Grace Under Fire 

  • I was starting to get annoyed with Wong Fei Hong’s lack of response to Xuan’s confession. Xuan had already given everything she got yet he didn’t respond nor say anything, making Xuan look like it was a one-sided love; some silly little girl crush or something. I think he took him long enough!
  • Ping-sok  seem so unreasonable, forcing her to marry someone else. I know it’s a big deal back in those days, but other than Wong Fei Hong’s age and the fact  he has 2 sons (ok…it does sound a bit =X lol), Wong Fei Hong is a good man I suppose…
  • On the day of Xuan’s forced wedding, she runs away to find Fei Hong when she thought he was involved in some accident. Seeing how worried she was about him,  he finally decided to be with her.
  • Grace Under Fire
  • Ping Sok’s death was pretty sad 🙁 I really didn’t want him to fight Dominic but he was determined to fight him for the sake of  Xuan, Wong Fei Hong, and most importantly- Kenneth (in hope he’ll turn him back good) I’m glad he was able to give his blessings to Gwai Lan and Wong Fei Hong before he died though and was able to be there at their wedding ceremony
  • Grace Under Fire
  • On a side note- other than for storyline purposes, I found it weird that Xuan didn’t invite Bosco or Fala to her wedding.
  • Grace Under Fire
  • Why does Dominic hate Wong Fei Hong so much to the extent he continues to bring problems to them..where is his conscience?? He finally learns the truth that 20 years ago, it was Elliot who used him etc and Wong Fei Hong had nothing to do with it yet he decides to be a selfish idioit and continue to be used by Elliot because he doesn’t want to give up his fame. ARGH!!! Has he forgotten everything he said to Wong Fei Hong when he reunited with Bosco?? Bosco was the most important to him!! sigh…seriously, he should taken revenge on Elliot!! Why keep the grudge against Wong Fei Hong even after he killed him??
  • I really like Bosco’s character! I love how he sticks by Wong Fei Hong/Bo Chi Lam and becomes his apprentice to go against his father. It’s also comforting to see Elliot’s sister go against him for their child and that they’re really nice people.
  • I could finally see Wong Fei Hong and Xuan spend time together as husband and wife and is slowly getting used to them. I thought it was such  a shame that Wong Fei Hong just died like that, especially when he was saying he’ll do whatever it takes to get well again, and Gwai Lan was just saying how she’s not scared because Wong Fei Hong is with her 🙁
  • Grace Under Fire
  • The series is getting more exciting and I’m finding myself really enjoy watching Kenneth scheme- He even manipulated Dominic to teach him “Lui” family martial arts. It also makes me think that every “co-incidence” is part of Kenneth’s plotting.
  • I loved how Kenneth got rid of Claire haha she totally deserved it…
  • Eddie’s relationship with Elliot’s wife came to a bit of a surprise to me~His character is a bit mysterious. Every time he’s with his lover, he seems like he’s a good guy- very concerend for the country, not just blindly working for Elliot. I wonder whether he has some other mission or is he just a man who has some sort of heart?
  • Grace Under Fire
  • Fala is finally back :)- and dressed up all pretty with Edwin (Japanese guy). I love her outfits and it seems like she’s found someone who meets all her criterias..except the fact she still seems pretty unhappy (probably because she still loves Bosco..) I have a feeling Edwin is a bad guy but he seems to treat Fala pretty well. Hopefully Fala could use her relationship with Edwin(and his power) to help Xuan and the others.
  • Maybe because there has been an emphasison  Bosco and Xuan in episode 26- I really like watching this couple and think they particularly match, especially when they use the same fighting style, so synchronised! They look like a  compatiable couple!
  • Im glad Xuan finally knows Bosco’s feelings for her- I thought she would never know! I know that their relationship won’t get anywhere, but it’s nice to wish XD
  • Grace Under Fire
  • Kenneth is very clever as he plots his way up. If I was Kaki, I would probably fall for him too..he is so manipulative and everything’s so well planned out. He does all these things for her that makes her attracted to him- nice person, being by her side, reads the bible since she’s Christian herself, likes helping people etc. Adding to that, Kaki unfortuntaly gets raped, making the perfect opportunity for Kenneth to get closer to her..(I’m glad he didn’t plot that one!)
  • It feels like it’s approaching an end, but with only 6 episodes,would it be rushed…?
  • Grace Under Fire

5 Responses to “[Grace Under Fire] Episode 21-26 Thoughts”

  • lnt294 says:

    I think Xuan didn’t invite Bosco to her wedding because everyone is getting mad at his dad, so it’s better if he wouldn’t appear. On the other hand, I think Xuan lost the news from Fala since the other incident, so she can’t invite her.

  • KC says:

    I just finished episode 26 and the series is starting to suck. Kenneth is worthless and they give him SOOO MUCH screen time. It’s really annoying. I don’t care about him at all.

    I think the show ‘jumped the shark’ when Ping Sok broke Wong Fei Hong’s arm – that was stupid, and the show has been a slippery slope since.

  • KC says:

    Just finished episode 27 and it’s even worse than episode 26. I’m thinking of not watching the rest of the series because it’s so idiotic.

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