Rosy Business

I just finished watching episode 10 and I love the series so far! Rosy Business is really exciting to watch and I wish the whole series was released already so I could finish it off . Let’s hope the story keeps it up!

This series  reminds me of  Sweetness in the Salt,  how a rich business man (played by Ngo Wah) is trying to run his rice business, selling rice (rather than salt) at reasonable/affordable prices so people would not have to suffer from hunger. Adding to that, the household consists of a large family, where he has four wives (including Sheren Tang) and three sons (including Ron Ng). The part predictable and used a lot in so many other TVB series is knowing that if the man died, everything will get out of control and the other scheming jealous wives would start causing trouble to fight for their son in carry on their father’s business.  Adding to that, we have Wayne  who (works at their rice warehouse) causes so many problems  as well.  For the sake of her husband,  family business, and that the poor have food to eat, Sheren carries on the heavy burden..

Despite this typically seeming plot, Wayne’s addition to the story like makes it all refreshing and new.

My favourite character so far would have to be Sheren’s character ‘Bo Kei’ (Is that the same name as Selena’s role in Easterly Showers?) She’s really likable and you can really sympathize with her.  She’s a very clever woman, and you just know that she will eventually get through all her obstacles etc despite having so many people going against her. I’m also really relieved and comforted that she has Ron by her side to help her (Her character somehow reminds me of  ‘Hor Ma’ from Moonlight Resonance haha). I enjoy watching her with Ngo Wah (such a loving couple!!) and the trust he places on her. After all these years they have separated, they’ve always had each other in their hearts…Unlike in Sweetness in the salt where Steven betrays Tavia from the start; Ngo Wah’s character does not betray Sheren.

Should I be relieved that Wayne is around to help Sheren? Not quite! lol His character is so unpredictable and unreliable! He constantly changes his mind- doesn’t care about the consequences, speaks his mind; and challenges things. He causes so much trouble too and his mouth is pretty filthy… The only comforting part is that you can tell he is a good guy from the inside…and you just wish and hope that he would trust Sheren and help her/let her help him (esp in the part when Ron’s brother gets kidnapped). He went through so many hardships in his life- being an orphan, poor,  starved,  beaten,  lived through droughts etc; and has been constantly being bullied at the city side.

At first I hated how he killed the dog (it’s gross!) and his attitude towards the dog’s owner etc, but then when he was beaten up and humiliated- forced to act like a dog with a bone in his mouth, I really pitied him!! I get especially moved in the scenes where he cries and reflects back on how the granny brought him up and wanted the best for him etc. All he wants is to bring back rice back to his hometown so that they wouldn’t have to starve and could live better =( He could also be quite scary to watch and sometimes the things he does/says makes you cringe because it’s so annoying. I really like watching his character when he is all nice though and I look forward to seeing more Wayne and Sheren’s interactions and their relationship which is based on trust and respect,  grow.

I loved the confrontation scene when Sheren is forced to hand back the ‘house keys. It was awesome lol’

The story is really exciting to watch, and I’ve caught up on all the episodes really quickly lol Anticipating more! Sheren and Wayne’s acting is just awesome.

Anyone else watching it and liking it? 😀 Any scene you particularly liked? Characters you hated?

16 Responses to “[Rosy Business] Episode 1-10 Thoughts”

  • qing says:

    Ooh yes, I love Rosy Business too!!! It’s a great show, surprising coz it does not have the most glamorous stars.

    I love Wayne’s performance too. I think his keys scene is like Safe Guards. I hate the first wife though, she’s very scheming. What about you?

    • KTVB says:

      I haven’t watched Safe guard so I can’t compare the two; I’m liking the sound of Safe guard from what you just sad though haha

      Omg..I HATE the first wife and her son. And Kiki. EVIL!!

