June 2009

[Rosy Business] Favourite Scenes

As many of you would agree; there were many great confrontation scenes in Rosy Business 🙂 I think those were the highlights, especially when the bad guys’ evil doings are revealed 🙂 My personal favourite would still have to be the one in episode 9-10 when Wayne stood up to defend Sheren!

For the last episode of Rosy Business,  Scoop had a special edition where they interviewed the cast etc and these were the casts’ personal favourite scenes:

Sheren’s favourite Scene:

Rosy Business- Sheren's Scene

When Bo Kei reads out her husband’s will. I loved this!! I loved the things written on the will as well ‘There’s no need to get anyone’s approval; and no evidence is required. If Po Kei says he did wrong, then he did!’ XD I found the initial will very surprising though! Their father was intially going togive 80% of the will to his first son- and only 10% to his other sons. I know that it was in condition he really did change and all, but is that really fair to his other son? Is it that normal in those days to give everything to the eldest son? It’s comforting to know that if only the eldest son didn’t go cause all those trouble and grew up as a ‘decent’ person/or changed- he would have inherited everything without having to ‘fight’ for it.

I knew this scene was coming when I watched it though, since we were shown that Ngo Wah went to give the will to the General before he died. It would have been more of a surprise if TVB didn’t show us this, but it still works I guess!

Susan’s favourite scene:
Rosy Business- Susan's Scene

Susan’s confrontation towards Sheren- declaring that they are sworn enemies

A scene like this is essential I think hehe. Susan somehow reminds me of a witch..she would look good as one (but that’s a different story) At least Sheren can finally see Susan’s true face. In a way this scene is kinda ‘funny’ because Sheren’s standing there thinking Susan’s just got everything wrong. Sheren never had intentions of treating her as an enemy…

Wayne’s Favourite Scene
Rosy Business- Wayne's Scene

Wayne confronts Sheren how upset and disappointed he was when he found out he was not promoted to be “3rd Jiang Gui”. Not only because he had his hopes up; but also because he believed he truly deserved it and that Sheren was a fair person- and understood his merits. I really felt sorry for Wayne in this scene because I felt he deserved it too! After all that; he feels hopeless at the same time, confused and angry in trusting /believing her. There’s a mix of emotions where I dont’ know who else could pull off “Chai Gao” if Wayne wasn’t given the role. Great job Wayne!!

Ngo Wah’ s Favourite Scene
Rosy Business- Ngo Wah's Scene

His own death scene!  I was getting so pissed off at how those idiots were stopping the others from hearing his last words. He would have left unhappily if he wasn’t even able to see Sheren and Ron- and seeing all the false accusations about his last words being carried out. At least they did make it in time in the end : )

Ron’ s Favourite Scene
Rosy Business- Ron's Scene

Ron beats up his brother when he finds out he attempted to kill Wayne again!

This scene really reminded me of the canning scene in Moonlight Resonance hehe. I love watching the bad guys getting beaten up; and how when Susan was threatening to report them to the police- Sheren led and took out the courage from everyone who was there in the scene to deny seeing anything XD Feels good to use the same lie back to them ^^

Pierres’ s Favourite Scene
Rosy Business- Pierre's Scene

When Pierre argues that he was wrongly accused for having an affair with Nancy; making up lies to accuse Sheren for the way she handled the situation.

I’m surprised how he can come up with such accusations in that short time lol They do seem valid at some point though; but I’m glad Ngo Wah never believed his words and trusted Sheren 🙂 Ngo Wah officially de-recognises him as his son.

Kara’ s Favourite Scene
Rosy Business- Kara's Scene

Kara takes out the courage to confront Susan. Yay!! Go Kara!XD This scene was quite exciting; especially she how she tossed Susan’s bowl onto the floor andpokes Susan back XD She appeared really tough and all 🙂 Too bad she seems to have reverted back again later on lol

Which were your favourite scenes?

21 Responses to “[Rosy Business] Favourite Scenes”

  • Danny says:

    I have been a long time follower of your blog. I really enjoyed this show. My favorite scene is when Wayne was about to kill Pierre and Sheren tells Wayne not to kill Pierre because she doesn’t want to lose Wayne.

