• Grace Under Fire
  • Episode 11 was a pretty sad and emotional episode. It was the episode Kenneth was going to “die”. I really felt sorry for Kenneth during his last meal, tat scene was very touching… They say people usually reveal their real self just before death and all I could see was a very innocent child- the “goodness” in him. I liked how he realised and took the blame for causing Raymond’s death (getting drunk and getting into the fight at the restaurant) and he didn’t just push the blame to the real killer. Everything he said felt so genuine..it was also sad how he brought up that he had always wanted to apologise to Peng-Sok for eating the food and blaming the cat (it is such a ‘Sam Sui’ thing to do!) We all know that’s not important to them now..
  • I shed a tear when Peng-Sok gave him money to take with him so he could have an easier route as he “leaves the world” 🙁
  • It was moving to see everyone try so hard to save Kenneth. It was the combined effort of everyone which made it happen:  Xuan, Fala, Bosco,  his employeers, Wong Fei Hong, and the mayor.
  • I can foresee this being Kenneth’s major downfall..coupled by Fala’s rejection 🙁 He suffered a lot while in prison and his route will only become harder when he is released 🙁
  • Grace Under Fire
  • Kaki made her appearance in the series- the way she dressed and acted made her appear from a  wealthy background and was well educated. I had a feeling she would be linked to the Elliot (as usual with most TVB series XD)
  • I enjoyed watching Kaki’s interactions with Dominic XD Thanks to Kaki, Dominic has started to change into a nice person as she starts introducing church and the bible to him.  He was willing to give up revenge and hatred. It already made a difference when he promised, if he lived and could be with his son, nothing else would matter to him anymore. It’s pretty amusing and ironic that Kaki is so different to her father and she’s actually going against him/ruining her father’s plans without her even realising lol For that, I quite like Kaki’s character. She’s a nice girl in a corrupted family..
  • I really wanted Dominic to reunite with Bosco (made me so anxious!) It’s sad to think he’s been used as a tool by Dominic. I had a feeling that Elliot would  have his ways of corrupting his mind, and Dominic won’t be able to reunite with Bosco until awhile later.
  • I was actually pleasantly surprised that they reunited in episode 14! That episode felt like a happy ending- Dominic and Wong Fei Hong finally put the “past” behind them and Dominic learned to “let go”. He knew Bosco was the most important thing to him and nothing else mattered. John Ching also helped them Bosco a lot. I could see Bosco’s worried look turn into a smile when he saw John and Dominic come out together happily.
  • Grace Under Fire
  • Grace Under Fire
  • I loved the scenes between Fala and Bosco-they’ve grown so close in these episodes.  I think they make a pretty cute pairing and I think Fala already has a crush on him, taking their first “family” photo and the bike riding scene.  I love how Bosco seems so clueless, but he’s a good boy, and listens to what she says XD
  • It was sweet to watch Fala so distressed and did everything she could to save Bosco! Her feelings for him were so clearly- if Kenneth saw, I tihnk he would see through it.
  • I also like the bond Fala shares with the little girl. The departure scene where Fala leaves her at the orphanage was another sad scene!! You could tell Fala cared about the girl a lot but she was being realistic in that she couldn’t afford to raise her up..(and she shouldn’t have that obligation given they aren’t related)
  • Grace Under Fire
  • I was quite impressed by Power’s fighting abilities when he beat that kidnapper. We previously saw him beat up Kenneth but it felt different because Kenneth didn’t know how to fight/didn’t fight back, compared to Xuan who has been training.
  • Grace Under Fire
  • Power and Xuan are pretty cute together too! I like watching Power like a little kid 🙂 and Xuan for believing him with the lycheee. Do you guys think he has a crush on her? Or just grown very attached? 🙂 I wonder how he’ll react when she turned into his step mother..?
  • Kenneth has now come out of his 3months of imprisonment..He tried so hard to start over but it seems impossible..its also so sad watching him do everything for Fala but she actually doesn’t even like him =(
  • I Can foresee both Kenneth and Dominic’s downturn..Dominic slowly starts showing bits of jealousy/anger/pride come back. He seems upset that everyone respects John Chiang
  • And finally.. EVIL POLITICIANS!!! Elloit clearly does not care about the people in his city…grrrr!! All those people getting killed in the plague..
  • Grace Under Fire

13 Responses to “[Grace under Fire] Episode 11-15 Thoughts”

  • Ri says:

    From these few episodes, I can see how Kenneth will eventually turn bad. Especially after he came out of prison and was tortured by one Elliot’s wives (Claire Yiu?). And Sam Shui doesn’t have the strongest character nor the smartest mind so it rly is inevitable. In fact I’m looking forward to seeing him as a villain because then I’m assuming he’ll be much smarter and more cunning, perhaps even more so than Elliot.

