April 2007

[Life Art] Intermission Clip

I liked watching the family of the three together~ it looks like a really relaxed family and they get along so well~ I liked Natalie in this series, she really does seem to fit well playing the sister-type role, more of a supporting cast.

Evergreen and Evonne are a funny couple to watch. Sad to think they ‘wasted’ all those years arguing with each other when it was obvious they still lovd each other, but neither of them wanted to apologise and give in.. It was only until the other guy comes in that the two got back to each other.

This scene (minus the photo) was used in the series and in the themevideo. Look how fake the coffee looks XD I was pretty sure I’ve seen the coffee in the cup in the shape of a heart last time o.0 Overall, it was nicely put together ^^

2 Responses to “[Life Art] Intermission Clip”

  • Denise says:

    Thanks for sharing. I just love Kevin and Gigi.

  • j00ky says:

    Ohh… I was just saying the same thing as you, to my mother the other day when I was watching this series, that it was so sad that Evergreen and his lady wasted so much time apart over a misunderstanding (or stupidity on the mans part lol).

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