November 2010

[No Regrets] Episode 26-30 Thoughts

No Regrets

  • YAY!!The Japanese were FINALLY defeated and China is once again, returned to China 😀 8 years of war is  over 😉 I kept hoping that Sheren and Wayne would finally get together in these episodes..they’ve been through so many life and death situations! There were so many opportunities and they spent a lot of alone time together.. but I was disappointed once again when I didn’t see their relationship go any further =( Even “Tit-Jie” teased Sheren thinking she was writing letters to Lau-Sing XD The feelings and everything are just lingering around- will it ever happen? =3
  • Episode 26 was so awesome 😀 Wayne reappears and saves Sheren in his disguise :D. He was so cool!! XD I loved how he fed her congee, cared for her and read the letter she wrote for him. He then stood up for Sheren and started confessing his anger towards how unfair the Japanese people were to them.  I love every time they’re on screen together <3 Another sweet scene was the boat scene where he gave Sheren one of the two hand-held bombs. I loved how Sheren got so curious and wanted to know who he gave the other one to hehe loved the look on Wayne’s face “Ching Ching-who else do you think it would be?” XD XD
  • I thought it was pretty funny (and true) how Wayne was saying knowing her, she might really go commit suicide with the enemy if he gave her a real one XD
  • When the Japanese guy went to propose to Fala, I started feeling slightly sorry for him when he was telling us how he looked up to her like a goddess etc..He was a creepy guy but he did respect her (up until that point XD) I didn’t expect him to just die like that lol Fala was pretty convincing with the hand-held bomb though!
  • I think Evergreen’s change was a bit… weird. It happened like I predicted- the Japanese people did something to harm his wife and son and he suddenly realised it was Karma. At the end, I sorta just forgave him because it appears as though he  genuinely changed. Well if Wayne and the others could forgive him then..yea… I guess I can too lol..RIP Fei Fan Gor..
  • No Regrets

  • Another awesome scene was with Wayne/Pierre killing the Japanese guy =) Go Pierre! Go Wayne! XD I was so angry that the Japanese guy almost got away with death  for surrendering..like seriously how annoying would it be!
  • On a random note..I think the whole “Victory” thing got a bit cheezy…lol isn’t the peace sign from the Japanese culture?
  • No Regrets

  • When they were having their celebration dinner for defeating the Japanese, everyone got emotional again when they reflected on the hardships they suffered over the war period. Sheren just broke down crying when she was reminded of the time she had to shoot Wayne… I was really hoping Wayne to comfort Sheren, but he just sat there ..what was Wayne afraid of…?
  • No RegretsAnother Wayne and Sheren moment..Wayne was confessing his sadness to Sheren after learning that Fala’s life was coming to an end..

  • Susan…geez..she just got away with everything by stealing all of Sheren’s credit..Now that the Japanese are gone, the remaining episodes move it focus back onto the family feud.
  • Sheren wanted/needed Wayne’s help, but seemed like he didn’t have to consider much for his promotion and moving to a different city for Fala. At that point, I felt helpless and disappointed for Sheren because she was hoping he’ll be there for her. Why couldn’t Wayne let Sheren know he didn’t want to leave her and vice versa..?
  • No Regrets

  • I think the 2nd uncle is pretty cool XD I like how he backs up Sheren and stands behind her all the time XD I was quite convinced by Sheren’s words to Elliot that he may give up the drug business because the effect it would have on their people- especially after the war..
  • No Regrets

  • Such a surprise that Ben is Susan’s son!!! It makes all the sense now lol Even I was wondering why she was so bias towards her niece/nephew… I loved the scene where Sheren and Wayne pretended to be drunk and tricked them into telling the truth with the hand-held bomb =) The two were so cheeky XD When Wayne mentioned that he was sticking up for Sheren because they picked on her and insulted her saying she’s never been with a guy- I was somehow hoping he would admit something between them ahah..but that didn’t happen. I liked Sheren’s implications afterwards when she brought it up to Wayne again thoughXD
  • No Regrets

  • The proposal scene between Raymond and Fala turned out so much sweeter than I thought it would.. I think  Fala finally grew up to become much more understanding and mature. She no longer resisted their relationship and really wanted to marry him as much as he wanted to marry her..even though she didn’t have long to live,  she didn’t want Raymond to regret not having to ever have been together with her ^^ “This very moment is forever already”
  • No Regrets

  • I hate Nancy more than anything..she blew Sheren’s secret out..married Elliot, and think she can just lead the gang in place of Elliot while he is sick..I can’t stand watching her!! ARGHHH This girl will never learn..
  • With only two episodes left…I hope the series will have a good ending!! Esp for Sheren and Wayne ^^
  • Please DO NOT post spoilers on the final two episodes- Thanks!

