December 2006

[Dicey Business] Episode 10

*A Tavia and Bosco episode! Bosco and Tavia meet and become friends =)

Tavia’s character actually went for the Miss Baccarat beauty pageant lol  Having her breast pads fall out of her swimsuit was so embarrassing for her~ but when she told her father to give her money for breast implant, I thought it sounded so hilarious xD I could see why her father and mother were laughing, thinking she was only joking. I do sorta feel sorry for Tavia but its true what her parents were saying XD I think Tavia’s character in here is a bit weird for my liking so far, but she isn’t a bad person =) She still treats Bosco nicely, and helps him overcome his fear in the Interview by teaching him to look at the nose instead of the eyes etc Tavia also takes Bosco along for the breast implant because she’s scared by herself ^^

End part was funny how Jessica ended up calling Bobby for help- stop her from gambling lol He asks where she is now, and she said she’s on her way to the Casino xD

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