Cast: Gallen Lo, Myolie Wu, Lui Fong, Bernice Liu, Margie Tsang, Raymond Wong…
Episodes: 20
Release Date: July 2008
Producer: Kwan Wing Chung
Scriptwriter: Chu King Kei
Promise you love me, honor and keep me, for better or worse, in sickness and in health.

CHOW CHI YU (Myolie Wu) once adopted a stray dog TAI PA but it brought virus to her father’s kennel and all the dogs inside are dead tragically. Since then, her older brother CHOW CHI JIM (Lui Fong) and sister-in-law SHUI TIN LAN (Margie Tsang) have no choice but to open a pet shop for a living. Later, YU met TAI PA’s little brother SIU PA but her boyfriend YING HOI LEUNG (Raymond Wong) suggested her to keep it in an empty house nearby.

MIU CHUN (Gallen Lo)’s girlfriend KAKA lost her life while saving her dog TAI PA in a traffic accident. CHUN was devastated and he abandoned the dog while keeping KAKA’s beloved cat CANCAN with him. CHUN moves in to his new home but he is enraged to discover SIU PA has been raising there secretly by YU, his neighbour as well as his coworker at advertising firm. While seeing each other day and night, the battle between the “cat” and the “dog” becomes never-ending.

CHUN accidentally uncovers a secret relationship between YU and LEUNG. YU turns to CHUN for advice since she has found that LEUNG has affair with another woman. The two of them gradually develop feelings on each other but they don’t know how to express themselves. During the time, MAN CHI KEI (Bernice Liu), the daughter of the big boss, suddenly pursues CHUN. CHUN finally realizes who his true love is but the timing is just not right.

Credits: Astro On Demand

Comments: I actually don’t feel much for this series, except its a nice feeling to see more TVB stars returning to TVB to film, like Idy Chan(Catch Me Now) , Anita Yuen (Love Exchange) 🙂 I’ve recently re-watched Gallen’s “Golden Faith” and enjoyed it a lot. Gallen’s a great actor so I have high hopes that his acting will be really good!I wonder how Gallen and Myolie will pull off as lovers..

9 Responses to “[New Series]: When a Dog loves a Cat”

  • TVaddict says:

    I have completed the first episode and i must say that its really good! haha..Gallen did not disappoint an audience like the beginning, i was wondering if Myolie and Gallen will pull off as couple well.. i must say, they are really professional in this series n i’m beginning to like it!

    Its worth trying out the show 😀

  • Rayolie says:

    OMG WADLAC rocks!!!! myolie and bernice looks great as blondes they look so pretty!!!

  • ~tvbluva4lyf~ says:

    OMG!! Myolie looks soo different…so not used to it…
    check out the office chick!!

  • Aien says:

    waaa…i love tis drama…very nice!!~ love Gallen + Myolie 2gether…haha!

  • anne says:

    i share the same sentiments. chow chow is irritating to the max. i have not changed my opinion of her even in later episodes.

  • TT says:

    Watched the first 3 episodes, and couldn’t stop. Simple great and touching. Hope the rest of the drama is getting more interesting.

  • i need lyric theme song when a dog loves a cat plzzzzz

    • KTVB says:

      杏兒 – Myolie
      嘉良 – Gallen
      合 – Together


      杏兒: 孤單的貓多坎坷離群沉醉自我

      嘉良: 忠心小狗拖一拖完全遺背自我

      杏兒: 你是你我是我

      嘉良: 你或我各自各

      杏兒: 愛著你 嘉良:愛著我
      合: 縱是來自極端的結果
      嘉良:仍然愛我 杏兒:仍然愛你

      ** 合: 情尋對偶猶如小狗

      甜蜜幸福聲音我獨有 **





      杏兒:你是你 我是我 兩樣性情沒錯
      嘉良:你或我 各自各 發現對方經過
      杏兒:愛著你 嘉良:愛著我

      合: 從是來自極端的結果
      合: 仍然愛我

      Repeat **

  • Rena says:

    I suppose that soduns and smells just about right.

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