    • KTVB says:

      That’s my favourite scene too XD (didn’t mention it above though) It’s very touching/romantic kinda confession lol I might make another post just for their last few moments together 🙂

    • chibi says:

      Oh the anguish-ness in her eyes XD XD

      I really felt some love in there..*sniff*

  • sugar says:

    Hehe, my favourite scene was when Kara poked Susan back and also the other scene (not mentioned in your post) but it’s similar, when Ron demanded for the stick and started whacking Pierre with it again! XD

  • hahah im so glad you decided to put this up for discussion cause i sooo disagreed with the results they got on scoop. For me, my favourite scene would be when Kara slaps Susan and and then pushes her back when Susan gets in her face!! hahah its my favourite because it was so satisfying to have it be done …especially since i felt susan’s character totally deserved it

    and well like u said..i knew the part about the will so i wasnt as surprised and into the moment for sheren’s fav. scene…but nonetheless also a great scene…hahah but the part where she read ” you dont need evidence…etc.” haha reminded me of Dai Kai’s golden words in HOG.

    • KTVB says:

      YES!! I was reminded of Dai Kei’s golden words..haha, it pretty much is that!

      I think Kara’s scene came third popular from that scoop show. She got lots of cheers too so still good! XD

  • tvbsquare says:

    Haha, I love the will scene too! Who in the world makes two different will? Haha, it was a great twist and surprise. I also love the slap scene too! So powerful, haha.

  • Angie says:

    When Bo Kei reads out her husband’s will. Actually if the first son grow as a good man he automatically inherit everything. I think Jiang kiu really have a hard time, Because Pit Man was his favourite son.

    • KTVB says:

      Although..Pit Man did tells his brother that he wasn’t surprised by the 1st will, because he knew his father’s favourite son as his first one.

  • KoC says:

    I just finished the series 10 minutes ago. Read through the post and thought back, there were simply too many memorable scenes (decent script + excellent acting).
    I loved the way Chai Gao and Bo Kei take turns to help each other out of situations. How they went through thick and thin together and never thought of leaving the other in the lurch..
    My favourite scene (of the many favourites) is the one where they were at Mong Gong Lau just after the city fell. The way they looked at each other and remembered the “confession” scene.. Sweet!
    Even though I didn’t want Chai Gao to die, I have to admit it was the only possible “good” ending for everyone, since Chai Gao and Bo Kei can never get together anyway.

    • KTVB says:

      Agree! lol, I really like their scenes towards the ending of the series..how they look into each others eyes~ there’s just so much chemistry!

  • 'Muff says:

    Too many favourite scenes. w< RB was such a good series~~~

    • 'Muff says:

      Oh no, my comment got cut off.

      Too many favourite scenes. =D

      I liked Kara’s scene where she confronted Susan. It was so good watching her chuck the bowl of rice and then slap her and be all strong and all~

      It was funny when Ron started beating Pierre. AWESOME. 8D

      And and and. Wayne acted so well! Ahh~ ^^ RB was such a good series~~~ <3

  • Mia says:

    I loved this series! I have to say my favorite series are when the bad guys get confronted/beat up. So my favorite scenes have to be when Kara confronts Susan and stands up for Ron. It was so satisfying to watch! Also, when Ron beats up Pierre, I couldn’t stop laughing because he finally got what he deserved.

  • Jenn says:

    I really liked the scene where Kara confronts Susan also. It was too hilarious watching her chuck the rice bowl across the room.

    There was also one scene where Sheren went to go see Pang Hong at his house and he’s all “busy” sleeping with someone. She just rushes in and some guy grabs her arm. It was soo funny, she stared at the guy and there was an awkward moment and he let go. And then she rushes into Pang Hong’s room and just sits there next to his bed. His reaction was awesome.

    I also really liked the ending. I felt so bad that Wayne died, but if he didn’t die, it would have been a slightly corny movie, in my opinion.

    • KTVB says:

      haha funny indeed! Sei Lai Lai is sure a brave one.

      I think there was slightly a bit too much emphasis at the end of the series though- with Wayne’s speeches and all. In a scene it made it seem like he really lived his life to the fullest and had no regrets. He even had Sei Lai Lai accompany him til the end

  • jennifer says:

    i’m in love with this series, love it soooooo much! this has to be the best tvb series i’ve ever watched!

    my favorite scene is when sei lai lai was forced to give up the keys. when chai gao acted as if he was going to go against sei lai lai, but finally stood up for her. that was a very touching scene.

    i also liked the scene when sei lai lai stopped chai gao from pulling the trigger at pit man, when she said to chai gao that she couldn’t stand the feeling of losing someone close to her.

    finally, it has to be the scene when chai gao saved sei lai lai n brought her to the church. the confrontation scene between them were so beautifully made. the chemistry between them were so strong. love this scene!

    well, all in all, a very brilliant performance by sheren and wayne! love them both! =D

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