January 2007

[Dicey Business] Episode 31

Bosco is such a jerk!! He believed Tavia was that type of person because Michael had told him. He believes Michael over anyone in the world, including himself. He didn’t give Tavia time to explain herself; does Bosco not realise it was Michael who should have told him so earlier (he does not blame Michael one bit). Does Bosco not realise why it was Michael giving her the money?

I liked the scene where Bobby was versing Bosco in gambling, and as expected, Bobby wins because of skills and not just pure luck. He requested Bosco not to see the shuffling of cards, so he could not memorise them. Bosco must of been so angry to lose to Bobby, but I don’t really care lol I also liked how Bobby finished the game by deliberately not following so that Bosco could win back all those that he had lost.

Bosco, being the total jerk and all announces in front of everyone (and published on the papers as he had said) that he and Bobby have cut their connections and are no longer brothers. I find that a bit strange with the publishing part, since why would anyone care about them not being brothers anymore? Also, they were not publicly known to be brothers anyway, and he has always kept his name the way it was.

2 Responses to “[Dicey Business] Episode 31”

  • sugar says:

    jerk ^^
    and maybe about the brothers part, maybe it was because they were famous about they both won cups for the gambling thing.

  • Kiki says:

    Bosco was kind of rude, in fact REALLY RUDE and naive. but u cant totally blame him, it was micheal that turned bosco into a total jerk. Micheal is a mentor to bosco, so it makes sense that bosco believes everything micheal tells him. i think micheal is the biggest jerk ever! bigger then bosco!(^_^) but bosco is really sweet in real life!!! gotta love him!!!(^o^)

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