TVB Anniversary Awards

TVB Anniversary Awards- Best Actor and Best Actress 2009

Best Actor: Wayne Lai
Top 5:
1. Dayo Wong- You’re Hired
2. Wayne Lai- Rosy Business
3. Steven Ma- Sweetness in the Salt
4. Moses Chan- Beyond the Realm of Conscience
5. Bosco Wong- Burning Flame 3

TVB Anniversary Awards- Best Actor Wayne Lai

Comments: WOW!!! Wayne takes home 3 awards in one night!! Congrats!!! Is this a record? I’m very happy that he won Best Actor as he totally deserves it ^^ Looking at the top 5 it was obvious he would win the award =) I felt there were some other more competitive nominations (e.g Bowie Lam, Gallen Lo etc) which was why I was a little shocked Steven and Bosco actually made it in.

Best Actress: Sheren Tang
Top 5:
1. Ada Choi- The Gem of Life
2. Tavia Yeung- Beyond the Realm of Conscience
3. Charmaine Sheh- Beyond the Realm of Conscience
4. Teresa Mo- Off Pedder
5. Sheren Tang- Rosy Business

TVB Anniversary Awards- Best Actress Sheren Tang

Comments: A very deserving winner!!! I’m REALLY happy for Sheren!! She can finally walk home with Best Actress Award which she totally deserves. I felt her performance in War and Beauty was more ‘wow’ but she didn’t win in that year. She had a solid performance in Rosy Business and I trust that this will just the the beginning of many more great performances to come!

My Favourite Male Character Award: Wayne Lai (Rosy Business)
Top 5:
1. Dayo Wong- You’re Hired
2. Wayne Lai- Rosy Business
3. Kevin Cheng- Beyond the Realm of Conscience
4. Michael Tse-E.U
5. Moses Chan- The Gem of Life

Comments: Yay for Dayo for his top 5 nomination ^^ Congrats to Wayne again!! To be honest, I’m quite happy whichever out of Dayo, Wayne or Michael Tse take this award 🙂
I didn’t like Moses’ character in The Gem of Life and Kevin’s character seems kinda boring in Beyond.

My Favourite Female Character Award: Tavia Yeung (Beyond the Realm of Conscience)
Top 5
1. Sheren Tang- Rosy Business
2. Tavia Yeung- Beyond the Realm of Conscience
3. Theresa Mo- Off Pedder
4. Charmaine Sheh- You’re Hired
5. Charmaine Sheh- Beyond the Realm of Conscience

TVB Anniversary Awards- Favourite Character- Tavia Yeung

Comments: I’m impressed that Charmaine got nominated twice hehe Congrats to Tavia!! I haven’t seen Beyond, but I’m looking forward to seeing her performance in there now 🙂 Theresa Mo seems to be nominated in top 5 in a lot of categories too- but because I haven’t seen Off Pedder I can’t really say much ^^;

Both Favourite Character Awards went to the 2008 Best Supporting Actor winners! That must say something about their popularity 🙂
Best Supporting Actress: Susan Tse (Rosy Business)
Top 5:
1. Linda Chung- The Gem of Life
2. Susan Tse- Rosy Business
3. Fala Chen- The Stew of Life
4. Susanna Kwan- Beyond the Realm of Conscience
5. Michelle Yim- Beyond the Realm of Conscience

TVB Anniversary Awards- Susan Tse Best Supporting Actress

Comments:  Congrats to Susan!! I heard she was more favoured in her role in Beyond (over Rosy) but I guess it doesn’t matter 🙂
Where’s the ladies from Born Rich? 🙁 I believe they at least deserve a nomination over Fala…

Best Supporting Actor: Michael Tse (E.U)
Top 5:
1. Ngo Wah (Elliot Yue)- The Gem of Life
2. Michael Tse- E.U
3. Pierre Ngo- Rosy Business
4. Lee Kwok Lam- Beyond the Realm of Conscience
5. Kenneth Ma- Born Rich

TVB Anniversary Awards- Best Supporting Actor

Comments: YAY to Michael!!! I’m glad he took home at least one award lol I mean, I always trusted in his ability and popularity to take an award home but was feeling slightly nervous when Wayne took home favourite male character award. Congrats Laughing Gor!! I believe it was his supporting role which made E.U shine !

