December 2006

[Dicey Business] Episode 8

I was surprised Bosco couldn’t remember the cards when Michael asked him to demonstrate to them, but I guess he was too nervous he couldn’t remember properly. I was expecting him to get them all right, so Michael would take him in to work for his casino~

After the incident, Bosco has gone obessessed with cards, so much that Bosco wouldn’t listen to Jessica anymore. I feel sorta worried for Bosco’s character as well. She feels extremely guilty because she ended up letting Bosco stay at the Casino and taught him to gamble. Jessica’s friend is an even worse influence, taking Bosco to gamble again!

Feel bad for Bobby ~ he must of been so disappointed that Bosco went to buy packets of cards rather than stationery =x
Bobby and Jessica helped him sign up in High School, but because he constantly played cards, the principal saw it as a bad influence for the other students so did not let him stay.

Interestingly, Bosco admits he likes playing cards, bu he doesn’t gamble. You always see him interested or smiling when playing cards and I don’t think its necessarily a bad thing for him, because it helps build up his self-esteem and confidence with his other fellow peers praising him..

Jessica’s family really love her…when Bobby helps cover up for her about borrow lots of money because of gambling, Jessica’s family yell and blame Bobby, but later, one by one they come by Bobby’s place and apologise and thanking him for covering up for Jessica. They actually all knew it was her who had borrowed all the money and offered to help repay the loads~ it must of left Jessica touched and guilty at the same time. It really does appear that Jessica will quit gambling after this..I wonder if it will happen.

One Response to “[Dicey Business] Episode 8”

  • chibi says:

    Guess not huh? ^^; Gambling addicts always say they will quit.

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