I just watched this interview clip with Wayne, Sheren and Pierre on “the Green Room”. I really enjoyed the interview because it goes into more depth about what the actors think about their characters, the whole filming process and how united everyone on the crew was 🙂
I totally agreed with Carlos when he mentioned the audience felt that their romance could/should have gone to a more intimate level haha I’m going to miss everyone on the cast! Wish they could collaborate together again!

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  • Ri says:

    I am so gonna miss tuning in every night for 45 mins of action-packed drama! 🙁

    I love how Wayne is so professional and matured which is completely different from all the expressive roles he has played throughout the years (Chai Kau, Zhu Bak Kai) Really telling of his acting skills 🙂 Wayne is officially my favourite TVB actor. haha!

    I’m looking forward to this Sunday’s awards ceremony! Although I reckon a lot of stars may not show up (I hope they do tho!), I’m excited to see if No Regrets will manage to pick up the Best Drama award, which it completely deserves 🙂 I hope No Regrets sweeps most of the awards actually including Best Actor and Actress. Although I want Wayne and Sheren to win, Moses and Charmaine are good too in their own right so they do have a fighting chance. But if CBML wins over NR for Best Drama, that would be plain ridiculous. NR was better written and better acted as well. Go NR! 🙂

  • Aly says:

    I agree. This series was awesome, and after watching the finale, the story and characters are still stuck in my head. The whole production crew really brought this story to life and made it really exciting. I’m going to miss it as well.

    I am hoping No Regrets wins the major awards again this year. I personally thought CBML was overhyped and exagerrated in storyline and acting. Moses and Charmaine are good actors, but I don’t think they should receive an award for their perfomance in CBML. I have seen better performances from them. I would be disappointed if they won this year.

  • sugar says:

    Hahaha I watched this today. Funny how Pierre was the ‘host’ and the name Carlos made up for himself too. XD

  • Chibi says:

    This was an enjoyable watch 😀 Especially after seeing NR, leaving me feeling a little empty and sad that its over- it’s nice seeing Wayne, Sheren and Pierre talk about their characters 🙂 I was most interested in hearing what they thought about the relationship between Wayne and Sheren, and why there wasn’t enough PDA XD

  • Dalis says:

    I just finished the last episode today 🙂
    man the last 3 episode though made me cried a lot hahaha.
    I have to say this is the best TVB drama of 2010!
    and also this is on my favorite list too.
    The storyline and character were all great.

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