Most Improved Actor: Pierre NgoThis award was expected 🙂 Congrats to Pierre and his hard work over the 10 years!
Most Improved Actress: Aimee Chan

TVB Anniversary Awards

Best Performance Award: Tavia Yeung

TVB Anniversary Awards

A new award from TVB this year- recognising her outstanding performance thus far. It was neat how Tavia made reference to her acting school 🙂 This was the second award Tavia received during the night and I thought because of this- Charmaine had a higher chance of taking home an award…but I guess not.  This year, TVB has given some form of  ‘prize’ for the top 5 nominated in each category (except Most Improved category).  I  guess this is to keep those “happy” so they don’t go home empty handed (e.g Charmaine winning 3!)- especially when the competition is quite intense this year. Popularity Award: Wayne Lai

I was actually surprised Wayne got this award! I thought it would have been Michael Tse for Laughing-gor lol Being the first artist award- you just knew Wayne was going to get more than 1 award this year!

Lifetime Achievement: Lee Tim Sing- Producer of Rosy Business

TVB Anniversary Awards

Best Series of 2009: Rosy Business
Top 5:
1. E.U
2. Rosy Business
3. Burning Flame 3
4. You’re Hired
5. Beyond the Realm of Conscience

Comments: I’m shocked!! LOL I was so sure that Beyond the Realm would make best series, especially with it peaking 50 points in its finale…I’m really shocked ..Congrats to the cast of Rosy Business!! Rosy Business was a great series!- with top notch actors and a great script. With so many of their cast taking home awards this year..the chances have been pretty high!

I am so disappointed that Born Rich did not get into top 5 though..=\

All in all..the awards are finally over…I’m still in shock that Rosy Business took home almost all the awards!! (It feels very non-TVB like haha) Congrats!!!

My greatest disappointment was the lack of nominations for Born Rich..not even in Top 5 series?? =X (come on! It’s better than Burning Flame 3) I was also disappointed with some of the top 5 nominations..I felt there were more deserving winners.. but!! I’m happy Laughing Gor, Chau Gao, Sheren, Rosy Business got their recognition. Congrats to Charmaine for having 3 nominations! Tavia taking home an award (or 2) and yay for Dayo being nominated in top 5 for 2 categories.

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  • KL says:


    Im satisfied with nearly ALL of the results this year! Would of liked someone else to win Most Improve instead of Aimee.. I dont hate her, just wanted someone else more deserving of the award!

    Congrats to everyone! Esp Wayne, Sheren and Tavia!!! =DDD

    • KTVB says:

      I wasn’t too fond of the nominations for Most Improved this year to start off with ^^; She’s ok I guess though I’d probably prefer Sharon winning it instead. Aimee’s award acceptance speech was kinda funny and cute though!

  • csfan says:

    Waiting for the results nearly killed me XD I am so thrilled that all the winners are so deserving (maybe except Aimee.. Was expecting Sharon to get that one)

    Hooray for Wayne, Sheren and Rosy Business!!! 😀 Im am super shocked that RB clinched Best series.. I was so sure that Beyond would get that since it got 50pt peak rating but am glad that RB got it.. Imho, RB is the way better series in terms of storyline, direction and acting 🙂 I cannot believe TVB is fair this year and actually listened the general public… *applause tvb* wow I still cannot believe it lol XD

    Glad that you enjoyed the awards like I did 😀

    Yes I have to agree with you that some of the nominations were abit off… like Kevin in Favourite male character and Bosco in Best Actor etc ??? What the hell?? I thought the guys in RB esp Gallen were deserving of a nomination.. Same goes to the ladies in RB.. At least one of ’em should have been nominated in one category… Well I am glad and relieved that tvb did not stuff up the winners list 🙂

    Anyways really late in melb now… half past 2 in the morning.. can head off to bed to get a good night’s sleep 🙂 Sweet dreams to you 😉

    • csfan says:

      Forgot to mention that I felt sorry for Charm who was empty-handed.. I thought she should have won favourite female character for You’re Hired and then Tavia for Best Performance so that it evens out… Oh well… Congrats to Tavia for the two awards 🙂

      • Kary says:

        agree! i thought it would go out that way too. personlly, i wasn’t that fond of Sheren 😛

      • KTVB says:

        I agree with you! I thought Charmaine and Tavia would win one each- oh wells!