    I’m enjoying the series so far but the one thing I have hanging over my head is the whole Wong Fei Hung-Kwai Lan thing haha. I know they’ll eventually get married and all but a 40-yr age diff is rly something. Furthermore I don’t rly see the chemistry there or maybe just not yet? I somehow doubt there ever will be haha but oh well! 🙂

    • KTVB says:

      I agree with you Ri! I see subtle hints here and there between Gwai Lan/Wong Fei Hong but it feels as though it can still pass off as mere respect for one another, rather than love lol The age thing makes a huge difference I guess and not what you would normally expect. It’s especially weird during that time era, when a young girl marries an old man- its usually if the man is rich or something. Will see how things develop for them..

      As for Kenneth, I really don’t blame him for turning into the evil person he will become. I havent seen how evil that is, but will look forward to it!

  • Michael says:

    I hope that when Wong-Fei-Hung ends up marrying Kwai-Lan he’ll actually truly love her and not marry her just because he needs Kwai-Lan to take care of Hon-Bong as a stepmother. I also hope Kwai-Lan doesn’t marry Wong-Fei-Hung just because she wants to improve her martial arts.

  • CakeLover says:

    i loved the fala-bosco scences!! & i was a fan of them 2 until fala started trying 2 keep bosco all 4 herself.
    but in the end i like bosco the most, so whoev. he’s with im fine as long as he likes her 😀
    hehe x3

    • Madeline says:

      I agree with you CakeLover. 🙂 As I keep watching this series, I start to like Bosco even more and it shows what a nice person Bosco is :D. And don’t you see how much his character starts to become more socializing. I like that 🙂

    • Michael says:

      I agree. I really like the characters that Bosco plays this year. I hope he gets some recognition again at the TVB awards. He hasn’t gotten an award for his acting since 2005 for War of In Laws.

      • echizen says:

        Bosco acting is improving I think it comes with age but although I like his acting he won’t get any TVB awards so far because he doesn’t have any outstanding character to make that big break.

        I prefer him not getting any yet rather than receiving awards which will turn TVB fans agains him. Awards and appreciation are two different things

  • echizen says:

    I love Bosco’s acting in this series. His character is not among the better written but he grasp the character very well. I really enjoy him in this series although his story is not so smooth 🙂

  • Amy says:

    Kenneth’s character’s scenes in this group of episodes made me feel somewhat sad, in the sense that, with the knowledge that his character is supposed to be a villain later on, this may be the last glimpse of the innocence in his character, as we see it being broken in the times to come. Yet, as I commented before (and what Ri so correctly brought up), the strength of one’s character and resolve will determine the path one will take. Sure, it is incredibly unfair when you suffer adversity, but it is still your choice as what you do with yourself in response to it. You can either put it aside and move on (or, at least, move on), you can either wallow in self-pity and destroy yourself, or you could go down the dark path and destroy others for the sake of your wounded pride. The latter may seem like the most enticing solution, and it may feel good for awhile, but eventually, anger and revenge corrode the soul and will certainly rob you of any happiness or even peace (which, I’m assuming, is what Kenneth’s character will experience later on).

    EVIL politicians is right! I didn’t like how the innocent and powerless are the ones that get shafted, especially with a plague epidemic…but, to quote an oft-used Chinese expression, “the heavens have eyes”, and the common proverb, “you reap what you sow”…those who do evil will have it paid to them. At least, that is the hope.

  • Michael says:

    Dude man, not cool. Don’t spoil.

  • Michael says:

    Is it just me or does the script for the last three episodes kind of suck?

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