January 2007

[Dicey Business] Episode 19

**sigh** I don’t like where this story is heading.. Jessica is no longer in the scene, and Bobby has disappeared =( Its been 2 months and seems like Bosco doesn’t really care about Bobby anymore =(
How could Michael be so smart as to catch Bobby hiding in the car boot? And how did Bobby even get in there? How did he plan to get out?

The whole time Michael was beating up Bobby, his excuse did not seem that strong for him to do so, so I was thinking the whole time that maybe Michael only wanted to save Bobby and throw him in the ocean instead of waiting for the bald guy to drown him with heavy stuff..but the way he beat him was like wanting him to DIE , what if Bobby really got killed !!? I mean, what are the chacnes of survival? I reeeally hate Michael’s character!! Every time he appears on screen now he makes me angry..what’s more disturbing is the way looks at Bosco when he found out that he can really memorise the cards. What is Michael scheming!!??I wish he can stay away from Bosco!! You can tell Michael wants to use him >___< and Bosco still thinks he's a good person..argh..Also disappointed that Bosco chose to believe Michael over Bobby by accepting him as his Master... T_T What bad influence....Michael is teaching him to gamble!! He's trying to change the Innocent Bosco!! I can't bare to watch what he would turn into without Bobby being there to guide him.. >< Bosco on the other hand seems to be socialising well with the other fellow dealers, including Ronald (Eric Lee). Ronald's a nice guy and I quite liked it when he was going against Michael mainly because I don't like Michael's character anymore.. At least Ronald plays fairly with Bosco. I hope Tavia doesn't get really disappointed though.. ~~Screencaps~~

Michael finds Bobby hiding in the car boot recording their conversation.

Bosco tells Tavia how he believed in Bobby, and felt a sense of security when bobby held his hand and when bobby hugged him. A sense of familiarity.

Bosco tells the Ronald guy he looks up to Michael.

Tavia appears asking whether they are going swimming

Tavia asks the Ronald guy to help rub sunscreen on her back.

Tavia gets annoyed that the Ronald guy has turned to another girl. Another pushes tavia in the water and Bosco jumps in to save her.

Bosco asks Ronald to do him a favour and go out with Tavia at least once. Ronald said he would if Bosco can be better than him in something.

Bosco decides that they would pick cards out. Whoever gets the higher won wins. The first card Bsoc pulls out is the Ace of Spades. Ronald said that one didn’t could and went for a few more times.

The look on Ronald guy’s face “You can’t be serious..”

Ronald guy is amused and says he admits defeat.

Bosco socialising with his fellow dealers and once again shows off his memorising skills. Michael witnesses this.

One Response to “[Dicey Business] Episode 19”

  • chibi says:

    Omg, this is terrible! I can’t believe this is happening…I totally feel sorry for Bobby. Michael..Michael…why have you become so selfish? I must say I am very disappointed that Bosco chose to trust in Michael, over Bobby…
    This episode was quite strange too considering we see so many hallucinations from Michael and we see him totally out of control. When he was bashing up Bobby on the ship, he didn’t look like himself at all. He is usually calm and collected. Although it was for an act, it would take a miracle for Bobby NOT to get killed from all the injuries.

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