        Ah yes! I stayed up watching it as well lol Slept at 2am XD

        I think TVB is improving LOL I think it started last year where the Anniversary Awards were starting to be more fair and less rigged 🙂

        • thursday says:

          i thought charmaine would win the favourite character award! however she was put in a disadvantageuos position because of her 2 nominations. If the votes of the two roles are added up together, i think she would win.

          No offence to tavia’s fans 🙂

    • MRandHOG says:

      I still reckon beyond should have got the best Series Award. I Must say I enjoyed that series more than Rosy. However, other than that, the awrds were very fair this year (if not too predictable).

      • chibi says:

        I was quite disappointed BTROC didn’t get the award for Best Series after all the hype and all (especially since it just ended)- but RB was still a very well directed series 🙂

        • iamthetvbholic says:

          yes me too. beyond falled so hard after all that hype abt it. i liked tavia’s performance. it is solid. she should have won tv queen to me. cos i admit sheren acted well, in rosy business but doesnt she always act that kind of strong lady role.. (eg la femme desperado, wab etc)… maybe her award was payback for her miss in wab! sigh.

          am happy for wayne tho. his acting in RB is convincing.

  • jennifer says:


    i’m so so so excited to find out the result. i’ve been in front of my laptop searching all over for the result since 9.30pm. (there’s no live broadcast here) so anxious! finally, i got to know it from ur website! thanks a lot for posting.

    secondly, i’m really happy that sheren and wayne got BEST ACTRESS AND ACTOR award! so is rosy business for BEST DRAMA!

    i’m really glad that sheren has finally gained recognition for all her hard work all this while. she deserves it more than anyone else. her performance in rosy business was breathtaking.

    and wayne accepting not only one but THREE awards! that’s really worth celebrating! =D


  • Kary says:

    i really wanted Gem of Life to win at least something.. i LOVED that series!! and it was such a big production!! and i’m dissapointed that Born Rich didn’t even get a nomination as well.

    I would’ve wanted Moses to win the “Most favourote” award, but Chau Gau was deserving.

    Oh well, congrats to all 🙂

    & I’m very happy Aimee got the most improved 🙂

  • lovespicy says:

    Thanks KTVB for the post. Finally Sheren won the award that has been long overdue and deserving for her. Really relieved to hear that. Surprises are Wayne to win .com award, Rosy for best series and some of top 5 nominees. Although I’ve not watched Beyond, Rosy’s win is still deserving bcoz it’s just a normal series without much hype and promotion and yet still get high ratings. Imagine, spent less but produce good results. Disappointments are Sharon missed on most improved award and none of Born Rich artistes are in top 5. At least I reckon BR is better than Burning Flame III.

    Oh yes, regarding BR, hold on to your seat when watching last 5 episodes. I would say from 34 onwards. Even Joe & Anita said the most interesting and intense part is the last 5 episodes.

    • KTVB says:

      Yup! Rosy Business was not a hyped series- and Im kind of surprised that it was well received in HK actually. These type of series don’t seem to get much recognition/favored by HK audiences. But I guess they do Have Wayne and Sheren to pull some attention!

      I have yet to watch Beyond though, so i can’t really say until I’ve seen it 🙂

      I think it would have been a tough win for Rosy Business (as Best Series) even though a lot of their casts won the awards, because the series was released quite early in the year (it feels like it anyway!) and Beyond has just freshly finished in HK.

      Looking forward to BR 🙂 I’ll resume watching from Episode 16 in about 1-2 weeks!