24 Responses to “[No Regrets] Episode 26-30 Thoughts”

  • Ri says:

    Oh wow, when the Japs were defeated and everyone was celebrating, I felt like celebrating too! I think the show did a great job of taking us through the horror tht was the Jap occupation. It really felt like “8 years” had passed.

    Wayne and Sheren’s chemistry is amazing, as per usual. They can say so much just by looking at each other. I mean, I wish they’d say more but I’ll take what I can get! I also loved the part where Sheren asked Wayne who he gave the other fake bomb to. It was like she was momentarily jealous hahaha. And his reply was as if he knew she was jealous! Haha! Or this could all be in my head, I’m just in awe of their chemistry!

    Loved it when Wayne came back as a guerrilla. It was like he survived death so he really had nothing to fear anymore. Very cool. Also he started dressing in suits more which looked good on him! Though I did miss the cool trench coat thingy he used to sport in his pre-guerrilla days 😛

    The victory sign WAS a little cheesy. I know it’s suppose to be uplifting and a reminder of the Tong guy who died but to be fair, he wasn’t featured that prominently and after awhile the repetitive use of the peace sign and saying “Victory” was rather cringe-worthy :/

    Said it once and I’ll say it again: I really really want Raymond Wong to win best newcomer! Despite having to be one half of a not-so-interesting pairing, he made the best of it and pulled out an earnest, likeable character. His marriage to Ching Ching was inevitable and I’m glad they did, rather than play out the whole “I don’t want to burden you” storyline to the end. Glad both Ching Ching and Mrs. Yeung came to their senses 🙂

    I thought Fei Fan Kor’s turnaround was a bit too 360 for me. So sudden! It would’ve been more satisfying if he had been taken away and treated as a traitor by the Chinese government but knowing his luck, he’ll probably still come back alive. Using the karma angle was a semi-realistic way to kill him off. And I think in these few episodes they were trying to show how much the war had taken out of the people and how people just didn’t want to fight anymore. If Fei Fan kor had just been taken away and not died for a reason, I doubt Wayne or Sheren would have anymore will to fight him!

    Nancy was such a mean character in RB1 but at least she shaped up and became good but here she’s horrible!! Can’t believe she just told Sheren’s family abt her plans and all. When I see her snarky smirk I feel like slapping her! Twice! Gah! After all Sheren did for her! I guess this could have been avoided if Sheren had handled Nancy better and not kept forcing her to do things she clearly didn’t want to do but no! I stand firm – Lai Wah is just a horrrible person!

    Just finished episode 31 & 32. Can’t wait to read your thoughts on the final 2! 🙂

    • KTVB says:

      haha yea..FINALLY OVER! so happy for them XD Although they haven’t seemed to age at all over the 8 years XD
      Yesh!! She was momentarily jealous haha – and Wayne knew it too- that’s why it was so cute! ^^
      Wayne was so cool when he came back (to life)! Felt like he leveled-up 😀
      Btw, did that Tong guy appear earlier in the series- I don’t recall…I assume they’re all supposed to be significant people in China’s history?

      Shall get to that soon! 😀

    • Chibi says:

      “I also loved the part where Sheren asked Wayne who he gave the other fake bomb to. It was like she was momentarily jealous hahaha. And his reply was as if he knew she was jealous! Haha! Or this could all be in my head, I’m just in awe of their chemistry! “

      haha, that’s gotta be one of the cutest scenes!! It was so funny, and not very subtle..haha..Sheren was jealous and Wayne caught on, lol! Such a cute tease.

      I agree, Wayne is soooo cool especially after he came back! wow. What a hero, hahah! I’m loving the suit he wears too!

  • dee says:

    @Ri omg, you finished 31 &32? hopefully i’ll get to watch it tmr…ahhh..

    and yah, i ALSO think that he kinda knew she was jealous. i swear his look said it all!!

    • Ri says:

      Haha yea I’m watching in on TV and it shows same time as in Hong Kong. 31 and 32 were shown back to back 🙂 Hope you get to watch it too then we can all go on and on about it here (and basically spam K’s comment boxes) 😛

      Haha loved that scene! A moment of light-heartedness amidst all the chaos 🙂

  • YY says:

    The Victory thing is cheesy, but let’s get our facts straight: It was popularized by WINSTON CHURCHILL. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V_sign

  • Danette says:

    Thanks for posting your thoughts. You mentioned a lot of the memorable and favorite parts of mine. It was like everything that I thought of, you had it on here. Made my day xD

    Wayne and Sheren’s on screen chemistry awes me to infinite extent. Love the way he looks at her. .:D Elliot should die too. He annoys me so much. After all the years that Sheren has helped the family.. he goes and severes their bond.. and for a girl? UGH!!

