November 2010

[No Regrets] Episode 21-25 Thoughts

  • I was really happy for Sheren when Elliot seemed to care about her again when she returned home and is proud of her when she killed the Japanese guy 🙂
  • No Regrets

  • Hmm… is it just me or does Pierre seem to think that the only way he can repay Wayne is to find every opportunity to die in place of him? XD Anyways, its good to see his shooting ability improve so much and his character develop to become much stronger. It was so awesome how Sheren got back at Evergreen and Pierre scared Evergreen so much that he wet his pants haha!
  • When the two Anti-Japanese people went to find Sheren, I was a bit worried that they were fakes, trying to lead Sheren into a trap. Sheren is doing everything for her country so we know she’ll eventually help them. Unfortunately, their plan was blown and in the process of telling Sheren, Wayne gets caught!
  • I was so freaked out when the Japanese woman in kimono was standing behind Wayne 0_0!! It was like she appeared out of nowhere..and then Wayne finds out she can speak Cantonese too >_< Argghh!!!
  • No Regrets

  • We finally see the scenes from episode 1 where Sheren shoots Wayne and as shown in the lighting ceremony where Sheren slaps Wayne when he was imprisoned! I don’t understand why Sheren’s initial plan didn’t work…is it because Wayne was still “involved” so he had to die?
  • No Regrets
  • It felt a bit strange because we all know it’s part of a performance, but it was interesting to see Wayne being able to play along with Sheren without the two even communicating with each other. She made the Japanese guy believe her love for Wayne turned into hate and convinced him she truly wanted him to die and to let her kill him!
  • Similar to Rosy Business, Wayne escapes from death and misleads everyone to believing he has been killed :)  I can’t wait until Wayne recovers and appears again 🙂
  • At the start of the series, I had a feeling Sheren was only doing it as an act in front of the Japanese dude. The two weren’t “together” for all those years XD (Slightly disappointed on how they misled us!) It make sense now how Sheren was smiling when she was recalling the past (in episode 1) and how she was like “The bag and love letters are here too!” XD.
  • No Regrets
  • I loved watching how desperate Sheren was trying to save him- so much love! After going through all that- having almost died twice for Sheren, I was really hoping that  Wayne and Sheren would hug each other before he left! :<
  • At the end of episode 24, Sheren gets confined by the Japanese guys…I wonder what will happen next! The preview for the ending episodes look so exciting!! Can’t wait!
  • I felt that Fala and Raymond’s “building a new home” scenes quite boring..I wonder if she’ll end up using it. It seems kinda silly to me- when the city is a mess- hide by yourself in the woods..? I’m glad to see Fala’s character toughen up and being a bit more mature now.  That Japanese man looks so creepy and perverted! (esp by the way he looks at her after she walks away..) Doesn’t seem like the end of him though, I wonder what will happen next?
  • No Regrets
  • Have a really bad feeling about Nancy sticking to Elliot…it looks so wrong!
  • Episode 25 felt so empty without Wayne! It was sad to watch Sheren getting so sick in jail..she has become so weak! I was so excited to see Wayne appear at the end of the episode in his disguise !! hehe~~ Can’t wait until they reunite! 😀

19 Responses to “[No Regrets] Episode 21-25 Thoughts”

  • dee says:

    I was sooo sad that they hadn’t verbally expressed their love! WHEN IS IT GOING TO HAPPEN!

    Totally agree with u – there were similarities to Rosy Business. The boat part was very familiar too… the way he looked out and waited for her…argh. Was hoping something wld happen there = (

    I LOVE this news report on the show (

    – they had a dinner celebration after shooting one day. Apparently everyone loves Sheren! When the newscaster asked whether Wayne loves her too… he said: Of Course I love her. <3 Wonder how they can have such great chemistry… they must hv mutual respect and attraction for each other too to hv such rocking chemistry!

    • Ri says:

      Thanks for the link! Love the chemistry between all the actors and actresses actually! Looks like they had a really good time working together on this show 🙂 I mean, Wayne and Sheren practically look radiant from the long-awaited recognition they’ve been getting since RB 🙂

      • Chibi says:

        haha I felt the same way… when will they truly admit to one another and confess? I don’t want to see it “fake” I want it so they say it for real 🙂 I mean we know how they feel but really expressing it in words adds a whole new level! Man, I hope it’s soon…. >.< And thanks for the clip, it was fun to see the crew all look so happy together ^_^

        • hannah says:

          haha, i thought the scene where lau sing was in jail was already a confession? sheren also confessed that she didn’t know what to do if wayne died in the church. <3

          omg omg, sheren and wayne are really going to drive me mad with their amazing chemistry! XD

        • hannah says:

          yes, actually i feel that the no regrets cast really had fun filming tgt! i notice that they like to tease each other a lot. XD i think they really enjoyed being in each other’s company, that’s why we get to see amazing chemistry in the drama itself. 🙂

    • hannah says:

      HAHA! there were many scenes i thought both of them could have hugged, but they didn’t. 🙁

      i wished they hugged during the boat scene, but aww… their eyes already speak for their longing for each other. dunno which want i want though lol. ^^

    • KTVB says:

      Mee too Dee!! Me too!! I’m still waiting hahah

      Thanks for sharing the clip! Love these behind the scene ones 😀

  • Ri says:

    I loved how they showed the Sheren shooting Wayne scene in the middle of the show and not the end. Like a twist I totally didn’t see coming! I think after this the Japs will leave and the final part of the show will be Sheren vs. Susan (and possible Ben).

