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I was pleasantly surprised to hear that TVB is planning to release Sweetness in the Salt in Hong Kong on 8 June 2009  (as it was initially warehoused). It is believed that TVB decided to air the series due to its popularity from overseas rentals and the recent Success of Rosy Business, also produced by Producer Li Tim Shing! This is surely going to give a lot of pressure to the Sweetness cast ^^

I recall the series being quite enjoyable overall and I especially loved the love triangle in the earlier half of the series^^ – (but the story did kind of go downhill in the latter half).

New Trailer from TVB

For those who haven’t got their hands on the CD version of Sweetness in the Salt themesong, here it is! 🙂

And now that its releasing in HK, there’s also an official website for it- so check it out sometime.

Maybe it’ll bring back the inspiration for me to finish posting up the rest of the entries lol Until then : )

6 Responses to “[Sweetness in the Salt] Updates”

  • Jocelyn says:

    Thank you for always updating your site!

  • jRAW says:

    Hasn’t this series already been out? D:
    *confused* haha, wat does warehoused mean D:

    • KTVB says:

      The series was released earlier in the year only to overseas rentals/satelite channel- so it was not actually broadcasted on TV in HK. Basically every year, TVB would look at the series it has produced, and for those in which they don’t have high expectations for, they decide to ‘warehouse’ it- i.e not release it to HK. Sweetness in the salt was one of them. Now, TVB has decided to air it in HK : )

  • sandalls says:

    hey there!!! this is a series that I throughly enjoyed!!! like you said, I loved the triangle between Steven-Tavia-Raymond.. I think that this series will do well with viewers in hk, fingers crossed!!! .. please write more entries for this series because its great reading about it!!!

  • Fionne says:

    I was wondering, what are the flowers mentioned in the drama. The yellow ones that Steven and Tavia are connected with.

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