• These episodes were quite exciting! Many of the character’s feelings are confessed and we start to see the  turning point for both Dominic and Kenneth’s character.
  • Grace Under Fire
  • Episode 16 made me feel really sorry for Kenneth. It made me see how much Kenneth loved Fala- he was willing to do anything for her- including giving up any dignity he had
  • It just made it harder for Fala to reject him; but it made things worse on Kenneth because it only made him believe she loved him back- e.g she did not care that he was covered in crap- she took his hands and went to watch the movie with him~ but in reality, it was because she felt sorry for him :<
  • Grace Under Fire
  • When Fala caught the rat-disease he went crazy- he did whatever he could to save her- but it was sad because we know no mater what he did, Fala wouldn’t love him back.
  • He didn’t care about his own life; to protect Fala he went against the gang of people. Although Kenneth is usually the one who would love to get recognised for something as heroic as saving his country, he clearely showed Fala was the most important person to him. He didn’t care that they gave all the credit to Bosco- he ran to see her first.  Unfortunately the heartbreaking moment came when Fala mistakened Kenneth as Bosco and confessed her feelings to him!
  • Grace Under Fire
  • I liked the scene between Kenneth and Bosco were at sleeping at the train station and they had a chat. It seems like the two become friends again and that perhaps Kenneth was recovering, and was “ok’ after Fala’s rejection. The two were also invited back to attend the ceremony in recognition of their achievement in saving the city from further harm caused by the rat-disease.  Unfortauntely, the pain continues when Kenneth was bullied again by Claire;  beaten up and was deprived from his recognition 🙁 I think this is it- Kenneth won’t be the same anymore..

  • Grace Under Fire
  • I really admire Fala and Xuan for being so courageous in pursuing their love. It takes a lot of courage; especially when she knows he doesn’t like her back that way (Fala) and for Xuan’s case- even more “impossible” to be with a man who was old enough to be her father..(and especially back in those days).
  • After Fala’s feelings were exposed, Bosco tells her he never thought about her that way. Despite this, Fala did not give up and continued to stay by his side as he searches for his father and in hope he would give her a chance.
  • Even though they’re at another city, Fala realises Bosco cares a lot about Xuan and we could see Fala was getting jealous… he was even willing to give up looking for his father to find her when Fala lied and said Xuan had gone off elsewhere. When Bosco found out Fala was lying, he scolded at her and went back to Guang Zhou without her…
  • Grace Under Fire
  • Xuan and Wong Fei Hong’s relationship were starting to become more obvious- the way Xuan was willing to risk her life to be with him to help the patients at the quarantined hopsital showed she wanted to be by his side to help him..I think the hopsital scenes reallybrought them closer. The turning point in their relationship was when Wong Fei Hong and her uncle suddenly decide to arrange her marriage with one of Wong Fei Hong’s apprentices- making Xuan really angry/fussed that he didn’t understand her- pushing her to marry someone else.  The way she argued back with Wong Fei Hong with the whole “Who am I to you anyway? Who I marry is none of your busines etc” XD The look on Wong Fei Hong’s face was so akward !! It was like he kinda knew she was more upset he did that to her lol
  • As a result, Xuan runs away to find Bosco and Fala in hope to avoid the situation. Knowing Bosco’s feelings for Xuan, Fala urges/encourages Xuan to confess her feelings to Wong Fei Hong and to chase her own dreams. Some may think that Falawas selfish in doing that; but it wasn’t like Xuan was ever going to like Bosco that way…I would have liked things a bit more fair for Bosco though. It seemed like that no matter what Fala did for Bosco, his heart was only towards Xuan.
  • I felt sooooo embarrassed for Xuan how she just went to find Wong Fe Hong and admitted liking him!!! Again, very courageous of her- I don’t think I’d ever have the courage to say something like that, especially when it was not socially accepted back then. It started to give me shivers when she called him as “Fei Hong” (I dunno, this whole idea about the age gaps is leaving me after thoughts!) Now that Wong Fei Hong knows her feelings for him, I wonder what he’ll do…?
  • Grace Under Fire
  • I found it amusing that Xuan ended up bumping into the kidnapper again at the hopsital and they eventually become really good friends. I  like watching him, Power and Xuan together- the three of them are like cute-kiddos hehe
  • I found it pretty interesting how Eddie betrayed Elliot by throwing out the match box so Kenneth and Bosco knew where the medicine were hidden. It made me feel that Eddie was more human which I found, again, more realistic.  He also made a mysterious phone call with someone and seemed like he was a good person. I wonder who was on the other side of the phone?
  • Elliot forces his brother in-law to do an act infront of Dominic, making him think that Wong Fei Hong won the battle 20 years ago because Wong Fei Hong added stuff in his tea, making him lose. With the support from Elliot, Dominic successfully re-establishes his martial arts school.
  • Kenneth’s character has become so scary…he’s starting to show his manipulative side and successully becomes Dominics apprentice, forcing Wong Fei Hong to duel with Dominic..

