April 2011

[Grace Under Fire] Couple Poll

Which is your favourite pairing in Grace Under Fire?

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14 Responses to “[Grace Under Fire] Couple Poll”

  • Wu MingZhe says:

    why no liuxuan and yue hwa?

    • KTVB says:

      And why would they make a couple…? I don’t think they even talk?

      • kes says:

        hehe… kinda embarrassed. – But I was going to ask for this too.

        I like the ‘chase’. – I like how he mocked her the first time they meet. …and how he fight ‘dirty’ against her.

  • Chibi says:

    I like seeing Bosco & Liu Xuan in the drama 🙂 I’m not particularly fond of Liu Xuan & John Chiang.. John Chiang is kinda too old for her XD

  • 'Muff says:

    Haha I voted for Liu Xuan and Power in the non-romantic-couple type ’cause their interactions were always so sweet/funny
    And the way Power would always listen to her like a good boy XD

  • Ivy says:

    Fala&Bosco are seriously , adoraaableeee<333

  • Ivy says:

    Fala&Bosco are seriously , adoraaableeee<333
    i seriosuly freak out whenever i see them together.
    he's become more sweet.
    like, that well scene, when he put her earring on for her, and the fighting competition scene between him and the japanese guy.

    • KTVB says:

      Yea I like those latter episodes where he does a lot of sweet things XD It makes up for the lack of response in the earlier episodes 🙂 so cute!

      • Cammie says:

        I sooo agree!! I was really looking forward to the romantic scenes between them. Comparing Bosco and Fala from the beginning episodes to the end make me feel like they’ve changed so much, especially how they treat each other.

        The scene where Bosco was fighting with the Japanese guy and gave up because he knew Fala was in trouble was soo sweet. He was so cold to her at the beginning, but I’m glad Fala still stayed by his side even though he yelled at her so many times.

  • Unknown says:

    ho does bosco like in the end

  • Yuki says:

    Bosco Wong is so cute!!!

  • Stella says:

    Ewww I don’t really like the Bosco and Fala pairing… I wished that he was with Liu Xuan instead. LOL in the beginning when he was caring for her so much and didn’t even care about Fala I was laughing so much…:). But I heard that he gets married with Fala at the end and I’m like oh… so sad…

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