I’ve just started watching Sweetness in the Salt and so far I’m quite enjoying it. I think Tavia’s pretty cute and I started warming up to her character quite quickly.

The story revolves around salt where it is pretty much monopolised by rich business men (e.g Raymond Wong‘s father). In hope to help the poor by providing cheaper prices, Tavia’s parents became the chief salt smugglers and the government continuously attempted to arrest them and shut down their operations. During an anti-smuggling operation, Tavia gets separated from Steven Ma (her lover) and her family, but luckily she gets saved by Raymond (who unfortunately has health issues) and they become friends.

I really felt sorry for Tavia in the scene where she sees the dead bodies of her mother and father hung on the tower walls and found out that it was actually Steven who has betrayed her!

He is actually an official, working on the anti-smuggling campaign. In order to track down their secret operations, he got close to Tavia, pretending to be a helpless, injured scholar whom she saved. He gains her trust and sympathy and in the process, the two eventually fall in love. However, for what he believes is ‘right’, he betrays Tavia and arrests them. Despite all this, I still can’t bring myself to hate his character. I just think it’s very tragic.

I don’t think he is doing it for promotion/money etc but for what he believes is right. He strongly believes smuggling is wrong and against the law. As a ‘cop’, it is his duty to arrest the ‘thieves’. He works really hard in his job and seems pretty righteous- which makes me wonder why he doesn’t have any sympathy towards what Tavia’s family were doing. Is he really a Black and White person- with no gray?

I really like how Tavia and Steven’s relationship is revealed in the story and its interesting to see how this love-turned-hate relationship will work out. I’m most interested in this love triangle between Tavia, Steven and Raymond (because I like all three characters) but the other minor/supporting side stories/character  don’t really appeal to me.  I hope they won’t drag out the story…

Time for some screenies and some commentary 😀

Episode 1

Raymond wanted to commit suicide after he could no longer take the pain he suffered from his illness. Tavia managed to let him see that life was still worth living and offers him some sweet potatoes 🙂
Sometimes it makes me wonder why Tavia doesn’t seem to have any grudges against Raymond and his family since they’re part of selling pricey salt.

Episode 2

Tavia sees the dead bodies of her parents and confesses the truth and her real identity to Raymond.

Tavia confronts Steven and attempts to kill him to avenge her parents but was unable to defeat him (I loved this fight scene despite it being quite short) He tells her that he didn’t kill her parents and that he offered her parents to surrender but they didn’t, and killed themselves. He stands firmly that what he did is right and knows she is innocent and not involved, so hopes she could continue to live on happily.
After he leaves, Raymond comes to find Tavia who is crying in the rain. Steven watches the two from a distance.

Raymond takes Tavia back to his home but she won’t eat and wanted to seek death as life was meaningless to her.

Steven goes to find Raymond and it turns out they are friends. Raymond requests to take back Tavia’s parents’ bodies and Steven agrees and then asks Raymond to take good care of Tavia for him and not let her know they had this conversation.

Raymond convinces Tavia to eat again by taking her to see her parents for her last time before burial. She is really grateful towards him~

Tavia at her parent’s funeral. She finally sees things through- to live on looking forward. Raymond tells her that he’ll always be there to look after her 🙂
Episode 3

When Steven was at Raymond’s house, being forced into an ‘arranged marriage’ to Raymond’s sister by his mother, Steven openly rejects her confessing that there is already someone whom he loves in his heart(despite fate not allowing it). Tavia is there and overhears.

Steven confesses to Tavia that everything he said back then was true and that his feelings for her were real. However, Tavia claims they are all lies and leaves.

3 Responses to “[Sweetness in the Salt] Episode 1-3 Thoughts”

  • chibi says:

    ooo..sound interesting so far XD Nice screenies too…

  • missLISA says:

    first 6 episdes have been very good !!

  • fiona says:

    hey K! Wow~ seems like you are liking SITS 😛 I’m surprised how quick the series has “begun its story” – like Tavia hating steven so much… i thought it happen later in the series, haha!

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