Tavia is now staying at Raymond’s place- helping out at the Salt Business, and taking care of Raymond and his health 🙂 Raymond’s father knows his son really likes her, and he really likes her a lot too so is always hoping they’ll end up together- it’s kinda cute lol XD

The story is progressing more into Steven’s duty and the Salt Business when another official enters into the story (I shall refer to him as the funny official). Everything’s linked together which makes it interesting. The business story is a bit complicated to explain so I guess I won’t really go there ^^;

Steven has always looked up to his god-father(who was a higher-ranked official) because he thought he was ‘clean’, non-greedy and righteous and had always wanted to be just like him. However, Steven soon finds out his godfather’s evilness and becomes totally shocked in disbelief. Along with his god father, his mother and deceased father were also “dirty”. Steven struggles to cope with the ugly truth and starts questioning if things were really black and white. He was also starting to realise what he has been doing all along -capturing those who bought/sold cheap salt), did not deserve to be punished and were meaningless, while those corrupted officials are were free…poor guy! Despite disapproving his godfather’s way, there is no way he could bring himself to betray him.

I think Steven’s godfather (did I mention before that he looks like my uncle? XD) will be the main villain in the story along with Joel Chan (once again lol) These two always seem to play evil roles!

Episode 4

Raymond’s two sisters and aunt all have grudges against Tavia and wanted her to leave the household (Raymond’s younger sister especially, since she found out Steven chose Tavia over her). They deliberately got their servant to notify Steven saying something has happened to Tavia which lured him to find her. Steven rushed off to find her when he heard and the woman came out pestering them. They started insulting Tavia and saying nasty things about her, saying she’s clinging to Raymond only for his money and is now two timing with Steven as well. Tavia felt really upset and packed her things that night and planned to leave. She wanted to say bye to Raymond but he wasn’t in his room. After being told that he went to eat with Steven, Tavia goes to find them.

[Steven and Raymond chatting]

Steven:  Because of the marriage arrangement, your younger sister is angry at me- I understand, but they shouldn’t keep picking on Tavia like that.
Raymond: Aunt is disrespectful, older sister’s mind is always unclear
Steven: it’s already really hard for Tavia losing her parents and now..
Raymond: I’ll take care of the rest of it. I definitely won’t let Tavia suffer again
Steven: Raymond, remember her identity
Raymond: Don’t worry, I definitely won’t leak any of this out.
Steven: Having you look after her, I’m relieved.

*Tavia now arrives and overhears their conversation at the door*

Steven: Don’t mind me asking, do you treat Tavia only as a friend?
Raymond: Steven, you’re thinking too much. I don’t have any love-thoughts towards her.
Steven: If you do love her, you should give her a title sooner so there won’t be any rumours spreading around.
Raymond: …I’m not good enough for her.
Steven: Why would that be?
Raymond: I am filled with illness, and I won’t live long. Could I still hope that I could be with her through life? I can’t say we’ll grow old together nor take care of her forever. I already know this, I don’t want this put her through this.
*Steven has a pitiful look on his face*
Raymond: Don’t feel sad for me- it is life and death. Don’t worry, while I’m still alive, I will still continue to take good care of Tavia. I definitely won’t let Tavia know my feelings for her. I don’t want to make things hard for her. It’ll be better for her to treat me as a brother.

Awww..the things he said were so sweet and selfless! Upon hearing this, Tavia decides to stay by Raymond’s side. I think somehow she knows he wouldn’t want her to leave and she wanted to take care of him in return too 🙂

Back at the house,  Raymond brought over some rabbit-shaped dimsims for her in hope to cheer her up and Tavia tells him that she’s ok 🙂 She wouldn’t care what others say about her because she knows that she didn’t do what they have accused of her. She tells him how he and his father treat her so well here, food, shelter and job that she wouldn’t want to leave hehe~ Tavia carved a present for Raymond as well~ some swirling wood thing that spins around in the air ^^

Raymond said he hasn’t played with it before and she showed him. The two watch out of the window as that wooden thing flew around in the air 🙂

Episode 5-6

Joel (with the support of Evil godfather) always wants to take over Raymond’s father’s position as the prime salt merchant. His position was suddenly up for grabs for the one who could offer the greatest bid and he started bribbing the other candidates. Since Raymond’s older sister, played by Halina was having an affair with Joel and hated her father, she acted as a spy and started leaking information to him, giving him the upper hand.

In the family, Raymond is the only one who can hold up his entire family and business. Everyone else is useless, and his father relies on Raymond heavily. Without him, he would be completely mucked up and not have what he has today. It’s just so sad that Raymond had to have that sickness all his life and suffer so much. Raymond becamse so weak and exhausted, yet he had to pretend that he was fine and that everything was under control, so he wouldn’t worry his father. They had to heavily borrow money and give out everything they had..

To help Raymond with his family crisis,  Tavia sneaks into Joel’s place in attempt to find out the amount he was planning to bid- it turned out to be a dollar more than what they initially planned! On the way sneaking out, Steven appears, questioning what she was doing there. The guards notice her presences and start searching for her. Steven saves her by letting her go and luring the guards to him instead. There Steven overhears Joel and his godfather’s evil conversation and evil plans…

Because Tavia found out the bidding amount, they were able to help Raymond’s father win back his position 🙂

Raymond and Tavia figured that Halina was the one who betrayed them but he couldn’t do anything to her since he was his sister.

Tavia and Steven bump into each other on the streets and she thanks him for saving her that time. After his confrontation with his god father, Steven tried to apologise to Tavia for everything in the past but she refused to hear his explanation and leaves.

On the other hand, Raymond’s father pushes him to give Tavia a pair of earrings, but he didn’t have the courage to give it to her. Raymond’s father said he’ll give it to her on his behalf, despite not having his consent. At the same time, Tavia’s friend gives her a pair of earrings and when Tavia and Raymond  bump into each other, the earrings (in a bag) drops on the floor. Seeing that Tavia cared a lot about the earrings, he mistaken those earrings were the ones passed on by his father and he quickly tried to explain himself.

“It’s not like what you think. I know that I bought it, but I never planned to give it. I’m not saying you’re not worth giving to, but it wouldn’t be good if there was any misunderstanding. It was all father’s doing, you don’t have to worry about anything he said to you. Even if it’s a present it doesn’t mean anything.”

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