From watching the first five episodes, I know I am not going to like this series. It’s hard for me to enjoy it considering my major complaint goes to the female lead, Myolie. Her character “Chow Chow” is ridiculously annoying and gets on my nerves because she talks so much nonsense! Everything she says or does annoys me. It’s like she has to care about everything when it is none of her business and is constantly yelling at Gallen when she doesn’t know the full story. She acts like she knows everything. She is so nosy that she has to care about everything and also makes decision for people without asking what people really want. For example, letting Benz into Gallen’s house after he entrusted her with his house keys. Who does she think she is? I hope her boyfriend (played by Raymond Wong) will dump her soon 😛 I don’t even know if her character is supposed to be this annoying or if it’s Myolie’s acting. If its just her character I hope she changes soon because I can’t stand watching her..

Myolie’s acting is also very exaggerated and over the top. The way she gets revenge on Gallen is immature as well. Basically her character is not very likable. I feel that her character isn’t very genuine either. Because she felt sorry for “Dai Ba”(a dog), stranded on the streets, she brings the dog home causing all the dogs at her father’s training/breeding ground to die from a disease. I have doubts that it was “Dai Ba” who spread the virus but that’s not my point. It was because of this that made Myolie’s father hate dogs that are left on the streets, and now works as part of the dog exterminating team and captures those types of dogs. It was Myolie’s fault but is still working against her father. She apologises, admitting it was her fault, saying she felt bad that her father got hurt etc, but I can’t feel that she really cares about him. She cares about the dogs more than her father. On one hand she apologizes, yet later when alone with her brother, she puts the blames on the owner of “Dai Ba” who abandoned him. She is not taking responsibility for her own fault. Before she brought the dog back, why didn’t she take the dog to a vet for a checkup? Or to get any immunization? She should know more clearly than anyone else before taking a dog back to keep…

Ok..enough about Myolie. So..if I don’t like Myolie, what part of the series do I watch it for? Gallen of course!  =) I like his character a lot and find his methods in dealing with matters interesting and entertaining to watch, whether at work or in his private life. Sure he appears cold on the outside but there must be a background reason to it, so I am interested in learning more about that. (A lot revealed in episode 5) The story behind hating “Siu Ba”(dog) also seemed interesting. He loves his cat “Cancan” a lot and we learn that his fiancee played by Tracy Ip gave it to him. They used to own “Da Ba” but Tracy tragically dies in a traffic accident trying to chase “Dai Ba” and after that, Gallen abandons the dog. I love the interaction he has with the dog “Siu Ba” and the cat XD Whether he is being nice or mean to them, it’s good to watch because the bonding is evident =) xD

The other thing I would have to comment on is the dog and cat lol  They’re quite cute and entertaining to watch. I often find myself amazed at how well they are trained for the series haha.. Ok some of the dubbing sounds cheezy (they remind me of Cantonese dubbing of anime characters XD) but if you don’t watch the series too seriously then its all good 🙂

Is anyone watching this series at the moment? Anyone finding “Chow Chow” as annoying as I do? Does anyone else feel like giving up on this series? Isn’t Moonlight Resonance so much more exciting? 😛

13 Responses to “[When a Dog loves a Cat] Episode 1-5 Thoughts”

  • kotoko says:

    currently im up to episode 6 in this series and i have to agree with you. Myolie’s character is rather anoyying and pretty immature for sure. other than that there are some pretty good parts so i would continue this series.

    i didnt start moonlight resonance yet but your thoughts on it’s epsiodes seems interesting ;D

  • Jane says:

    It doesn’t make any sense this serie’s story line, I feel like TVB can’t find any thing more interesting to make a new serie. *_*

  • Cass says:

    I agree with you – Myolie’s acting is really stagnant. She pretty much plays the same annoying, cutesy character in all of her series and it’s always overexaggerated. There doesn’t seem to be any complexity in her acting. I wouldn’t be watching this series if it weren’t Gallen and the cute animals!

  • Sere says:

    i think this is my first time leaving a commet considering all those times i visit your site. 😉 I promised myself to boycott all Myolie dramas from now on because she ruins every drama she is in for me. But i couldn’t give up on WADLAC because of Gallen. And here again Myolie is exagerrating and making her character dislikeable. =/ But yeah WADLAC is pretty forgettable at the moment. I enjoy waching Gallen who always delivers a top notch performance. 🙂 i think it’s ray lui (?) who plays myolie’s brother. He is great as well. The cats and dogs are adorable. but the story is pretty pointless imo. i’ve only seen 5 episodes so maybe the end will change things.

  • nam1ra says:

    I always like Myolie (Triumph In The Skies, Wars of In-Laws, Golden Faith, Survivor’s Law) but I don’t know why lately I dislike her characters in TVB series. I hate her crying scene in The Master of Tai Chi and I also don’t like a few of Chow Chow scenes in WADLAC. Like others, I stay because of Gallen.

  • Wendy says:

    Gallen is undoubtedly First Class! It’s a waste that his great talent is used in a genre such as romance, when he could in fact excel even more in the Drama genre.

    He plays both good guys as well as portraying a baddie. Oh how I miss those great Gallen series – Golden Faith, At the Threshold of an Era, Cold Blood Warm Heart!

  • Eileen says:

    if only they change the main actress from myolie to jessica hsuan, that wud be a nicer combination right???? wat do u all think? 🙂
    missing jessica……

  • chibi says:

    Yeah, I completely agree with!! Myolie ruines this series for me, I just cringe everytime she comes on screen (and its most of the time)

    Gallen is awesome though =) The series isn’t so interesting though so I probably just see bits and pieces.

    *runs off to watch HOG2* XD

  • Susie says:

    i agree with you that myolie is exaggerating soo badly though i love gallen and the cat and dog!

    moonlight resonance is so good! im on episode 10 now. i wish i could watch them all at once!

  • KTVB says:

    To Eileen : I think I’d probably enjoy it so much more if it was Jessica Hsuan ahaha..I just think that jessica is a better actress

    Well I’ll continue to watch it for Gallen and dog and cat haha!

  • Mimosa says:

    I actually am not so “annoyed” by Chow Chow, even though I should. I think Chow Chow’s over-enthusiastic personality does somewhat help in “setting the stage” for Gallen to showcase his MC.

    Now I can’t imagine Jessica being Chow Chow. Well, maybe I can. I’m thinking of the hot-headed Wu Ting Fong of A Step into the Past 😀

    The series took an abrupt turn and adopted a different tone from epi. 15, however. If you do watch it for Gallen (or Bailey, :P), I think you won’t be disappointed.

  • Savannah says:

    I have finished the whole movie, and I will not give it away. I do think Chow Chow can be a little annyoying, but she still can be a good person! But i also thought it was sad @ the end, but i still enjoyed it! (i waas only paying attention mostly on raymond wong!)

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