December 2006

[Dicey Business] Episode 4

I really like Bosco’s character! But poor thing T_T At first I thought he’s quite funny~ covering himself etc, but then later feel really sorry for him!! Esp when Bobby threw out the stuff and he tried getting it back, and how he’s scared to come in contact with society and people around him. I don’t blame him at all though from all that he’s been through.
I really like the bond between Jessica, Bosco (and with Bobby as well).. Jessica seems to care a lot about Bosco and Bosco trusts her the most. So sweet how’s shes always there for him ^^ You really get to see the other side of Jessica (other than the funny gambling side) I wonder when will he find out that Bosco is the little brother he’s looking for..*I hope soon ^^* At least Bobby is trying to get along with him (his roomate) unlike Glittering Days where Roger and Liza hate each other when Roger is actually the long lost son of hers. That leaves one of those sad regretful moments for not treating them better. Good that its not happening here ^^; I wonder if Bosco’s character hates his brother for leaving him..?
Other funny things I’ve noticed is the reaction of the people walking down the streets in the background XD Its so obvious they are just standing there watching them film, some were pointing, some where laughing..but I guess its unavoidable when filming outside with all the people.

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