Final Thoughts on the series

I finished watching the series last Friday and I’m kind of glad it has come to an end. The series didn’t exceed my expectation (not that my expectations for this series were high anyway) and I thought it was a rather average series. As mentioned previously, the only reason I watched it was because it was aired during dinner time and I enjoyed seeing Gallen’s return to TVB. The animals were kinda cute too but the final scene with Siu Ba(dog) and Cancan(cat) was a bit too cheesy for my liking lol ( especially for the dialogue to be coming out of animals haha)

[Final Convo between Dog and Cat]

Cancan: Do you reckon I’ve gone fatter again? Should I be eating less?
Siu Ba: I’ve never heard that you would want to eat less before.
Cancan: I want to look more prettier; so I can make you look better with me.
Siu Ba: Don’t do that, if you eat too little I’ll be really sad. Don’t you remember? I said I’m putting you in first priority.
Cancan: Nope I don’t remember
Siu Ba: You cats have poor memory
Cancan: Because I want you to say it to me everyday. Say it to me everyday and I’ll remember

Lui Fong and Margie’s story didn’t really interest me and most of the time I couldn’t care less about what happens with them. The way Lui Fong treated her as a dog was evil but at least he’s doing something for once where he isn’t such a wimp…~ The highlight with that family would have to be their son 🙂 A very cute adorable little boy haha

I didn’t like Bernice’s character either and I don’t see much significance of her appearance in the story. Her cute little dog Bailey was just like her- spoilt and somewhat immature. I did feel sad seeing Bailey die though because Bernice was saying how she was the most important thing to her. I felt that Bailey finally grew up when she tried to act happy to make her ‘mama’ Bernice not worry about her for her last few days and was able to make her happy; leaving behind a happy memory for her. Bernice’s step father was also very fake. It just looks so poor on the acting because he’s always so ‘happy’ and exaggerated looking. He doesn’t seem to be taking things seriously in the job as he’s often looking happy when he’s supposed to be yelling from frustration. Is he trying to be funny?

Now…finally onto Gallen and Myolie. I think the scenes where they became friend were ok. Gallen teaching Myolie to be a cat was extreme though..metaphorically..ok, but literally (i.e stretching herself on the bed)- it’s just too weird. Later, Myolie found out about Gallen’s feelings for her from Bernice and Margie and she became desperate to hear it from him. However,Gallen then realises he has nose cancer so denies any of it was true. Myolie’s constant pestering got really annoying to watch and I was just so tired from seeing her on screen. The two also hardly have any chemistry on screen together…As with all TVB series, Gallen eventually opens up and accepts Myolie as they face his illness together and spend their last days together in happiness.

I cannot however; help but find Gallen’s fake death in episode 19 unrealistic. Sure its a little different but who does that?? How can he just claim to be dead, have a whole funeral for him when no one has seenhis body? It doesn’t make sense..if it was something like him being in an accident and he went missing etc but actually escaped and they assumed he had died in the accident or something to be more realistic. A friend of mine told me a person can request not to let anyone see their body after they die. ..who knows..

In the screencap above, Myolie slides/floats behind Gallen lol XD She seemed more like a ghost to me

I think the sad moments from Gallen’s cancer were ones regarding his family where he decided not tell his mother or father and sent them away so they wouldn’t see him suffering. Those moments were quite touching =)

“Can there really be love without an ending? It’s not the end that important, but the process. As long as you deeply fall in love once, even if it’ll only leaving behind a good memory; even if you are together or not, it’s not important”-Chow Chow (Myolie)

All in all, I didn’t like the series much and I wouldn’t care less if I skipped the whole thing. I would say it’s a waste of time. Myolie’s acting continues to exaggerate through the series so I was much annoyed by her character. However I was quite impressed by Gallen and i enjoyed his acting and character on screen =) His character has a few layers and watching this character change and grow was nice. I loved his intereactions with the animals 🙂 Hopefully Gallen would appear in better TVB productions in the future.

18 Responses to “[When a Dog Loves a Cat] Final Snippets”

  • LOL! The dog & cat dialogues so ‘yuk ma’. Haha. But kinda touching… but yes, weird to hear those words come from a cat and a dog. 😛

    Glad I am skipping this series. 🙂 Can’t believe you watched the whole thing!

  • triumph says:

    I have not watched this series, and was thinking about giving it a try as Gallen is in it, but this post makes me feel a bit uninterested in this series now.

    Regarding Gallen, he’ll be filming the 40 ep series in November. Can’t wait.

  • Kristine says:

    Reading your blog about when a dog loves cat …I hate Myolie Wu, she is cute but then she does not have talent to act..She will be better as a model This series is not good at all, and yeah, i agree, who could be dead without anyone seeing the body, the whole series is so fake with Myolie Wu exaggerations..Gosh, i watched it just like – Gallen Lo
    Hope Gallen Lo will have a better series than this one, and please anyone to tell Myolie to quit acting, she is not meant to be an actress, GOSH, tired of her FAKE acting

  • swtaznlaydee says:

    Compared to Tai Chi, Myolie was better in here.

  • chibi says:

    I completely agree with your entire post. The series really wasn’t worth watching..Myolie was just really poor here. I think I’ve given hope in her acting… her exaggeration is in EVERY SERIES. Sure, Gallen was nice to watch, but Myolie’s acting drove me crazy. Glad it’s over!

  • Summer says:

    KTVB ~ i 100% agreed wif u to the ending quote on tis series.. i only enjoyed watching Gallen + Siu Ba and Can Can.. Myolie..i found out her acting.. its be come really exaggeration.. plus really … abit waste time to watch tis series… but really wish to see Gallen in others more big production fr TVB lo..