  • Janie says:

    i can accept the fact that sheren won best actress, even though i support charmaine. however, i can’t believe charmain went home empty handed. also, wayne, winning 3 awards?!?! i think best actor is good enough for him. i thought tvb announced years ago (after when moses won best actor and my most favorite tv character from heart of greed) that in the future, no artist can win two awards from different categories. best performance, i would say tavia and leave the my most favorite tv character to like charmaine or something. also, best serie should be beyond since it’s peaking at 50 points, tied with jewel in the palace. i know rosy business is good, i loved it too, but the ratings was no where compare to beyond and that i don’t think there were as much viewers either.

    i hate it when tvb gives out awards just to please their artistes and stuff.

    • csfan says:

      About RB clinching the title over Beyond… Although RB did not peak at 50pts it did peak at 47pts.. so its ratings were not that far apart. Also, RB had little promotion yet garnered high ratings while Beyond had alot of promotion thus higher ratings… So i think it is really fair that RB got Best series since its such a better series in terms of acting, plot and direction. I think this time tvb gave out awards to please the general public 🙂

      • MRandHOG says:

        I’m not sure about acting (have you seen Tavia’s performance? absolutely breathtaking!),script-wise, i reckon their both equally as good and same with direction. What probably clinched this award for Rosy is the fact that Wayne and Sheren both participated in this series and they were popular with audiences so TVB just gave it to them. I however enjoyed Beyond more. Popularity wins Rosy the Award! Ratings wins Beyond the Award! Kinda the same in tone and quality for both series in my opinion…

        • MRandHOG says:

          …maybe Beyond will get it next year for their modern version…

        • KTVB says:

          I don’t think you can really say Popularity wins Rosy be honest, I think Beyond is more popular lol

        • csfan says:

          I also agree with KTVB that in fact Beyond was way popular than Rosy Business.. It was only in the last 2 weeks or so that Rosy Business started getting attention/popularity while Beyond got it way before it aired…

        • csfan says:

          I forgot to say that for me, I felt Beyond’s character development was quite way off as well as the storyline was kind of bleh.. But that’s my opinion.. Yes I have seen Tavia.. Her performance was good since it is her first time portraying an evil character XD

        • chibi says:

          Tavia’s acting was good, but the other characters were kinda lacking. I’m enjoying BTROC, but I think there’s some loopholes with the directing. I think RB had a much stronger plot.

          Without a doubt BTROC was way more popular because of it’s casts over RB. RB won because of its solid performance and directing- that’s pretty amazing for something that wasn’t hyped or promoted much. My opinion anyway 🙂

      • jennifer says:

        i totally agree with chibi!
        having minimum promotion n all, RB still make it as one of the highest rated series in 2009. they have an outstanding cast, and they really deserve their wins in the 42nd tvb anniversary award. love it! =)

    • chibi says:

      Not really empty handed.. she still got 3 plates of gold still 😀

      I believe Sheren deserved best actress more than all the other candidates. I think Charmaine’s acting was good, but not outstanding.

    • rainy says:

      i truly agreed that BornRich and Beyond was way more popular. I am personal love Kevin and Charmaine together but the plot in the story kind of boring for me. TO be honest, i love harem story more than the RB plot but that drama was good. It catch my attention because of how people can interact with each other and how they faced the problems together. Haha so congrat Wayne and Sheren

  • Mel says:

    Congrat to all of them. TVB finally listen to the audience opinion…well nothing can be perfect, they give the award to those who the audience like so just let them choose the top 5 nominated.

    I’m happy at lest Ada made it to the top 5, her performance was strong, too bad the series wasn’t great. I was just dissappointed that dayo and charmine didn’t get favourite character. But at lest got nominated.

    glad best drama goes to Rosy business. ^_^

  • smellysocks says:

    I can’t believe Linda wore that outfit..shocking!! Her whole ‘jade girl’ image is..gone

  • Elizabeth says:

    YES ! I totally agree with what you think . I was “SHOCKED” for the Best Series award ? I’m like whats going on ? Is this a mistake or something ? LOL , I’m over exaggerating , but that was how i reacted when I was watching it .

