Warning: Ending Spoiler!!

[All my posts contain spoilers, but this is the ending, so an extra warning message ^__^]

Even though Benny’s plan was revealed, the King could not escape his fate as his brother did end up murdering him and to take over his throne. He shouldn’t have spoke so soon about giving his position to his son which triggered his brother to get rid of him..

The new King demands Shirley and Steven to give up on the Book of Destiny and hand it over; using the workers at Benny’s Inscent Business as hostage. Shirley and Steven asks the King to give them time because they don’t know where the Book of Destiny really is…

Benny still does not learn his lesson and upon hearing that the King did pass away, he continues to believe he is destined to become king. Benny goes insane to the sense he run wilds telling everyone he will become king. He ends up digging up peoples’ graves who have a certain surname, burning them into ashes and hopes to bury them under his mother’s corpse. This would increase his chances? In the process when Selena, Steven and Shirley try to stop him, Shirley gets captured.

In attempt to lure Benny out, Steven pretends to have burnt Benny’s mother into ashes and put them in a bottle in exchange for telling him where Shirley was. Benny falls for the trap where Steven and Selena had set up, capturing Benny (and Mimi in the process).

The crazy Benny still would not tell where Shirley was unless Steven brought the King’s head to him… Steven ended up making a deal with the King, in making Benny believe he became the king when he woke up. His planned seems to work!

This part was light-hearted..(this is also where we see in the opening where Benny is wearing the emperor’s clothing) he was really happy and telling Selena how he promised to make her his Queen. Steven was trying to convince Benny to free Shirley but he said after he deals with the matters in the Book of Destiny and he leads Steven to where he had hidden it, handing the Book to him. Sorta weird how they left, changing back to their usual clothing. However, the King didn’t keep his words and attempted to kill them both off after Steven got back the Book of Destiny. Luckily Selena came and saved him both.

From the hints from Benny, Steven finds Shirley captured at Benny’s Inscent Business. The King finds the two and they surrender the Book of Destiny in exchange for letting the two live. Shirley thought it was a shame they couldn’t protect the Book of Destiny, but Steven assures her that it’s the right decision.
At the end, Benny and Mimi have gone insane..they forgot everything (except Benny still remembers the Book of Destiny) and Selena looks after them both.

On the other hand, Shirley and Steven live happily ever after~~The ending looked funny and strange~~ having Steven and Shirley play their grandchildren!! XD They act similar too hahaha..the last part is priceless..I wonder what they must be feeling when their grandchildren brought them the Book of Destiny as their present? XD

I wasn’t too satisfied with Benny and the princess gone crazy..at least now they lost their memories (well, sorta) and can continue to live a happy life. This reminded me of the Demi Gods and Semi Devils 96 with the guy gone crazy though..maybe they could have came up with something else?

2 Responses to “[A Change of Destiny] Episode 20- Final”

  • Yiguan says:

    Hahah! The ending is really cute. I thought this was quite a good show just that I didnt like how Benny changed from such a cute guy to a mean person!

  • Missy183 says:

    The ending was ok for me… I enjoyed how happy Steven and Shirley were together in the end. However, I am SO dissapointed how Selena is left! I would have liked to see Benny turn good and not cheat on her… I was soo mad, and especially with how he ends up with the Princess… *sigh* that kind of ruined the series for me =/

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