January 2007

[Dicey Business] Episode 28

I thought Bobby did very well to get it that far into the game; I was hoping he would win but even if he didn’t, I would still be proud of him. The match was cool, and Bobby does win the competition!! So happy for him hahaha.. he did all that for his brother, even after winning; he did not go celebrate but went straight to the hospital to find Bosco, who was obviously not interested nor happy that his brother had won. What kind of brother is that?? Bosc should have been so proud to have a brother like that. Instead, Bosco goes off to find Michael..

Can’t believe Bosco would say such words to Bobby.. so, to Bosco, a brother would always forgive so its ok to betray them, but not a master. What kind of logic is that?? Bosco also tells Bobby that Michael said he would take Bosco with him to the US after he wins the competition and continue on his career; which is also Boscos’ dream. Why wouldn’t Bosco just go with his brother? Bosco even goes to say that I know you think I’m always on Michael’s side, but ‘its ok for you anyway, there’s no loss. You’ve became the world champion.’ Does he not realise how much his brother means to him??

“What’s the point in being angry at someone who does not care if you exist or not”- Bobby talking about Bosco

I get the impression Bosco pretty much hates Bobby, but when Bosc is with Tavia, he tells her that he knows a lot of people love him ~  Michael, Benz, Bobby…etc. Weird to know that he knows his brother loves him. Don’t know if he appreciates him though.

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