December 2006

[Dicey Business] Episode 6

I thought it started out pretty cute and funny with Jessica and Bobby preparing Bosco for an interview.

He really has a talent with cards, esp with memorsing and knowing which cards is which. Bosco doesn’t usually like to speak but he does when he knows one of the cards is missing ~

Bobby finds out that Bosco is actually his little brother after yelling at him so much he ran away=( I was quite excited when he found the cards!! At least he didn’t find the cards ages later into the series, but then its probably too late. I wonder if Bosco actually knows that Bobby is his brother, or that his brother has given him the cards, but just denying it? Either way, Bobby really wants to make up to his brother for everything he put him through..I don’t know if Bobby will tell him; he’s probably ashamed, but at least he found him . .

Michael’s charcter is so coool xD XD Just speaking to Bosco a few words without yelling etc got him to listen and gained his respect ^^ I love Bosco’s hair cut xD XD He looks so cuuute ^^ and really cool when he’s dressed up ^^ Sorta funny that Bosco actually let Michael take him to have a hair cut, and get clothes rather than acting like he doesn’t want to listen etc. Within the short little time Bosco was with Michael, seems like Bosco learnt a lot from him already ^^
Bosco was even able to play the card game Michael was playing with which he didn’t get it right the first time. He actually looked really happy when he was playing with Michael’s set of cards =3 Seems like there’s hope in his life XD I look forward to seeing more of the 2 interact! ^^

I also wanna see more of Jessica and Michael together, I think they would make a really good couple XD I thought it was so funny when Michael said that he’s not afraid of being bored, he’s scared being noisy. XD lol

2 Responses to “[Dicey Business] Episode 6”

  • chibi says:

    Its a shame that Bosco couldnt snap out of it earlier though… with Bobby telling him all that stuff, he still admitted that he was a begger. I think it was rather strange that Bosco pointed out that the other guy was cheating..when he shouldn’t have said anything and minded his own business like he usually does. Oh wells, it adds drama!

    Michael really knows how to handle situations. Great Chemistry ^^ Michael is sooooooooooooooo cool! haha.

  • KTVB says:

    yeh..I forgot to mention how sad it was when Bosco actually ate the thing from the floor. I hoped he didn’t as well ;_;

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