After recently starting Sweetness in the Salt, I’ve fallen in love with the themesong <3 (and the series of course) I really like the soothing melody and along with the lyrics, it leaves me that sad bittersweet feeling inside. The lyrics reflect the feelings of the main couple and suits the series really well. I hope a full version of this song will be released soon!

English Translations by KTVB Please credit if reposted.

How can we speak of love (Themesong to Sweetness in the Salt)

A single shadow,  recalling the aftertaste of the past
White snow makes me gradually confused/unclear/unable to distinguish that day/sky and ground
Feelings that have died, should never have been remembered
Whereas I, the more I desperately try to let go/forget
Together: the more I think about it each day

Together: Clouds are flying
Steven: Accompanying me in finding you
Tavia: Directly irregular- changing weather
Steven: I still walk forward, not withdrawing

Together: White snow flying again
Steven: Not forgetting I’m waiting for you
Tavia: Hidden within my heart too much pain and sorrow
Together: How could we speak of it/Where do I begin

*Download the Song here.

8 Responses to “[Sweetness in the Salt] Themesong Lyrics Translations/Download”

  • Jo-lynn says:

    I know! I’m majorly in love with the SITS themesong as well!! Steven sings really well in it, and although Tavia doesn’t have a singer’s voice, she does a decent job. and I loved the series 🙂
    It’s sad that it was warehoused.

  • Jenny says:

    I love this song really much. Steven Ma and Tavia look good.The lyric is song meaningful

  • summer says:

    yes.. SITS theme songs sang by Tavia And Steven is nice… love it so much..

  • Noah says:

    i love this song as well

    a radio full version of this song

    Reply from KTVB: Thanks so much Noah for sharing!! 😀

  • cF says:

    i love this song too! fits the atmosphere really well

  • blueangel_star says:

    Just want to ask about the radio it really clear? If not, theres another full version @ AEU forums, which is clear!

    I think this is Steven & Tavia’s first duet – it sounds really nice as well! Its got a nice feel to it..just matched the lyrics really well! =]

    Thanks for all your informative posts- what drama are you writing about next? E.U? Greatness of a Hero?

    • KTVB says:

      lol, Radio versions can’t be that clear 🙂 You don’t have to worry about that anymore since teh CD version s out 🙂 (Link updated above)

  • Alvin says:

    This is definitely one of the best song ever

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