Angie to stay and not to mention about leaving to England again..what’s the whole point of it? At that moment, it was like he chose to have an affair with Angie while putting the blame on Connie.

Connie encourages Marcus to go on a business trip in Mumbai, India in hope to clear his mind on his priorities and to come back home for the New Years Eve dinner if it was her and their children that he chooses. Marcus ends up thinking through and decides to return home to his family.  Unfortunately, terrorist attacks and gun shots started occurring in the building he was at, and in the riot and confusion-Marcus gets kidnapped and put on ransom!!

Born Rich Angie and Connie

Born Rich Angie and Connie

Connie is so courageous! I loved how she was so brave and went to save Marcus. I was also surprised and moved by Angie and Connie’s bonding and care for one another, and I’m happy that Angie seems to have “woken” up and decide to let go of  Marcus because she realized she cannot give Marcus what Connie can. Angie really looked up to Connie for staying so strong and after saving Marcus, Angie decided to withdraw from the love triangle.  I really liked Anige for making such a decision 🙂

Born Rich Angie and Connie

I’m having a bit of doubt at the moment though because after Marcus has safely returned- Connie and Marcus’ relationship seem to be falling apart. The horrible experience really scarred him- he was humiliated, beaten up and tortured >< causing psychological damage and a huge personality change. Marcus becomes really insecure, non-trusting, bad-tempered and weak- I really felt sorry for him but his personality change  made me really dislike him. How could he not learn to treasure and love Connie more? It feels as though Marcus is not happy with the fact he needed his wife to save him..a woman- kinda of thing. Will have to watch more to see but I’m scared he will turn to Angie…

On the other hand, during the time Marcus was kidnapped, Yatming started to scheming to raise to the top and having the greed to replace Marcus. I believe Yatming has already been corrupted by greed. I know he secretly did not want Marcus to return… He’s become so manipulative and I’m started to really hate his character too :< At this moment I cannot see how/why Yatming is turning into who he is, other than out of greed. I was really hoping that the love and warmth Nancy was giving him would move him and convince him into treating everyone like family, but unfortunately it’s not working…To get what he wanted, he even lied and told everyone that Marcus has been killed..arghh…>< What’s more annoying is the only person Marcus trusts is Yatming!! He thinks everyone else around him is betraying him yet Yatming is the one behind all the manipulation!

Born Rich

Just when Marcus considered listening to Connie and see a psychologist , Gallen deliberately “reassures” him that he is fine and that he was not ill, encouraging him to irrationally do what he feels like doing. As a result, Marcus uses a large sum of money to buy the ship he spend time with Angie on. I can feel things will only start to go downhill from here.

Born Rich

Onto other characters- when Joe started proposing to Anita (his several attempts) Anita tried to avoid the question. I thought it was either because of Gallen, or she didn’t really love him- but then Joe’s actions finally moved her. I was happy for her!! 😀 I don’t know if she loved him that much, but for that moment, I was slightly moved too XD

Born Rich Sharon and Gallen

Gallen has also accepted Sharon when he was moved by her. I think I would have been too, considering she was willing to do what she feared for him. However, it was obvious the one he loved was Anita and became quite jealous when he found out the two were going to get engaged!!

Born Rich Joe and Anita

Just when Joe and Anita were going to get engaged, Gallen finds out Joe’s ex-girlfriend has returned with their son!

Born Rich Joe and Anita

8 Responses to “[Born Rich] Episode 16-20 Thoughts”

  • Kayy LOVES RI says:

    i liked the bit when connie went alone with the kidnappers to try and find the truck of money that went downhill to rescue marcus she was really brave but for Marcus not treat Connie like before was not good considering she had saved his life

    • KTVB says:

      Yea..I don’t even think he thanked her. It didn’t seem like he appreciated it…

      I’m glad Nancy has learned to love and treasure Connie from this point on though:)

  • bellicose says:

    Hey! Great to see you have continue to post about your thoughts on Born Rich. It’s been almost a month. Guess you must be really busy yea? Looks like most Born Rich followers are not so active anymore, looking at the few comments, or perharps it’s a little too early to say so. Anyway, just wanna inform you i’m always following your posts closely and keep up the good work! =D

    I also agree that Ray’s huge personality change made me deduct some points off him. haha. Besides, i also feel unfair for Jamie!! How can Ray treat her like that after all that she have done for him.

    • KTVB says:

      Thanks bellicose! 🙂 I can’t really blame the BR followers since it has been awhile now, but I’ll try finish off the blog entries for readers just like you! XD

  • Lavendar_Bluez says:

    GASP NO!!! not true!! im here! i should probably follow you on twitter so i’ll be able to find out when you updated. i found out through someone else’s twitter..LOLS

    anyways i loved how brave connie had to be in order to save her husband. she was scared and cried but she knew she had to stay calm and bring the money over. I love experienced actors like the ones in Born Rich, they make you really feel for the characters feelings. Jamie looked so hurt and scared when she saw Ray Lui being beat up.

    I think that the scene where Nancy knocked down her family photo signified something. Yes, Marcus her son was saved. But with the saving became the beginning of the broken family. Marcus was embarrassed his wife saw him at his worst state and he couldn’t do anything about it. As a result, he felt Connie couldn’t bare to look at him anymore and turned to Angie.

    • KTVB says:

      haha hey there 😛

      Agreed with what you have said 🙂

      It makes me wonder what’s so good about Marcus (to have 2 woman who love him so much)..and for Connie to forgive him time and again..

      • Lavendar_Bluez says:

        omg i know. i dont see anything about marcus i like. maybe before because he was filial and everything. but that eventually was no longer the case…and well i just dont think anything about him is worth liking. BLAH!

        connie…i honestly dont know what to say of her. lols.

  • chibi says:

    Wait what..? Joe has a kid with his ex? XD hmm.

    Looks like the story is going downhill with Gallen becoming greedy and bitter while Marcus turns into a coward. Wow, what a change in direction @___@

    Not sure I’m liking the sounds of that!

    Great summary though 😀

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