  • Damien says:

    I was wondering if there’s NG clips for this series. So far I only stumbled to one. Hope someone can put it up here or on youtube. thanks.

  • Chibi says:

    Wow, great summary! So many things happened in these episodes and you pretty much are spot on with your thoughts! Nice screen captures too, especially ones of Wayne & Sheren ♥ hehehe…

    Man, Wayne is so manly…lol.. I love the scene where he comes in and saves Sheren, feeding her and even reads the letter she wrote for him. It’s so sweet and I had hoped so much that he’d go hug her already!!! XDDD Words aren’t necessary when you both know and feel it, but still.. I think some fan service would be nice! (haha, I’m usually so against fan service but I think we need some here… it’s a bit overdue.)

    I’m a bit indecisive about Fala’s character. I don’t really like her, but her character gets a bit better later on.. and she does mature a bit, especially how she dealt with the Japanese pervert. Like you, I did feel a tiny bit sorry for him, only because he did genuinely seem to “worship” her for a while.. but, overall I don’t care too much I suppose- he was too stalkerish to begin with (that’s creepy!)

    More later on..

  • Nonny Nu says:

    omg. I’m on chapter 30 and Ching Ching is still here. Good grief. Die already. I know it’s mean to say but all of this going in and out of hospital seems like filler material.

  • Nonny Nu says:

    I’ve just finished the series. What a wonderful story. *SPOILERS* I LOVE LOVE LOVE the montage of Lau Sing and Gau Mui’s life after they were reunited after 30 years. That was so sweet. You could see how they livened each other up, and they were finally able to be together as sweethearts and travel the world.

    Life is so sad sometimes! Can you imagine going through all of that with a person and falling in love with them but never having the chance to tell them, and then you lose contact for three decades? Not one word of contact? I’m really glad that there was a happy ending in this series!

    Note: On Wikipedia, they once described Lau Sing and Gau Mui as “lovers,” but now it says that LS loved GM and vice versa. I think that is much more accurate.

    • Danette says:

      I LOVED THE MONTAGE TOO!! It was so cute and it satisfied me. The part where they were skimming through the three decades nearly killed me. WHAT WAS THAT?! Yay for happy endings! xD

  • Nonny Nu says:

    oh, no. i’m so sorry. i just read the instructions not to post spoilers for the last two episodes… i’m really sorry.

  • gl says:

    hey thanks so much for these recaps, im capped so i cant watch anything online as my net has gone so slow. so i really appreciate these recounts cos the dramas just so good and intense.

  • 'muff says:

    I had mixed feelings about the Jap-guy-into-Fala’s death; on one hand, you have to admit how much restraint he had and gentlemanly he had to be to leave Fala in the hotel room and risk his career and free Raymond. But yeah when he was starting to get so forceful… I guess it’s all for the better that he died. Go Raymond! Haha how manly of him. Doing it for his girl XD I guess this was sort of foreshadowed in Fala’s ripped out journal entry lol. Oh but yay! Made good use of the grenade Wayne gave her.

    Also mixed feelings about how the Jap captain guy got shot (several bullets at that). Though when he died I admit I did sort of cheer for Pierre’s burst of… inner strength. ’cause admittedly, he did let Sheren get away with a lot (and killing the Hak Mok guy!). Thanks to Sheren’s connection with him she could convince him to lots of things e.g. make Evergreen put an apple on his head for the shooting ‘fun’; shooting Wayne in place of the executers etc. But while he was sort of indirectly connected to a lot of… ‘good’ things… he was pretty douche-baggy when he decided to ‘surrender’ to save his life.

    So I guess his death had to be 😀

    Lol Evergreen’s death. Ugh, I hated him so much the rest of the series but I felt so sorry for him when he tells of how his unborn child + wife died together even though they were innocent. And glad he apologised to Wayne sincerely eventually!

  • mwhahaha.k says:

    Actually the peace sign did originate from WWII and it does signify “victory”

  • I guess because the scene where he left her crying and not doing anything is because he found it kind of awkward to comfort her in front of so many people? I don’t know about you guys, but don’t you think the jap guy (king kong) has too much confidence and trust on Sheren?

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