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  • Grace Under Fire
  • When Liu Xuan first appeared in the series, she gave off a pretty warm feeling. I think her dubbed voice suits her and she seems pretty cute . I think she’s doing a good job giving off that “ordinary” type of character; while she is still quite likable- kind-hearted, responsible and righteous. I think they’ve tried to *hint* some of her potential martial arts skills when she was able to hold up one of the bullies and quickly grasp some of the techniques from just watching others practice. I’m looking forward to seeing her fighting scenes and watching our heroine develop!
  • In contrast, Kenneth’s character is so silly lol. Kenneth is always getting himself into trouble and fights, constantly bluffs, likes to gamble, and he constantly pestering Wong Fei Hong (played by John Chiang) to take him in as his apprentice. While it is obvious that he looks up to Wong Fei Hong and respects him a lot, I still question the so called “commitments” he says he would make. I still think the main reason he wants to be his apprentice is because he’d think he’d be able to gain fame and no one would look down on him or able to pick on him anymore.
  • At first I found Kenneth’s scenes pretty entertaining but then later a bit annoying when I started to realise his actions were so immature…
  • While he has heaps of bad habits, Kenneth’s character is still considered a good guy and I do feel sorry for him when he gets picked on. It would be interesting to watch his change into the villain of the series- probably due to other rejections/humiliations/betrayl(?) he would  suffer. Maybe when  he turn out “evil”, we’ll miss seeing this side of him.
  • I think Kenneth and  Xuan make good siblings (although not blood-related)- they constantly they look out for one another. It happened once or twice when Kenneth would just grab her and places her down somewhere else. XD They’re both like little kids e.g when the two hide on the side to sneakily watch the material arts training or fights. I read on the website that Xuan is 18 in the series, while Kenneth is 24.
  • Grace Under Fire

  • Bosco appears to be very powerful in his fist attacks and we soon learn he is actually the son of the once- top Martial Artist in GuangZhou (Dominic Lam) 20 years ago, before Wong Fei Hong came along and defeated him- breaking up his family. Bosco’s mother passed away when he was a baby and Dominic is left with a serious contangious desease and health condition. The father and son have lived through hardships for survival and Bosco was never aware of his past.
  • It’s interesting to see that the respected Wong Fei Hong, was once  young and arrogant, leaving his life with many regrets, including what he owes Bosco and even his own son- played by Raymond Wong who can’t stand being with him.
  • Bosco starts to slowly open up to Xuan as she’s always really nice to him and wants to befriend him. She also cares about his father’s conditions and asks Wong Fei Hong for help.
  • However, after Dominic confronts Wong Fei Hong and reveals his identity, Dominic commits suicide by jumping into a river when he was sadden by the fact he is unable to pass on their family’s martial arts technqiue onto Bosco (due to his health); nor able to take revenge on Wong Fei Hong. This leaves Bosco filled with hatred towards Wong Fei Hong and wants to avenge for his family.
  • I doubt that Dominic actually died (based on promotional image and the themevideo) and it appears as though Elliot had something to do with the fight between the two. It would be interesting to see what he actuallt did, creating this huge misunderstanding between the two families…
  • I like watching the bonding between Xuan and Bosco- they’re pretty cute XD  Maybe I like watching Bosco open up to her..^^ If it wasn’t for the whole idea of the story being Xuan falling in love with Wong Fei Hong, I’d think she felt something for him too. Maybe this would be a one -sided love..?
  • Grace Under Fire
  • Yay! More Raymond Wong! 🙂 He appears once again as the righteous guy! However,  unlike his father, he does not like to fight but instead uses his writing to help the people and society,  by uncovering and revealing  the political corruptions and injustice which is brought to their socitey. I really fear for his safetey though, because his actions directly go against those more  “powerful” even though he is willing to die for his country. It’s a pity that Wong Fei Hong and Raymond’s relationship is so bad.. I’m really hoping that the misunderstandings between the father and son will go away and that they could mend this “broken’ relationship.Despite misunderstandings with his father, his character reflects the rightouesness of his father. I’m also curious to see who his brother is..could it be Power Chan?
  • I don’t feel much towards Fala- more of a disliking than liking though-She’s pretty annoying -money hungry, blunt, rude, and does not appear to appreciate anything- Kenneth helped her pay off her debts, and giving her a place to stay and a job to work at. I’m not too trusting of her (I don’t really believe her story about being a chef’s apprentice either lol). I hope she’ll change for the better and not turn into a Nancy Wu from No Regrets! My eyes roll every time Kenneth tries persues her- she doesn’t seem interested in him at all, while Kenneth is clearly annoying her. I wonder if it’ll get anywhere… Based on the intermission clips, looks like she’ll develop some a love relationship with Bosco- (a love triangle?) The two haven’t met yet..would be interesting to see their 2 different personalities interact.