23 Responses to “[Grace Under Fire] Episode 16-20 Thoughts”

  • Amy says:

    I had seen those episodes a few weeks ago (and have since watched the whole series, therefore, I’ll be careful not to spoil anything…), and the feeling I got was, “Hoo, boy, this is it…this is where things start getting REALLY messy.”

    I did feel really sorry for Kenneth’s character, as you did. The bullying and adversity he suffered was degrading…and no matter how hard he tried to make something of himself the RIGHT way, he couldn’t escape it. Fala’s character rejecting him, and later, Claire’s revenge, was just icing on the cake that appeared to push him over the edge.

    However, I only felt sorry for him to a certain extent, because the true element that drove Kenneth over the edge wasn’t the abuse itself – it was his pride. If Kenneth cared more about doing what was right, and holding true to that principle, he would have been able to endure what he did and still soldier on. Wong Fei Hung suffered the loss of a son and is fully aware of the injustices wrought upon by the Chinese government, yet he chooses to continue fighting for what is right. The reason why is because he truly is secure in himself and what he wants his life to stand for. He did not allow his pride to get in the way of clear judgement. Kenneth’s character, being the villain, unfortunately does not have that strength, and the only thing he holds onto is pride.

    The same thing goes for Dominic’s character, as you can clearly see him first of all jealous of Wong Fei Hung’s success, and later on, not being able to let go of the past, which allows Elliot’s character to manipulate him. A man’s wounded pride was enough to stoke the flames of anger, and to even forget his true reason for living: his own son. A few episodes back, he said that if his son were alive and he were able to reunite with him, then nothing else would have mattered. How could he easily forget and put that aside?

    As much as I know this is just a drama and these issues are highly exaggerated, this show (and many others like it) makes a pretty strong point and a lesson to pass on to everyone: nothing good can come out of stubborn pride. It is good for us to be reminded that, although each person has value and deserves a place in society which is fair and allows others to reach their full potential, one must not overstep their boundaries and assume that they deserve more than their fellow neighbour…and by looking outward and serving others (rather than inward and serving themselves), they are, in essence, doing good for themselves as well.

    • Happy Asian says:

      I agree with everything you said. 🙂

    • KTVB says:

      Very nicely put together Amy! (As with your other comments)

      I thought it was pretty realistic how Kenneth’s character wasn’t strong enough to stay on the right path..

      As for Dominic, I think he’s just easily manipulated..

  • Ri says:

    I am so sorry but I just cannot get on board the Liu Xuan/David Chiang train – it’s just too awkward! She’s suppose to be, what, 18 in this show and he’s 50+? They keep saying he’s old enough to be her dad and well, HE IS! Ah well.

    I also liked it when Kwai Lan and Siu Hau became friends in the hospital 🙂 Siu Hau also treats Hon Pong like a brother and takes good care of him which is rly sweet 🙂

    I think we can all see how Kenneth becomes bad eventually. He really has the worst possible fate. Then again, he’s not all good, especially when he was poking fun at Claire at the award ceremony. I was like oh maaaaan why, Kenneth, WHY do you have to do this?! Then again, Kenneth is pretty good at portraying such an evil character.

    I’m also starting to like Fala a bit more as an actress. Still recovering from the whole Ching Ching/Best Supporting Actress as Ching Ching mess but I think Fala is most suited and likable when playing these kinda roles: realistic but not mean-spirited. At first when I saw the poster for GUF I thought she would latch on to Elliot (just like Nancy did in No Regrets.. ugh, another mess I’m desperately trying to forget-.-) but her role here is down-to-earth, strong and realistic. More suitable than acting cute and kiddy.

    Sidenote: When I watch this show I can’t help but compare it a little to Fistful of Stances. Also because Fistful of Stances is showing reruns on another channel 😛 Sometimes I watch the 2 at the same time (back and forth between channels) and I get confused because Kenneth is evil in GUF and good in FOS lol. I’ll be watching FOS and wondering hmm, I thought Kenneth is bad here why is he being so nice? OH WAIT wrong show. hahaha. Having said that, I rly like Kenneth’s character in FOS! I only watched bits and pieces of FOS before this so now that I’m watching it properly (and comparing it to GUF) have to say FOS is a better quality show, in terms of storyline. Not that I’m not enjoying GUF, I just feel that FOS is more exciting 🙂

    Anyhoos, looking forward to your thoughts on the final eps, K! 🙂

    • Michael says:

      Lol, Eric Li in FOS definitely made it more “exciting” with his creepy rapist character role.

      Also, I like that Dominic plays the antagonist role in both. In GUF, Dominic’s character, Lui Kong, and his actions are a lot more understandable because as the people above said, resulted from his pride and as a result I can’t really hate his character as much as I am frustrated by it. His character in FOS is just straight up……

      • Ri says:

        Eric Li WAS super creepy! With the singing and the leering. I’m surprised Natalie Tong’s character even dared to step out alone after he started stalking her :/

        I think Dominic is a really good actor, he manages to portray diff “types” of antagonists, like you said. He was plain evil as Wing Tak but really just overly prideful in GUF. I find it interesting that even while he was obviously a villain, he still managed to play a good father to his two daughters in FOS. Tho I have to say, I can’t stand his son. Really, at times he’s just as creepy as Eric Li!