    Wayne and Sheren’s chemistry practically spills over on screen! So awesome! They can convey so much with just the way they look at each other. And I find it funny that Wayne is always asking Sheren to not always think about others and think abt herself instead but he himself is always thinking abt her and Ching Ching over himself 😛 Anyway, I too can’t wait for Wayne to come back! Maybe then he and Sheren will really get married haha.

    Fala and Raymond building the home thing was so dull! And I thought it was weird Raymond didn’t “build” a home for his mum. I guess Fala will share it with her? haha. But the one part where I found Fala’s character to be interesting was the almost-rape scene. Granted, I saw it coming from the previews but her speech about being unlucky in life and accepting it was pretty good. She didn’t overact it and said it like it was a fact of life. First time I found her to be not annoying. But I agree, that Jap guy is sure to come back later!

    Elliot + Nancy = so weird!! Hate how Nancy has weaseled her way into Tong Tai but I can’t help but feel it’s a bit of Sheren’s fault for being overprotective. Nancy’s character is so the tell-her-no-and-she’ll-wanna-do-it-even-more type and I wish Sheren could see that when she’s being so strict with her! Do you think Elliot will end up, ugh, MARRYING Nancy? Ew.

    Great post as always, K! 🙂

    • hannah says:

      totally agree with you! ep 1 misled me as well! XD totally didnt see it coming as well lol!

      i really want sheren and wayne to end up tgt, but it seems like tim gor has other plans…

      haha, i thought raymond is kinda selfish for only thinking about fala. i mean, he still has his mum lol, but he didn’t care about kara. 🙁 boo, bad boy.

      fala is not a bad actress. there are certain scenes in this drama that i thought she did pretty well. it’s just too bad that her character is rather bland. ><

    • KTVB says:

      hahaha I totally agree! Wayne cares for Fala and Sheren so much that he’d do anything for them ^^

      Yea..that almost-rape scene was slightly different to watch I imagined to be. She took a more mature approach- it was a good accepting speech indeed.

  • faithict says:

    Wow, Wayne and Sheren had so much chemistry in these episodes….There is no communication to Wayne on the plot but he knew how to play along with Sheren to save his life…

    When Sheren pretended to be car sick and then ran to the place where she shot Wayne, at first I was worried if the japanese were following her…thankfully they did not and we get to see that Wayne was saved…And at the dock, i felt it was very similar to RB when Wayne was standing at the ship waiting on Sheren…they had so much chemistry together…:)

    Nancy’s character did not get any better…the series is almost coming to the end now but i still don’t see how her character played any roles in NR except that she is the daughter of Sheren’s good friend…I heard that she is supposed to be married to Eliot but really wonder how will that be incorporated in this series and with Susan’s plot??

    At least I can see that Fala’s character is getting slightly better but still pretty bland i think…

    this series is really getting more exciting each episodes…really looking forward for Wayne to return…. 🙂

    • KTVB says:

      I was worried too! Or imagine the Japanese people shot Wayne a few mroe times after Sheren shot him..all the disasters that could have happened lol

      I’m still trying to be hopeful that Nancy will somehow turn good….lol I don’t just want to watch an annoying character who makes no contribution to the story lol

      • faithict says:

        I can’t agreed with you more..at least now we can see fei fan gor is turning to be good..hopefully Nancy will too… 😀

  • Madeline says:

    I like the pic where Pierre smiles after successfully shooting the apple from far away. 🙂

  • misstila says:

    omg no regrets is getting soo good. its gonna be a shame to watch it end. btw does anyone feel like the japanese general guy had a crush on Sheren? cuz the way he looks at her and how he gets jealous of wayne and always wants to shoot with him. and how he allowed sheren to kill that other jap guy. i felt like he had a crush on her and was sorta mad when Sheren said wayne was her man. xD

  • 'muff says:

    Haha aww so many people don’t like Fala’s character XD
    I doo! XD

    And she has had significant moments like how she pretended her illness was taking over again in order to drive out the Jap people (several episodes back).

    And she’s very ‘filial’, passionate and loyal – like how she went to that extent to get the people free. It’s because she’s not smart like Sheren, that seemed to be the only option to save Raymond (since she could tell the Jap guy had a thing for her). 🙁 Poor Fala T_T Especially when she cried afterwards because she was so scared and nervous underneath yet also relieved.

    But despite the creepy Jap guy’s… creepiness, he redeemed himself when he left Fala alone in the hotel room (I almost typed ‘online’ ==”) 🙂

  • Wow, I’ve got to respect Sheren for her acting, I felt all of her emotions throughout the show.

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