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  • Madeline says:

    I can totally agree with you about your views of the characters in this show. I am extremely impressed with Bosco’s acting. I haven’t seen him have a non talkative role before which I find that interesting because in other shows, he’s kinda open and is willing to talk to others. Well except for Dicey Business. And yes I know that Fala and Bosco will develop a relationship together and I saw how it will since I’m like up to episode 11 now. Speaking of Fala, I think you may be right that she’s not really much of a likable character but you’ll soon know her true personality and once I saw her true personality, it was kinda sad. 🙁 Fala is actually a good person, you’ll understand why.

    I agree that Kenneth’s role is really immature. I find him kinda annoying because he always use these cheesy excuses and acts to persuade Wong Fei Hong (John Chiang) to be his apprentice. I can see why he wouldn’t want Kenneth to be his apprentice.

    I find it likable to see Raymond Wong in this series. He’s not bad at all I have to say and he’s really a strong determined character playing his role as Wong Fei Hong’s son. I don’t want to spoil it for you all but you’ll see something disappointing and unbelievable later on.

    The new girl Liu Xuan is actually likable too. She is quite a good actress and a really good singer. I like her song “See You Later” in the ending theme. I thought it was really good and I hope if KTVB puts to full version soon 😀

    This show is worth your 45 minutes to watch and you should really take your time watching this series. Trust me, it won’t upset you. I can say that it’s sorta like Fistful of Stances (in a way) because of the martial art fighting and like the family rivalry they have in the show. It’ll get interesting later on.

    • Madeline says:


      I also find Dominic’s guise really disgusting, but that’s what leprosy is. But due to the opening theme, I think Dominic won’t have leprosy anymore.

      I extremely like Kenneth and Liu Xuan’s brother-sister scenes. Such as when Kenneth protect Liu Xuan from being hurt. I find that touching and lovable 🙂 And I like Liu Xuan and Bosco scenes, those scenes were nice as well.

    • Fatla! says:

      Hello! I only watched the first two episodes and really looking forward for more of this show! It just gives out some sense of uncertainty in it. Maybe cause much of the storyline of this show hasnt been reported or leaked.

      Anyway, I beg to differ that Bosco’s acting was great. All he did was just keep quiet and not respond to others. He failed to bring out the feeling that audiences ought to have towards his quiet and non-talkative role. Really dint have that feel. Or maybe its just me. Although he only did a so-so job for his role in Dicey, it was better than in this show.

      Ohh and exact thoughts about Liu! Dint think she was that great an actress before but I was proven wrong! Her dubbed voice suits her really well too. The best so far from all the voices that required dubbing in TVB series.

      By the way, the Wong Fei Hong in this show is fairly different from the previous versions right? =]

      • Madeline says:

        The best part of Bosco’s acting is when he kept on charging in and not holding back while he’s fighting and when he was really mad looking. That’s what I meant by his acting. Not the role in general. It’s just when he gets all pumped up for some reason.

      • KTVB says:

        haha I haven’t seen any ther versions of Wong Fei Hong so I have no idea XD What’s he like the other ones?

  • misstila says:

    haha i didn’t think liu xuan could act either. but her acting is very natural and good 😀

  • Jeff says:

    im on episode 13 this is the best drama i watched so far.

  • DEE says:

    haha man I was eating while watching Dominic…
    It sure ruin my appetite lol but i finish my food anyways.
    I really love bosco with Liu Xuan
    but then i read the summary and said she will
    develope feeling for John Chiang character fei hung akkkkkkkkkk noo >_<
    I want bosco and liu xuan!

    • KTVB says:

      Yeah Dominic was pretty gross! >< Although the story and characters (I assume) are different to the real people, Liu Xuan is playing "Mok Kwai Lan" who in fact is Wong Hei Hong [in real life]'s final 4th wife who is a lot younger than him.

  • faithict says:

    Hmm….I am pretty sceptic in watching this series, knowing that Liu Xuan voice will be dubbed….I am not really fond of watching a series that has dubbing in it….Is this series worth watching? Am thinking of waiting for a while before starting to watch this one….

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