    I liked all the other awards , they deserved it , but i was also SUPER DUPER surprise Born Rich didn’t get nominated for anything , not even the characters ? ( WOW ! Wayne Lai going home with 3 awards ? Is that a record ? )Except Kenneth Ma , but wow , really now ? O.o & yes I thought Dayo & Charmaine deserved something , but I really like how Charmaine got nominated for 2 character , because she really deserved it . & Most Improved Actress , ehh ? It’s alright , but can be better . Overall , I’m happy with the results , except the series part .

    *** I “LOVEDDDDD” the part where they were going to say the winner for Best Supporting Actor & literally “everybody” was looking at Michael Tse , LIKE FOR SURE , he was going to get the award !

    • KTVB says:

      And it was funny how everyone was saying “Take of the clothes! Take off your clothes! Take off the clothes! ” when they announced him as winner haha XD XD XD

  • kinki says:

    Just finished watching the awards ceremony. My take from it was that:

    1. Rosy Business was the obvious big winner: Best Series (thought BTROC had that one),Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Supporting actress. I haven’t watch it, but I guess with Sheren and Wayne it’s deserving!

    2. Feel happy for Tavia for her 2 awards won. Knew TVB would give her the Favourite character award (coz the ‘Big’ one (Best Actress)’s going to Sheren). Dunno why TVB had to make a special Most hardworking award this year..although Stephen Chan said it himself “It’s not a ‘pork chop award'” still it totally seems so. Anyhow, still :cheers: for Tavia!

    3. Although every awards seem to be reasonable and fair, I found the show quite boring. I was especially expecting more from the presenters. You know, seeing those long-time-no-see special & “entertaining”(that’s a big one) is an important factor to the show. This year’s presenters were :no: :no:

    And I dunno if it’s because of the obviousness of all the winners and all, the competition and intensiveness was really low. There’s no ‘fire’, no excitement, it’s like just waiting for them to officially announce the names/winners to confirm.

    4. The attendance of the nominees also seems to be quite low. Or so it seems when we look at the groups of ppl sitting there. Like the Top5 of the Best Actor/Actresses categories, only 3 or 4 of the 5 nominees attended (and it’s the same ppl, like Charmaine, Tavia and Sheren for actresses, etc.)

    5. The winners’ speeches are really quite ‘hong’ (plain and simple) to be honest. “Thank you, Steven. Thank you, Lok Yik Ling. Thank you, Zhen Jie. Thank you, TVB!” :no: I know winners MUST thanks those ppl but can they add more to it, tell us your own sweat and tears from all these years. It’s kinda disappointing coz they aren’t that emotional.

    6. Wayne Lai won 3 awards. I am wondering how he got the award. Is it by voting online? Or by artistes blog or something? Cos he doesn’t seem to be so popular on the web, I’d say. Anywayz, it’s Chai 9 and 4 Lai Lai’s year!

    Boy, was this a long comment! 😀

    • KTVB says:

      1. Rosy Business won 8 awards!!~ including Best almost feels like the time Heart of Greed took away all the awards in 2007 Anniversary Awards. But somehow I had expected TVB to do this to Beyond instead~

      3. I didn’t really know many of the presenters ^^; My favourite part of the show was probably the opening bits when everyone was coming out and did their little intro .

      I was kinda excited because I ‘didn’t know who would win’, yet I sorta have an idea who would (if that makes sense) When the results were announced though, it seemed obvious they would win it.

      4. I agree..not only was it the same people getting nominated in the categories..but it’s also a give-away that those who did not turn up- will not get the award. (Or they’re probably expecting that they won’t win the award so didn’t show up) Almost no one from Born Rich was there..or Kathy, Damien, just to name a few..

      5. I agree about the speeches..which was why I kinda found Aimee’s speech cute and funny. She seemed SO HAPPY. I’m sure they’re all really happy winning their awards though =)

      6. According to last years Popularity Award, it was based on viewers..doesn’t sound like it from this year!

  • turtle88 says:

    The award ceremony’s results were satisfying overall. Congrats to Sheren and Wayne to finally pull through and win best actor and best actress. I think it might have been a little too much for Wayne to win both best character and best actor though.

    It’s so great to see Sheren finally win best actress after many years of great performances (but not winning). Also, congrats to Tavia for her two awards, good to see that she’s getting more support from TVB.

