Due to popular requests, I have decided to post up the chinese lyrics and pinyin to sub themesong of A Change of Heart: 最後祝福 (Final Blessing) sung by Bosco Wong 🙂 I love the chorus of this song- it’s so catchy, especially when it is played at the end of each episode! I actually don’t like the beginning of the song much- I find it slightly dull ^^;

The song sounds like it’s Bosco #1’s final blessing for Niki Chow as she finds her new love in her life when he leaves her. The song doesn’t relate to the character completely though because it implies he wasn’t good enough for her and is now happy for her that she has finally found someone who is. *UPDATE 18/7/13* ADDED IN ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS! ENJOY
A Change of Heart


English Translations

by KTVB 🙂

Note: My english translation is a bit literal. I had some trouble translating some Chinese phrases to English although I know what they mean ^^; Hopefully they will make sense to you too!

This day I hear you say you’re well, have fulfillment, and will soon be establishing a family with him
Let him take care of the abrupt you, this moment I have no need to worry about you anymore

I remember you love winter the most, he also loves winter. Go through the warmest winter with him
The two of you are so passionate, happiness seems so much like a fairytale

When he picks up a new page, give you new change
No regrets left behind, hope future is smooth-sailing/straight
Finally your pessimism, is affected by laughter
This is also the most beautiful development

*I’m this dislikable, he is perfect, can get along with you well
Wont’ be like us, treat arguments as games, we cannot fight back(?) for rest of our life

For you, who I miss the most- tragedy has stopped, no need to get hurt another time
You and I are not fortunate enough to be able to say “I do”, but this person can with you

Want you to hear the well wishes, remember back in those years
We didn’t have the will power, slowly walk, slowly distant
Please carefully remember this day, more hope in moving forward
Don’t be scare of the light rain

Repeat *
Let me steal and say this one time

Lyrics with Pinyin: 最後祝福

最後祝福 《好心作怪》 插曲 – 黃宗澤

je tin ting suet nei han ho dak do mei moon ba faai jeung yue na goh ta sing ga
這 天 聽 說 你 很 好   得 到 美 滿 吧   快 將 與 那 個 他 成 家
mo sat dik nei yau ta hon goo chi si ngoh na sui gei gwa
冒 失 的 你 由 他 看 顧   此 時 我 哪 需 記 掛
gei dak nei jui oi dung tin ta do oi seung ba yue ta gwoh jui nuen dik hon ga
記 得 你 最 愛 冬 天   他 都 愛 上 吧   與 他 過 最 暖 的 寒 假
yit luen dik nei moon hang fuk dak taai jeung tung wa
熱 戀 的 你 們 幸 福 得 太 像 童 話
dong ta hin hei liu san yat pin kap nei san juen bin
當 他 掀 起 了 新 一 篇   給 你 新 轉 變
moot yau wai ham joi hau mong mei loi si jik sin
沒 有 遺 憾 在 後   望 未 來 是 直 線
jung yue nei dik bei goon kap foon siu seng gam yim
終 於 你 的 悲 觀   給 歡 笑 聲 感 染
je ya si jui mei ho dik faat jin
這 也 是 最 美 好 的 發 展
ngoh je yeung to yim ta yuen mei yue chi nang gung nei ho ho dei seung chue
* 我 這 樣 討 厭   他 完 美 如 此   能 共 你 好 好 地 相 處
na wooi jeung ngoh moon jeung chaau ga dong woon yi moot faat waan sau yat booi ji
哪 會 像 我 們   將 吵 架 當 玩 意   沒 法 挽 手 一 輩 子
jui gwa nim dik nei bei kek yi ting ji mo yung joi seung sam ling yat chi
最 掛 念 的 你   悲 劇 已 停 止   無 用 再 傷 心 另 一 次
nei ngoh mei yau hang yat hei suet seng yuen yi daan je wai gan nei hoh yi
你 我 未 有 幸   一 起 說 聲 願 意   但 這 位 跟 你 可 以
juk fuk seng seung nei do ting do hoh gei dak dong nin
祝 褔 聲 想 你 都 聽 到   可 記 得 當 年
si ngoh moon moot ngai lik jim jim haang hong jim jim yuen
是 我 們 沒 毅 力   漸 漸 行 漸 漸 遠
cheng gan gei je yat tin doh dim sun sam jau chin
請 謹 記 這 一 天   多 點 信 心 走 前
joi ya bit pa na se siu yue dim
再 也 別 怕 那 些 小 雨 點
Repeat *
yeung ngoh do tau suet yat chi
讓 我 都 偷 說 一 次


Download the song

Download Bosco Wong CD version mp3 (right click file–> Save as”) Uploaded by K-TVB.net Please do not direct link or distribute this link. Instead, link to this blog post, thanks! :)

14 Responses to “[A Change of Heart] Sub Themesong Lyric Translation”

  • ac says:

    thxs for this.looking forward to eng translation.

  • anonymous says:

    Hi! I’m also looking forward to the english transation! Thank you!

  • Love the new layout! Bosco and niki are so cute together!! I think so the song is kind of a merge between bosco’s two characters. But when i first heard it i supposed its meant for myolie wu.

    • KTVB says:

      Thanks Dongfangguniang!

      lol @ your comment about Myolie…it does sound more applicable to her than the characters in the series!

  • ChrisFanWong says:

    I really love this movie and this song. Thanks for sharing.
    Thank you so much

  • tvb says:

    Thanks for translating this to English. Your a legend.

  • faithict says:

    i really like this song, final blessings…the melody is pretty catchy and sort of “romantic”? >.<
    i think this song really suits this series very well…it is as if Dr Yiu arranged for niki to meet up with his brother and have his brother to take care of her…not only did he give them his blessings, but he did (through the song) tells her that her brother is a better match for her…so touching…. :$

  • Anon says:

    Wont’ be like us, treat arguments as games, we cannot fight back(?) for rest of our life

    Its translated as
    Unlike us, who fight as though we’re playing games, and unable to hold hands(握手) for life

  • Jessica says:

    I love the chorus and the drama,too.
    Bosco and Niki are gorgous in this series <3

  • odie says:

    我這樣討厭 他完美如此 能共你好好地相處
    哪會像我們 將吵架當玩意 沒法挽手一輩子
    最掛念的你 悲劇已停止 無用再傷心另一次

    I’m so annoying, when he’s so perfect, he could get along so well with you.
    Unlike us, who fight all the time. You could’t go through the life hand in hand.
    You, whom I miss most, let the tragedy end here. Dont let your heart break again

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