Title: Sweetness in the Salt 碧血盐枭
Cast: Steven Ma, Tavia Yeung, Raymond Wong, Kwok Fung, Halina Tam, Ngo Ka Nin, Joel Chan, Kara Hui, Cheung Chi Kwong
Episodes: 25
Released: 5th January 2009(Overseas only)- Warehoused Series
Airring on TVBJ Australia: 16 February, 2009 8:30pm after The Gem of Life
Filming Date: December 2007
Producer: Lee Tim Shing
Scriptwriter: Lau Chi Wah & Kwan Chung Ling

Series Synopsis NIP CHI YUEN (Steven Ma), who works in the anti-smuggling camp, is determined to wipe out the Tau’s Fort, which is the stronghold for salt smugglers. He pretends to be a down-and-out scholar. TAU SING SUET (Tavia Yeung), daughter of the chief smuggler, sympathizes with YUEN and puts him up in the village. Later, they even become fond of each other. During an anti-smuggling operation SUET is badly hurt and has since been separated from YUEN and her family. Fortunately she is saved by WU TING HIN (Raymond Wong), son of salt merchant WU KIN (Kwok Fung). HIN takes her home. One day, SUET is horrified to see the dead bodies of her parent being hung on the wall of the city tower, and that the official standing on the top of the tower telling the public not to sell smuggled salt is none other than the man she misses day and night. She is heartbroken, and her love for YUEN turns into hatred that moment on.

HIN finds a job for SUET at the salt company his family runs to help her get over her unhappiness. To repay him, she devotes herself entirely to the job. As time goes by, HIN starts to fall in love with her. However his critical illness making him hesitates to express his love for her. SUET’s real identity comes to light when her younger uncle reappears out of the blue. HIN, for fear that his family will report SUET, proposes to her.

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6 Responses to “[New Series]: Sweetness in the Salt”

  • Rin says:

    I’ve watched the first two episodes and it’s pretty good so far. I’m a fan of Tavia and Steven so I can’t complain (:
    On a side note though, Raymond Wong is petty cute too 😛

  • 'Muff says:

    Yay, an ancient series! With martial arts! >D I like. <3 Looking forward to it.

  • sweetangelqt says:

    I’m watching this right now, like half way through and its good. Have you noticed Tavia finally gets the main role?

  • flora says:

    yes i notice dat tavia finally gets da main role i finished watchin dis serie n is good.sad dat tavia n steven can’t stay together well actually i dun wat happen maybe they did u have to watch da endin n guess wat happen heheh tavia lookz really pretty in dis serie as TAU SING SUET

  • miyu says:

    oh great, love historical dramas!!i havn’t seen this drama so i can’t say anything much about it. but again, Love historical dramas!

  • Janice says:


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