May 2009

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Rosy Business Cast
Rosy Business Cast

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Rosy Business Cast

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11 Responses to “[Rosy Business] Polls”

  • FaNNy says:

    for my favorite character, it was definitely a tie between wayne and sheren, but i chose wayne in the end because he was just so great throughout the whole series, and the ending was just quite sad D:
    and i chose the eldest son for the most hated character. i would’ve chosen pang hang if he wasn’t such an outsider. i mean, he was technically family, but not really. i didnt vote for the first wife because i think she did a superb job acting :]

  • KTVB says:

    Same!! It’s pretty much a tie between Sheren and Wayne. I mean, I think I like Sheren more but the guy Wayne changes into in the end is just so 🙂 I voted for Wayne in the end XD

    I chose the eldest son because he’s a total idiot! I hated him sooo much!! I hate the way he tries to claim all the credit and makes up all these lies!

    I can let his mother off because she’s doing everything for her son (rather than herself). Self and all, but understandable in her situation (sorta). As for Pang Hang- he’s kinda funny to watch at times.

  • JJJ32 says:

    I pretty like both Sheren and Wayne. They both did a superb job on their acting. The only complaint I have about the series was 2nd wife acting and Pang Hang acting. I would have prefer 2nd wife and 3rd wife to have switch position because i know Kiki Sheung would have been a better 3rd wife character and Kara Hui would have been a better 2nd wife character.

    I do wish Wayne Lai do win this year TVB King award instead of Michael Tse (Laughing Gor) And Sheren to win the TVB Queen award they both deserve it more than anyone else.

    • KTVB says:

      That’s pretty interesting idea you have there- I actually haven’t thought much about it since Kara does seem to pull off the ‘weak’ character pretty well too. Kiki reminds me of her role in ‘When Easterly Showers Falls on Sunny west’

      I don’t think Laughing Gor would be put into the category of TVB King, but Best Supporting Actor since Laughing is a supporting role, instead of lead. But yes! Hope Wayne wins TVB King this year!! (For his first leading role ever! ^^)

  • Lavendar_Bluez says:

    so hard to choose…haha i kinda want to pick all…

    you know for kiki..i always wondered..what was really suppose to happen to her..cause i mean even in the poster..she’s got a dominant spot on it..so im assuming she obviously had a much bigger role than we saw…its just that kiki decided to quit..but im sure she would have really played a meaty-er part to the series…especially since she said ” our personalities should make us sisters but we cant because we share the same husband” ..haha made me feel there was suppose to be so much more than was suppose to happen

    omg for least favourite..its so hard..i hated all 3… pang hang because of his evil scheme of luring wayne to find sheren in the sick house…causing wayne to die… while the eldest son was a real ass all the time..and never learned from his mistakes…and well the first wife because at one point bit man actually gave up and just wanted to move out…but she pursuaded him to stay and fight..and till the very end she didnt seem to have learned she was wrong. argh..!!

    • KTVB says:

      hmm you have a good point about Kiki there! I never really thought about it that way, but you’re right about her being on the poster and all. I thought perhaps she was a more ‘popular’ star out of the stars (not quite sure). I felt really sad for her how she just died like that, while pleading so hard for one more chance. You could tell she really has changed and just wanted to go home =( How come she decided to quit?? Is that why they got rid of her character?

      Yea, TVB seems to make them go ‘crazy’ or something. lol She smiled at Sheren at the end..which I guess is supposed to mean she changed *shrug*

      • 'Muff says:

        Well, Kiki’s character’s death actually did sort of… come in handy at the end when Wayne used the fact that Pang Hang cursed the Tai Ping people to show Pang Hang’s… mutiny… and disrespect. And then have Sheren’s character released. 🙂

        At the end there when Susan looked at Sheren, I was sort of expecting there to be some sort of … glare. But the music stayed happy and she smiled, so… yeah.

        So hard for me to decide between Sheren/Wayne but I voted for Wayne anyway because his character was so… … … powerful … and passionate. And I loved how he had so much respect and loyalty for Sheren. ^^

        I voted for Susan, but I could’ve voted for Pierre. *shudder* They were so annoying in that they kept trying to “take back” their property. T_T And Pang Hang was just… violent and aggressive. O_O

  • jRAW says:

    I forgot were I read it but it said that Kiki didn’t really like her role in the series and she demanded it to be changed.

  • Futurama says:

    I’ve got to say Rosy Business is the best one this year.Nothing beats it. The best Character i would say is Kara Hui because She is one of my fav characters I brought this series because because of here. I want to kill the eldest son. He is a ass—-.

  • Dao says:

    Sei Nai Nai…You got my vote!

  • RosyBusiness4life says:

    For my favorite character,it would be Sheren Tang because she’s the good person in the series.Im tied between Wayne and Sheren,but I chose Sheren because she always helps Wuxi when needed.
    I picked The First Wife for the 2nd poll because she is pretty evil and crazy.She is a pretty good actress.They should make her a villan in every Chinese movie/show.

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