April 2007

[Life Art] The Final Episodes

The last 2-3 episodes was about Kevin and Gigi’s relationship when Kevin’s ex-girlfriend Janice shows up. It wasn’t unpredictable as it happens with a lot of TVB series (Like in Herablist Affair, A Trust of a Lifetime ) where: Guy1 breaks up with his girlfriend (Girl 1) because the Girl1 likes Guy2. It’s usually Girl1’s fault for cheating on Guy1. Guy1 meets Girl2 and just when the two fall in love and everything goes well, Girl1 shows up again, wanting to go back to Guy1 because she’s not happy with Guy2 anymore. There are some where Girl1 even tries to beg Girl2 to give Guy1 back to her because she “needs” him more than the other..and Girl2 usually does try to leave out of the love triangle. I find it so stupid with the whole tossing around or “giving” up the guy you love because someone asked you to. Doesn’t anyone think what the guy wants? Who he actually likes?
There are some situations where when Girl1 comes back, Girl2 can see that Guy1 still cares about Girl1 and gets misunderstandings in thinking Guy1 still loves Girl1, when really, Guy1 was either feeling sorry for his ex,or just trying to be nice to her because he treats her as a friend. Ultimately, Guy1 loves Girl2 and has no intentions of going back with Girl1; but the way Guy1 deals with the situation is rather poor because he does not make it clear to Girl1 or 2 who he really likes.
In Life Art, I think Kevin’s character did a really good job to show them both who he really loves. From the moment Janice came back, Kevin introduced Gigi to her again, but this time as his girlfriend and held her hands firmly. He didn’t just ignore Gigi or try to hide the fact from Janice. I believe he wanted Janice to know that he’s with Gigi now and that there’s no hope for her coming back; rather than, trying to make her angry. There was another scene where its raining outside, and when Kevin and Gigi were sharing under the same umbrella, they see Janice standing and watching them in the rain. Gigi tells Kevin that they should shelter her; but Kevin tells Gigi that only 2 people can fit under one umbrella; its too much for the 3 of them. Kevin was trying to make Gigi feel secure. Janice was his past, but Gigi was his present and future. Kevin didn’t go see Janice after she had returned; he tried to ignore her when she came to find him. However, after all that, Gigi still doesn’t seem to be convinced which really annoyed me. I don’t know what more she wants (other than Janice not appearing at all). She was always saying that Kevin shouldn’t treat Janice like that and he should let her explain. Janice does end up talking to Kevin, and he makes it clear to her that he was moved on. As she was about to leave, Janice faints so Kevin takes her back to his room. Upon seeing this, Gigi gets upsets and asks Kevin that they should see each other less..

During the time the two don’t spend as much time together anymore, we don’t see what Janice is doing either. Did she continue to try and find Kevin? I assume she didn’t, but that would sound unrealistic. In this time, Kevin continuously tries hard to win back Gigi by setting up the field of flowers that Gigi had sketched out..their ideal place..the flowers, the rainbow..the table.. At the end, Kevin takes Gigi there along with Janice and Gigi is moved for what he did for her and the two get back together.

I wonder why Kevin brought his ex-girlfriend to the field of flowers with them as well. Was he trying to show her how much he loved Gigi and what he would do for her; or was he merely trying to complete the sketch drawing Gigi made, where Kevin previously rubbed Janice off. He even got the Dinosaur toy of Kenny..

Overall, the story had a happy ending though I wasn’t really convinced by some of the things that had happen. Like:

*Evergreen becoming friends with his wife’s business partner
*Gigi’s father didn’t seem to even try to save his business (but of course, they don’t end up selling it at the end)
*Ben and Astrid becoming a couple. How did he manage to win her? The two plan to enter some dancing competition when Ben only learnt to dance (I guess he can try hard to learn it for her..)

10 Responses to “[Life Art] The Final Episodes”

  • j00ky says:

    Do you think Ben looks a little like Kevin in some angles? I know Kevin is cousins with Vincy Wong… but what about Ben WONG? lol.. or maybe it’s just me 😛

  • Denise says:

    I’m soooo happy Gigi and Kevin did a serie together. I love them as a couple. hehehe

  • puffins says:

    The reason i like this drama is becos it relays an postive outlook on life which i find encouraging.I do enjy the screen chem betw Kevin & Gigi. Kevin’s screen character is rather cute in some of the scenes. I begin to notice him after watching this drama although i wasnt a fan of him yet 🙂

  • KTVB says:

    To j00ky: sorta does now that you mention it ^^

    To Puffins: Kevin and Gigi do look good together ^_^ Another cute part I liked was when Kevin and Gigi officially get together at the cafe where he grabs onto her hands ^^

  • puffins says:

    To KTVB: i do eny dat scene. Another 1 which i find cute was Kevin acting like an overturned tortise when he was illustrating the rumormonger ending to Gigi over the webcam.It was funny & cute of him :p

  • sabrina says:

    i like this drama basically it very enjoyable, without one party fighting with another party and i like kevin charactar, he handle his relationship between gigi and janice very well. Ryan (kevin’s charactar) is very lifely and full of energy.

  • puffins says:

    To Sabrina, i totally agree w u on for this drama ^-^

  • megan says:

    hey guys
    do you have any links or torrents to download this drama ?
    cause i saw this on TV and i’ve been wanting to watch it , but i can’t find the torrents or DDL to this drama .

    Reply from KTVB:
    Episode 01
    Episode 02
    Episode 03
    Episode 04
    Episode 05
    Episode 06
    Episode 07
    Episode 08
    Episode 09
    Episode 10
    Episode 11
    Episode 12
    Episode 13

    Episode 14
    Episode 15
    Episode 16
    Episode 17
    Episode 18
    Episode 19
    Episode 20

  • Richard says:

    “In Life Art, I think Kevin’s character did a really good job to show them both who he really loves.”

    A good friend and I watched this series and you just spoke our minds! The introduction and umbrella scenes…I don’t think I’ve EVER seen TVB handle situations in such a way.

    “However, after all that, Gigi still doesn’t seem to be convinced which really annoyed me. I don’t know what more she wants (other than Janice not appearing at all). ”

    Again, you spoke our minds! Our explaination for her uneasiness is the fact that she is a nice and kind hearted person and isn’t used to being so clear and heartless to others…but I would deal with situations the way that Kevin did most definitely!

  • Annie says:

    Is it just me or did anyone else think this series was boring?

    I found myself constantly distracted or bored from this series. I couldn’t pay attention. I don’t know why. I wasn’t satisfied at all.

    Or maybe it’s just me?

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