  • sandalls says:

    I’ve gotta say that I’m always a quiet reader of your blog entries but this time I’m breaking the trend because this series has touched me thus far!!! fav episode has to be No.9 for me too… it basically brought me to tears… love everything about this series except for Suki but hey, I’m look over that and just focus on Wayne, Sheren and Ron!!!

    • KTVB says:

      Hi sandalls ^_^ Thanks for commenting!
      I don’t really like Suki as an actress, but her role here is quiet small and she brings some funny moments in the series. I don’t mind her being here and there but hopefully they won’t focus on her much lol

      I like to focus on Wayne, Sheren and Ron too =)Also makes me wonder what the fate of Nancy would be like.

  • qing says:

    ya. safe guards has the same producer lee tim sing. and wayne is at first a bad guy in safe guards but in eps 19 onwards, he was really good. he should have won best supporting actor then, but he got last year based on gentle crackdown two which his performance was equally good too! 🙂

  • AC says:

    Omg, I totally agree with all your thoughts so far. The dog scene grossed me out and scared me too! Wayne does the best in these type of roles where you’re not sure if he’s good or bad. The series does remind me of Safe Guards & Sweetness in the Salt but that’s a good thing too since I really liked those series! Other than Wayne and Sheren, my favorite character is Ron because I like the loyalty of his character and I like Kara too even though she’s a little weak. My least favorite is the uncle and Pierre Ngo- he always gets to play the annoying and bratty brother.

    My favorite scene so far is when Wayne stands up for Sheren to her family.

  • dilutedpj says:

    i love rosy business! haha. even when it reach episode 17, it still dont get boring. i simply look forward to each new episode.
    haha. but one thing was the oldest wife.
    she really got the evil look.
    she dont have to do anything in the first episode,
    and i already know she’s gonna be evil! haha.
    i thought the uncle acted pretty well being fierce cuz he really does have that kind of style in him. haha!

  • csfan says:

    I love Rosy Business.. I’ve watched up to eps 18 and it gets more exciting and interesting! The main storyline does not get sidetracked so Suki’s screentime is very minimal so you dont get to hate her imo lol There’s alot of focus in Sheren and Wayne’s characters which is great!

    My fav characters are Wayne (altho annoying sometimes), Ron (for his humble loyalty) and Sheren… Hope Sheren and Wayne win awards for this series

    Cant wait to watch more and I hope you post more recaps and your thoughts on further eps soon!



  • sugar says:

    I just finished episode 9 and yes!! ^^ I love that scene too. It might sound all typical but it actually is exciting and I love it so far. xD Haha, Sheren reminds me of Hor Ma too – not joking. I was thinking of that when I was watching RB. 😛 Ron is by her side too, making it easier for Sheren.

  • sugar says:

    And one more thing. I think it’s a-like to SITS and Safe Guards because it’s by the same producer. ^^ I didn’t watch Safe Guards.

  • thuonggiee says:

    when i first saw the poster for this drama, i was like…uh…it doesnt look so appealing. but then ron was in it so i began to watch it just because of him. but then i got really hooked onto the storyline and how everything is so unpredictable. that’s the awesome part about this story. things you think will happen actually happens the opposite of what you think. i thought ngo wah betrayed bo kei, but it turned out the other way around! 😀

    great drama to watch!

  • jutjut says:

    hey my chinese isnt that great, so in episode 6-7 wuts the problem of why the price of rice raising? like why are the prices raised?

    • KTVB says:

      From memory (which isn’t very good lol), the prices were raised due to the cost of the rice. The suppliers, or so-called transporters/shippers (controlled by Kiki’s brother ‘s gang) wanted to raise the price (or were there other external factors?) The cost increases therefore were being carried forward to increasing rice prices.

  • mandy says:

    i really like the sheren and wayne pairing, they are such a cute couple ! i don’t really understand why everyone likes ron though. i don’t think he acts well. for example, in the scene where his mother dies he practically has no tears at all and is just dry sobbing. however, i do think that the theme song is sung well (:

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