    Both supporting award winners last year got best character this year… interesting…

    I was kinda disappointed to see that You’re Hired (Charmaine and Dayo) didn’t win anything… at least they got nominated in top 5 for a lot of stuff. Dayo’s performance was amazing as Ah Song… I really liked the series and believed that they should receive recognition… It’s my “Best Series” of the year 😛

    It would also have been better if Aimee didn’t win most improved. I would’ve been happy if Koni or Queenie received it… I can’t believe Bosco made it into the top 5 best actor… And yes,the attendance was poor, especially for the main categories, so it made it obvious who would win the awards… the ppl that were actually there.

    • KTVB says:

      Yup..other than poor attendance, it was almost the same people in the categories..(but I guess that’s pretty normal for TVB)

      I don’t think Koni or Queenie improved that much though, but judging on the clips we saw, it seems like they have been heavily promoting Aimee anyway..

    • chibi says:

      The actors not turning up seems so disrespectful ^^;;

    • rainy says:

      true haha i barely rewatch the ceremony award of 2009 haha i am totally satisfy with the awards. I not so shock that Wayne can win up to 3 awards. His role in RB was so good. Beyond and Born rich had so many famous young characters that are so popular and promoted tôo much. While that RB just seem like a drama with unpopular actor such as Wayne but still hit inside audiences’ hearts. Love Sheren’s role so much, she can change a hard Chai 9 to a person that always think about other people haha.

  • engsamnang says:

    i love all the winner result but not best drama:
    Sheren tang:her acting got the peak since war and beauty but always lost in some reason of contract. SO it is the time for her to grab her own talent award back
    Wayne Lai: One of my favourite actor both comedy and serious. He totally won this award while Moses Acting also quiet enjoyed by me. However, Wayne is more experience and memorable acting better.
    Susan Tse: She is good. I happy Linda didn’t won it (her acting is improve in Gem of life but this time for her not to be support by tvb, as she had contract, not real talent). Her acting in Beyond extremely better.just in beyond she died too early. If she in beyond, she got high chance to won.
    Micheal Tse: favourite charactor and Well acting. New Charactor to him represent more enjoyabla and suitable, brought out the popularity.

    Tavia Yeung: Excellent winner list. Congract to you for won 2 award. Your villian is outstanding as you should won best actress but don’t over your elder, sheren tang more exprienced so thanks for you, tavia that not rob from sheren who also been potray the evil concubine. You is the good actress of all.

    Best Drama; Beyond should won despite Rosy also good one (one of best drama i seen) but Beyond hooked me from episode to episode and alot of unpredictable scene. Tavia save it to high rating, beautiful costume, suspect plot and palace conflicting which is the genre i rarely to find today in TVB. I thought Beyond didn’t won because of Its finale is too late for Best Drama poll closed. when polled close, Beyond just recently became more positive and critical acclaim as the viewer start loved it as well as me cause in the middle of series, there were mixed just Rosy business. I thought If beyond end before nomination out. They totally deserved this award.

    All in All, this year is fair enough for me, either Best drama not my pick for the reason below. Yes Rosy is good drama after all but the plot is bit same just sheren and wayne lai refreashing. Still happy, just sad for best drama. However, BTROC still recieved the number of golden pleat cause they had alot of top 5 nomination (Best actress2, supporting actress 2, supporting actor 1, Best actor 1, Favourite charactor 1 and Best Drama).
    Thank you KTVB. pls reply for some asking.

  • Jai Jin Li says:

    man that was boring wasn’t as good cause they use to be. Ye I was predicted that Rosy Business would win many awards. Lol when i first saw Wayne act 10 years ago i knew he would be great. Man i think born rich weren’t in this year due to it still going in China. One more thing i noticed that those that don’t go to the award ceremony don’t actually win any awards


    • smellysocks says:

      Born Rich was definitely included in this years anniversary awards because the series and actors have been included in the official nominations list (however did not make top 5) Only Kenneth from Born Rich got top 5 for Best Supporting and Sharon for most improved category.

