October 2012

[Raymond Lam] Self- Portrait (CD+DVD)

During August 2012, Raymond Lam released its 2012 music album [Self-Portrait]! I don’t know how I even missed this….lol It’s never too late to do my bit to try help promote his album though right? haha so here it is! ^^

Looking forward to getting this album!! Please support Raymond Lam and purchase his album!

Raymond Lam- Self Portrait

01. 頑石
02. 寂寞星球
03. 年時
04. 暗中作樂
05. 一刀切
06. 膠椅
07. Because Of You
08. LFX 6.8
09. The One
10. I’m Okay
11. 頑石點頭(國)

01. 頑石 MV
02. Because Of You MV
03. 一刀切 MV
04. I’m Okay MV

Excerpt from Yesasia.com:

Raymond Lam returns to the pop scene in Summer 2012 with his highly anticipated new Cantonese album Self-Portrait! Taking his time to refine his singing chops, the TVB and EEG idol finds strong backing from a top creative team that includes producer Alvin Leong, composer Christopher Chak, and lyricist Lin Xi. There are 11 captivating new songs on the ballad-centric new album, such as the beautiful first plug “Stubborn Stone” (Track 1) and its Mandarin version (Track 11), Because of You, and I’m Okay.

The album comes with a bonus DVD containing 4 music videos. This version comes with an album poster.

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