December 2009

Love TV 2

Love TV2

The 2009 TVB Drama themesong Album was released on 27th November 2009, and is now out available for purchase for those interested 🙂

Track List
01. “Beyond the Realm of Conscience” – Susanna Kwan (Beyond the Realm of Conscience)
02. “On the Verge of Eternity” – Gallen Lo (Born Rich)
03. “Variation of Black and White” – Ron Ng, Michael Tse & Sammul Chan (E.U.)
04. “Red Butterfly” – Ron Ng (Rosy Business)
05. “Cruelty Has Love” – Linda Chung (The Gem of Life)
06. “No Problem” – Dayo Wong (You’re Hired)
07. “Nobody’s Perfect” – Joyce Cheng (Off Pedder)
08. “Accept Fate” – Ivana Wong (The Silver Chamber of Sorrows)
09. “Painful Love for Life” – Kathy Chow (In the Chamber of Bliss)
10. “Palm Print” – Elanne Kwong (E.U.)
11. “Intuition” – Joyce Cheng (Speech of Silence)
12. “Legal Bride Theft” – Sammul Chan, Chin Kar Lok & Wong Cho Lam (A Bride for a Ride)
13. “How to Say Love” – Steve Ma & Tavia Yeung (Sweetness in the Salt)
14. “Pursuing the Truth” – Roger Kwok (D.I.E. Again)
15. “When a Dog Loves a Cat” – Myolie Wu & Gallen Lo (When a Dog Loves a Cat)

The only one which sounds different to the original TVB Themesong played in the series  is You’re Hired. I think the You’re Hired: begining of it sounds different, lyrics modified too? Did they re-record it or was this the original? Makes me wonder lol

You’re Hired: TV Version | Version in this CD

The rest of the themesongs can be found on the downloads page.

12 Responses to “Love TV 2”

  • 'Muff says:

    Looking at those song names and the series they come from sure stir up good memories. XD
    *thumbs up*

    Not quite sure what 12. is doing there, lol ^^

  • fiona says:

    yah…these songs are pretty cool…i like 1,2,3,4,10…and 7 would be better if it weren’t joyce sheng who sang it…bah…i hate the way she sings and her voice! LOL

  • Chris says:

    Out of this compilation, the Speech of Silence Theme song I think is the best ( A little biased here since Speech of Silence is still my favorite drama lol!) followed by BTROC theme.

    And holy ******, I agree with you guys about track number 12…….horrible XD

    I might buy this just to get the CD version of Speech of Silence theme, Intuition!

  • Plain Random! says:

    !um…so is the link at the bottom just the download to You’re Hired’s themesong and not the whole album???

  • Fans says:

    I Love Track 1,2,3,4,7,10,13,14,15

  • iluvtvb says:

    You guys are wrong.. 3 IS THE BEST!

  • Michelle says:


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