July 2012

[Fala Chen] Beautiful Life (CD + DVD)

Fala Chen’s Debut is finally releasing!! 😀 It has been awhile since a TVB Artist has released a new album so it’s all exciting for me when something new is coming out. I’ve heard Fala sing live during a JSG episode which has heaps of room for improvement, but hopefully the CD version will be nice 🙂


Snippet from Yesasia.com:
“The latest TVB artist to cross over into a recording career, Fala Chen is making her Canto-pop debut with Beautiful Life. Fans of the popular actress will be delighted to find all her drama theme songs here, namely “Perfect Match” from The Stew of Life (2009), “Romantic Transfer” from Links to Temptation (2010), and “Imperfect Beauty” from Queens of Diamonds and Hearts(2012). Besides, Fala’s first album also features the Cantonese remakes of two Mando-pop hits, one being “Half” (from Della Ding’s song of the same name) and the other “Redemption” (from Fish Leong’s “Don’t Shed Any More Tears for Him”).

The album comes with a bonus DVD containing the microfilm Beautiful Life, which features the songs “Half” and “Redemption”.”


For those who would like to support Fala Chen, you can purchase the CD here @ YesAsia.com!!

Fala Chen- Beautiful Life


01. 愛上鳥
02. 一半
03. 贖罪
04. 想不想
05. 絕配的一對 (有營煮婦)主題曲
06. 奮不顧身
07. 缺憾美 (東西攻略)主題曲
08. 愛情轉駁 (誘情轉駁)主題曲
09. Beautiful Life
10. 我用距離愛你(國)

01. 美麗人生 微電影 : 一半 / 贖罪

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  • misstila says:

    yay i purchased mine already still waiting for it to be shipped 😀

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