There were a lot of talk about the King, the Book of Destiny and FengSui…it was mainly between Steven, Benny and the evil fortune teller guy ‘assisting’ the King in predicting the King’s ‘death’, and hopefully a way to prevent this from happening. I couldn’t really focus on what they were talking about..lot of technical terms I think. They devise a plan in hope to trick the king into opening up the grave of the King’s ancestors. Turns out that the Evil Fortunate teller guy himself wanted to become king (can’t really recall his real identity), and he tries to set up this thing~ putting his father’s ashes on top of the King’s ancestors and that soon he would become king himself. At the end, Benny backstabs the Evil Fortune Teller guy with the help of Steven and Shirley was able to get revenge for her parent’s death…as a result, the King gains Benny and Steven’s trust.

This King is so superstitious over the Book of Destiny and I guess its understadable since it was the Book of Destiny that made him King..

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