        • KTVB says:

          Sometimes, the Wong Fei Hong x Kwai Lan thingo makes me imagine what it’d be like if he was younger…she’d be paired up with Eric Li! XD

    • KTVB says:

      YESSSS I agree! I was like “nooooo Kenneth..don’t do it!” I wish he would stop messing with her… I was also hoping that Bosco would go outside to find Kenneth to help him =X

      I thought so too!! I’m glad Fala didn’t end up with Elliot..lol I tihnk she looks really pretty in the outfit!

      I think the hospital scene above looks like the one from FOS (from memory) haha

      Thanks Ri!!

      • Ri says:

        LOL I think all the shows set in that time period have the use the same “hospital” haha I know Elliot’s house was also Wing Tak’s house (in FOS) as well as Sheren’s house (in NR)! I think all 3 shows used the same set! 😛

  • Ri says:

    OK, I knw this is gonna sound totally out of place and I apologise in advance for the gushing that’s about to follow but I need a place to sound off because..

    I JUST FINISHED WATCHING FISTFUL OF STANCES! and it is really an AWESOME show. I know what you mean now when you said you wanted Kenneth to win My Fave Male Character – he really did portray the epitome of a fave male character! He was smart, good, funny, everything! Loved his character and his relationship with Selena. I know Kevin Cheng was promoted as the main character but his character was def overshadowed by Kenneth’s. Kenneth really shone in this role, even more so than as Sam Shui. Sigh, I feel even more cheated now because Raymond Lam’s “Professor King” is completely no match for Kenneth’s “Ku Yu Tong” character! 🙁

    But the performances that really blew me away were Dominic’s and Kara’s. They really define the term “veteran actors”. Every scene they did was acted to perfection, esp towards the end when they both went mad. Wing Tak and his wife did so many bad things you’d think I wouldn’t feel bad for them but when Kara became mad, I felt so sorry for her. For all that they are, they really did love each other and their family. If TVB wasn’t so “political” and FOS was maybe shown later in the year, Dominic and Kara should def have gotten Best Supporting Actor/Actress. Outstanding!

    In fact, Fistful of Stances itself was a really good drama. The final episode is one of the best I’ve seen in awhile, with everything tied up and it really left me with a satisfied feeling. The characters were compelling, the storyline was solid and the performances were great. I don’t think it would’ve won against No Regrets (it would put up a tough fight tho!) but against CBML, sorry to rehash this but FOS would’ve knocked CBML out of the park.. but again, only if TVB wasn’t so “political” 😛

    OK, gushing over heh heh heh 😀

    • Michael says:

      Well said

    • Chibi says:

      haha nicely written (though I think its better posted in AFOS post rather than Grace Under Fire XD)

      • Ri says:

        haha i know, but since the Dominic and Kenneth are in both GUF and FOS (and this is K’s latest post) I decided to go ahead and just post it here hehehe 🙂 yay for FOS fans!

    • Mui says:

      I agree with you. Kenneth should have totally won the fave male character. Hopefully he will win something this year for his GUF role. 🙂
      It just so unfair how people win awards that they don’t deserve.

    • KTVB says:

      hahah glad you feel the same enthusiasm! XD

    • Sammo says:

      Man , I agree with you: Fistful of Stances was a better show . In almost all the episodes, I cried ! It was so sad and the characters in FOS were more evil and well I think that FOS had this family warmth<3 that GUF doesnt have.

  • jjguest says:

    I do not like the storeline of this drama,
    I do not think that kenneth did good job here.
    but I highly expect that he will do good job in coming drama (the alarming thunder in the forbidden city )

  • juliusbeer says:

    Oh man, I don’t noe why but I don’t really like Chen Fala character when she still insisted on pursuing Bosco even when he told her he not interested.

    Worst was when she threw away the letter and the sweets! EVIL intention of sabotaging and just down right despicable! hated it so much.

    Really wanted Bosco and Liu Xuan to be paired up.. but alas its not to be. still trying to ‘accept’ the pairing of Liu Xuan and Daniel.. and don’t know whether I can continue watching anot since I noe Bosco and Liu xuan cant be together… sad sad.

  • Sammo says:

    Does anyone notice that one of the background music from this drama matches one of the background music from No Regrets or is it just me haha ? And that one old bald guy looks exactly the same as he did playing sheren’s dad in No Regrets.

  • Cammie says:

    I really like Bosco and Fala together. I feel sad for Fala after Bosco rejected her, but she’s still by his side. Bosco’s like an ice, so cold! I also feel Kenneth’s pain from the rejection and getting bullied. My dad keeps saying that he gets beat up a lot.

  • Jimmy Dupras says:

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