April 2007

[Life Art] Kevin and Gigi

On my way into episode 12..so its over half way through the story now. Felt the need to make a post! ^^ I thought I’d dedicate this post to Kevin and Gigi; both of whom have really pretty faces lol. Kevin’s character here is so much more likeable than his character in Devil’s Disciples, he looks better here too =)

The story is quite ordinary though; so far it doesn’t really have the enlightening effect on me. Or maybe I’m not that into calligraphy or artworks I feel that not much happens in this series. I will watch on though and see how things goes with Kevin and Gigi =)
Since there are heaps of scenes with these two, I thought I’d just pick out 2 scenes which I particularly liked.
I really think its the Kenny-boy who brought the two a lot closer, since the two both really like him and they spent a lot of time with him taking him all over the place to play. I really like the boy because he’s really cute ^^ He seems to know Gigi likes Kevin and wants to help the two be together. Only thing odd is that I wouldn’t expect a boy at such young age to have an interest in Chinese Calligraphy but that’s another story.

A couple mistook them as a family and offered to help them take a family photo together.

Just this moment when Kevin looked over to Gigi; I felt it seemed like he saw a different spiritual figure there (if that makes any sense)
[Scene 1] Holding hands: Episode 7

Little Kenny,tells them that he needs to go to the toilet. Kevin offers to take him there but he insists on going himself; except the fact that Gigi’s father told him to hold onto her hands or either she’ll get lost (how cute ^^) Kenny quickly give Gigi’s hand to Kevin, asking Kevin to hold her hands for him while he goes, and runs off lol I found this so cuuuute..

What’s more cuter is the fact they actually stand there holding hands and you can see their shy faces and Kevin tries to think of things to talk about to ease out the situation lol

Little Kenny comes back, seeing the two are still holding hands; and comments how Kevin listens to him XD

On their way home in the car, Litle Kenny notices Gigi. He asks Kevin to turn on the air conditioner. Gigi tells him that he’ll get cold, but Kenny replies that her face has gone red! XD

It should be obvious to Kevin that Gigi was blushing ..makes me wonder sometimes..does Kevin know Gigi ‘likes’ him?

Don’t they look like one happy family? ^^

[Scene 2] The Head knocking: Episode 10
After their team winning, the 3 take a photo. Just the moment when their heads are close together, Kenny moves back and Gigi and Kevin’s knock into each other

Sorta sad to see Kenny leave them. He brought some trouble to the family, but he also brought along lots of happiness for them all…

5 Responses to “[Life Art] Kevin and Gigi”

  • paige says:

    Thx for the Life Art post. Those are indeed cute scnes. Does that mean you won’t do the detail epsiodic summaries for Life Art like for the other series…I was anticpating them…cos it’s a nice recollection on the series…I need to recommend more Gigi fans to come over and look…  The ending was a happy ending – i wished there were more episodes…just wanna see more of the two stars…hehehe.

  • gx3 says:

    kevin looks so cute with the glasses!

  • chibi says:

    Gigi and Kevin are sorta cute, but the series itself was rather boring to watch XD Oh wells.

  • Hallie says:

    Thanks for the post. I really enjoys reading it! Actually, I’ve been visiting your blog but never really comment on anything. This is my first time. I decided to comment because the scenes that you chose are also my favorite scenes in the series. Hope u will post more summary/comment on Life Art.

  • KTVB says:

    To Paige: Probably not…usually the cute stuff happen before the couple get together~ and I’m up to episode 17 (the two just got together in episode 16..that was sorta cute though hehe- referring to the part he grabbed her hand after he was rubbing off his ex-girl friend off the drawing)

    To gx3: agree! He looks cute and smart =D

    To chibi: Yea..the story was a bit..ordinary..

    To Hallie: Thanks for commenting!!

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