      I don’t understand how that could be fair to have them entered in the same anniversary year when it hasn’t finished airring yet. *sigh*

  • flora says:

    Congratz to all winners esp:!!!!!!! wayne,sheren,and tavia all three of dem deserves it for their out standing performances in their seriez I was surprise too dat RB won best serie n not Beyond.ME very impress!!!(CONGRATZ TO BOTH OF THEM WELL DESERVE WINNERS) on how tavia won two awardz n wayne won three is like a record cuz if i remember correctly most awardz one person will win is two like fav character/best actor/actress awardZ WELL DONE WAYND!!

  • summer says:

    Congratulate to all Winners, but abit sad , Born Rich alot of good cast ,, dun know why not in list at all…. but so happy for Wayne, Sheren and Tavia to get awards

  • fiona says:

    OMG! feel so happy for my fave artiste of all time: TAVIA!! Congrats so much!!! and she took home two awards!! 😀 gosh I feel so happy! LOLand i think wayne completely broke the record…3 awards in one nite? i mean…wow! and when Aimee was on, she started crying and she was all stuterring and everything…haha that was pretty touching and funny at the same time…and Tavia was crying too1 haha…kissed by Charmaine and Felix…LOL CONGRATS AH~ TAVIA~~ <3

  • kathy says:

    I’m fine with all the winners, but I’m kind of disappointed that Beyond did not get the best series award. Beyond totally deserved it. It was actually the only series that I was looking forward to watching and is the only series that I actually finished watching this whole year. I mean what is the point of delaying the award ceremony and the winner is still Rosy despite Beyond having really high ratings.

    • fiona says:

      I agree…but actually, did you watch the sales presentation for beyond last year? the sales presentation was actually a lot more attractive than the actual drama…I mean the drama was good, but it was a little disappointing… the thing was, in the sales presentation, everyone was just EVIL…like pure evil…they were doing all these mean things to Tavia and Charmaine and everything,and in Beyond, they were evil, kinda, at first, but then after Michelle and Susanna became best friends, the drama was just BORING(well, kind of LOL)…but overall, the drama was GOOD! 🙂

    • csfan says:

      I really think it depends on the individual’s taste/preference to which series deserved “Best series.” Personally, mine was Rosy business… Likewise, it the was the only series I was looking forward to and kept on wanting to watch ep after ep… For Beyond, it was quite ummm boring at some parts, had to skimmed through.. Beyond had higher ratings thus I expected they to get Best Series but was prove dotherwise 😛 Imo, I do not understand ratings and that ratings do not equate a quality of a series 🙂

      • chibi says:

        Well I have to agree with you about the ratings part.I’ve seen some really good TVB drama that just got ignored by the HK audience..pretty sad if you ask me.

      • rainy says:

        me too totally agree with you. Even the rating high, but i enjoy RB more.Maybe rating high because the drama was good and quality but if u think back Charmain and Kevin was so popular and even Tavia but in RB, Sheren and Ron but it turn out that Sheren and Wayne Lai was way more hook than i thought

  • sherry says:

    haha i love how you have no comment on aimee! she really didnt deserve the award SHARON FTW

  • fiona says:

    Gosh…I’m happy that Wong Cho Lam didn’t win any awards for his acting this year…not that he was in any of the top 5…LOL
    I swear, I was just watching Off Pedder…when he was in this crying scene…NOT TOUCHING AT ALL!!! like, cmon, cant you do it better? happy that it was his last EP in off pedder though…
    and I hate his voice!!! and he’s such a wierd guy…ppl say he’s funny and everything, but, ehh…not really! LOL
    this was kinda random

  • lavender says:

    Sheren’s outfit is gorgeous! I want it!!! *throws confetti* yay for Rosy Business it deserves best series this year and both Wayne and Sheren were outstanding. That said, I found Pierre’s character in Rosy to be irritating and flat so don’t see how he got the award.
    Also Tavia is my new fav actress her role in Beyond is impressive. And yes Born Rich needed a honourable mention.

    • chibi says:

      Pierre drove me crazy XP Kinda wish Raymond got the award instead…

    • rainy says:

      haha i think that Pierr role was so irritated too but that role was also so good. You know he in that role could really make people hated him so much and that was really tough. I been watch many role that are bad but i don’t really hate them but Pier haha hate him so much that i want to kick him right away.

