December 2006

[Dicey Business] Episode 15

* Can’t believe Tavia actually did that to Bosco who had always treated her as a friend (because she wants to get close to Ronald). Tavia’s character is easily peer pressure; was quite disappointed with her character for betraying her frienfor money..In the end, at least that Ronald guy seemed like he didn’t want Bosco to get kicked out after hearing Bosco try to explain himself, and ended up giving a few words to help him out..usually ‘super evil vilains’ would want to get rid of people like Bosco..I would have thought they could have done worse to him *is relieved* They were still slack for making a fool out of him though.

*Looks like a scene was switched around. In this episode, Bosco asks Tavia about how to us the Internet becaues he wants to know more about the CEO- Michael, as he has always looked up to him. Tavia then tells him it was better to watch tapes instead and suggested him to ask someone close to him to borrow some off (i.e Bobby). In the previous episode, Bosco had already asked Bobby for the tapes.

*Omg..I feel so bad for Michael..he must be so angry and frustrated!!! I feel very frustrated; everything that he has is under the hands of that bald guy..The last episode preview was misleading me to think Michael had succeeded to get rid of the bald guy, but turns out all that was his plan- including his wife!! He also gave her $20,000,000HK ..for nothing..argh!!!!! Hearing from the phone call, it seems like that’s pretty much all he has. I feel so scared for Michael’s character; I don’t want to see him going down or losing everything he has!! But usually in TVB series, the truth will come out eventually, though I wouldn’t know how to bare watching the consequence of that..
*Its also very sad that Michael and Jessica’s relationship has turned out like this. Michael has too many things on his mind, one being his relationship with Jessica.. he definetly loves her, or he wouldn’t have taken such a big risk in cheating to save her, but it was also because of her that he is in the situation he is in now~ I wish she knew the truth >_< I wish she knew how much he loved her..

One Response to “[Dicey Business] Episode 15”

  • chibi says:

    omg, this series is getting so addictive, but getting so scary at the same time… poor Michael!! He really needs some support, hopefully Bobby can help him somehow. How I wish Jessica could be with Michael. The bald man is so evil… I don’t see how Michael can get out of this mess, considering the fact there are so many copies of it.

    I also feel bad for Bosco, how Tavia treats him~ but Bosco is one forgiving guy so hopefully she will value his friendship.

    Can’t wait to see what happens next episode!

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