December 2006

[Dicey Business] Episode 9

* Bobby had to cheat and wear those glasses to win Bosco though I’m still not quite sure how he did. Even if he was able to know the card, shouldn’t Bosco be able to memorise it correctly too?

* The part where Bobby takes Jessica to join the gambling addiction support group looked funny, especially the hugging part lol It sounded so random xD ehehe~ Both of them didn’t seem to want to, but everyone did and they were asked to.

*No matter how Jessica fdecided not to gamble ever again after the huge debt she was in, she sneaked to Macau and won it all back..that’s good she got lucky..but she’ll never learn her lesson this way +_+ Now she’s a gambling addict again xD

*After watching episode 14 in HongKong: I finally found the reference here =(…as a joke, Bobby tells Michael that he’ll give him the trophie if he can make Jessica quit gambling..[aahh!!! what spoiler me!!! T_T What an ecuse he uses *sighh*]

*aww~ how cute Michael is interested in Jessica..he even paid the guy to search her up XD His mother also sees her picture and asks if that was his girlfriend. Michael said she wan’t; his mother said “that’s good, left her for my son” XD eehehe…I really want the two to be together, though it looks like Jessica will end up with Bobby in the end~

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