  • rachel says:

    personally i thought this was a pretty stupid series to put it harshly. the voices of the dogs and cats annoyed me and fitted more for cartoons like Doraemon. and i really find Myolie’s character annoying. especially during the part when she found out Gallen liked her but he denied it and she kept on pestering him. i was so annoyed by her character. Myolie’s acting just isn’t all that great and i don’t like her voice or her facial expressions. basically everything you said was true. this was a complete waste of time and i’m really disappointed in this.

  • lighten up says:

    this series is good but have not watched all of it. I guess if you have a pet you would unsterstand what the animals are thinking sometimes and their actions. Sui Ba is funny.

  • Kat says:

    Wow, so many myolie haters. I’m not a fan of her’s, but I think she’s a decent actress. I guess it’s hard for some to see her improvements, since she seems to be always typecasted in similar roles.

    Also, I don’t think ‘When a dog loves a cat’ is a ‘stupid’ series, there are people like myself who actually enjoyed parts of it. Yes, it’s quite average and not to everyone’s taste, but there were some scenes which I found to be quite funny, entertaining or touching.

  • mini says:

    Mmm…… i personally think tis drama is a great one esp the combination of gallen and myolie was unexpectedly good. I think myolie wu acting was great (i am not her fan) and the dog and cats are so cute with the voice over. In fact this series are divided into three portions which was so nicely linked and you would even one to continues on each day. Personally i like this show alot and i even bought the DVD for keeping purpose. Is sad but yet touching and sweet!!!!!!! I think myolie wu is very pretty in this show and especially radiant and i see her acting skills getting better and better in each of her series!!!!!!! Myolie Wu keep it up!!!!!!!!

  • ying says:

    i feel that you all shouldn’t critisize myolie like that. she is perhaps just acting according to the director’s orders.
    I think she is a great actor. 😀

  • rainonme says:

    hey.. i just started to read your blog..
    anwayyz.. this drama i agree totally with you

    its so boring!!

    and myolie really really bugs me in here.

    i reckon its just a waste of time.

    TVB have nothing worse to produce then this
    its pretty disappointing.

  • Annie says:

    Lols. From all the comments I’ve posted, we’ve disagreed on the general, but i do agree with you in parts.

    As usual, I thought this series was actually pretty decent. However, I wish that TVB could of developed Myolie and Gallen’s chemistry more. It’s interesting seeing them as a pair, but i can’t say i don’t like it because it is fresh and i did enjoy how they really seemed to click.

    But, some parts were kind of boring, I kind of thought that Myolie’s Ex BF would fight back for her to make the story more interesting. But overall it was decent. It’s not the best, but it was cute and touching at moments. I do agree that Gallen actually faked a death and funeral and everything just to trick Myolie was very unrealistic.

  • Eileen says:

    i only like the cats and dogs…watching it coz of the animals…haha…the actors and actresses kinda disappointing..hehe

  • Juice says:

    At first, I don’t really like Myolie Wu or her acting as well. But I guess, to be fair, the aim of the whole series was to educate us concerning every kind of relationships – pets-human, parents-kids, husband-wife, boyfriend-girlfriend, etc. Only then, we will find this series worthy to watch. 🙂

  • jasmine says:

    I just finished this drama w/o waiting for my bf (who’s also kinda hooked on it). The humor was there (tend to agree wth KTVB & Juice).. But we are very disappointed by final ep. It really spoilt the whole drama. Sigh…
    May the scriptwrt, producer / director wanted a outta norm endg. but MC could have just die after spending his remaining days.. The ‘fake death’ part is redundant and a ‘spoiler’ of the whole drama.
    Nevertheless, the real reason I am hooked is of coz of Gallen Lo’s actg + the humor in the drama. 🙂

  • Cal says:

    I discovered that it’s important to have something to do while watching this series. There are parts where it’s touching or somewhat interesting and parts where some of us would rather not see. I opted to plan my next vacation when the series got repetitive. Like K, I just couldn’t get myself to be interested in Margie and David’s relationship even though I liked Margie the last time I saw her in a series 10+ years ago. I think the writing of Margie’s, Myolie’s, and the pets’ characters are quite flawed. They have been written to be mostly 1-dimensional. For instance, Margie is always concerned about money in scenes after scenes until she magically transform to an understanding person towards the end. Myolie’s is another string of repetition on another theme. There is no subtlety whatsoever. It’s worse in Myolie’s case because they had been type-casting Myolie in either super-energetic-girl or geeky-but-good role for years now. (Myolie’s acting was worse in Drive of Life in a geeky role. She started of ok in Triumph in the Skies but then with 40 episodes where her character kept more or less say and do the same things throughout and her role being one of the main ones, by the second half it was pretty hard to take.) The pets in this series are cute, but with the repetitive story line, as much as I like pets, I was glad I could work on my vacation plan. “Talking pets” is a slippery slope. One should really think about how “less is more” when it comes to having talking pets in a series. I suspect this series would had lot less viewers had it not been for Gallen Lo. Gallen Lo seems to exude a unique level of sincerity, competence, loyalty, and gentleman-like charisma. The sort of person you would love to have as your older brother or some other male members of the family, or a good friend. I live in USA, and only 2-3 of his TVB series are available in DVDs. That was the #1 reason why I watched this.

  • lost says:

    anyone know what is the english song play at the epi 20 when chow chow was watching the video?

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