  • Plain Random! says:

    BAH…Aimee’s make up just makes her look wierd. Maybe they shouldn’t have put all that black eyeliner around her eyes…she’d look so much more gorgeous without them! 🙂

  • Nhu says:

    Well i dont agree totally with the results. Like rosy business was good,but beyond is way better. Like lots of drama and actions. So i thought Beyond should have won. As for Tavia and Charmaine, but are good, but i feel sorry for Charmaine. Like Tavia won 2 awards!!! I thought it would have been perfect if Tavia won best performance and Charmaine gets favorite female character.

    • chibi says:

      If they just gave Tavia best actress and Charmaine favourite character..wouldn’t that seem like its all rigged and that TVB just “distributes” awards evenly so everyone is happy? o_O And then what about Sheren?

      • KTVB says:

        I agree about the seemingly ‘distributed” part. If they deserve the award, they should get the award- rather than distribute to make people feel happy. Though it seems like the trend in recent years is having someone take home more than one award. Firstly in was Charmaine for Best Actress and Favourite Character for Maiden’s Vow (2006), then Moses winning Best Actor & Favorite Male Character in 2007 for Heart of Greed; and now Tavia-Best Performance/Favourite Character and Wayne with Best Actor & Favourite Character award.

        I hope TVB can differentiate these two distinctive awards..

      • Nhu says:

        Well Sheren got best actress. That’s like one of the best award.

  • Mui says:

    This may be a dumb question, but I never really watch the TVB awards so I was wondering. Do the winners get to keep the award, or they have to give it up at the end of the year?
    Congrats to Tavia!!

    • KTVB says:

      Yup they get to keep them ^^ I believe those golden trophies are sponsored 🙂 The deserve the award and recognition! (Would be sad if they have to give it away after a year lol)

  • shannon says:

    great post! all the wins were pretty predictable, but it is nice when you feel like people get what they deserve.

    i would like to have seen some of the born rich actresses on the lists, as many people have said before.

    and the aimee award!!???? are you kidding me?!! i couldn’t believe it when i saw her there in the winner’s circle! do you know who else was nominated for it?

  • xara says:

    Can only say it was a big disappointment that Michael Tse only took home one award while Wayne Lai walked off with three. How is that fair when Laughing’s movie did so much for TVB/Shaw?? Even the major HK papers were expecting Laughing to get the Fave Male Character award in addition to Best Supporting Actor. Huge shame…

    • rainy says:

      you should watch RB haha I love Laughing Gor too 😛 i watch the second part too he and Fala make me laugh once so hard

  • maki says:

    i’ve watched both rosy business and btroc. to be honest, i think rosy business was really deserving of the best drama, unlike what some of you have mentioned. no doubt btroc was good, but actually, to be honest, only tavia and the veteran actors’ acting made the series succeed. without them, charmaine, kevin couldn’t have saved the show itself.

    on the other hand, rosy business had a very solid cast with solid acting and storyline. although it was not as “kan cheong” as btroc, but the pacing was better and more even out, unlike btroc, which i thought was very rushed towards the last few episodes. oh, and no offence, but the ending really sucked.

    in all aspects, i feel that the best drama not only awards the series with the best storyline, but also in terms of acting, cast performance, directing etc, and i believe that rosy business triumphs in all these aspects, hence making it most deserving of the best drama award.

    just my few cents’ worth. hope you all will not bash me up for this. 🙂

  • Fiona says:

    Hooray for Teresa Mo getting nominated in a lot of top 5s!!!! 🙂 I love her 😉 she rooooooxxxxx
    😆 Aimee’s speech was pretty cute too 🙂 haha It was pretty funny…thanking alll those ppl. LOL wish Teresa Mo could win something though 🙁

  • TVB Fan says:

    I love Rosy Business!

  • Kelly says:


  • Wendy says:


  • silentmemories says:

    No offence, but i didn’t really enjoy born rich. Rosy business totally deserved the awards! I love the show ! Beyond was good too, but rosy was better 🙂

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