Another exciting episode!~~

Benny and Mimi ended up ‘forcing’ the king to let the two be together, because Mimi gets preganant with Benny’s child. She also threatens to kill herself if he won’t let the two be together. Shirley, and Benny’s father find Selena and tells her about Benny’s true identity and ireal motive, and Selena realises that Benny doesn’t actually love the princess, but only using her to become king! On the wedding day, Selena stops them because he doesn’t want him hurting the princess and for Benny to continue going down the wrong path! She tells everyone that Benny is her husband! Benny denies this in front of everyone, saying their wedding ceremony didn’t even finish, so they were not considered married. When Selena says that Benny’s mother was there to witnesses, Benny demands Selena to stop lying because she’s dead already~~When Selena tries to tell the Princess that Benny doesn’t really love her; Selena gets beaten up..Steven was trying to tell her that no matter what she did, she would not be able to change Benny’s mind…

Benny’s father ends up writing a letter to the King, telling him about Benny’s true identity, except that Benny doesn’t know it yet, in hope the King would let Benny go..

Selena and Shirley both end up having a copy of the letter each to try to get it to the king. On one hand, Shirley is captured and is stopped by Benny and who he sees the letter! Benny gets really angry in that he believes his own father has betray him. Shirley tells him that Selena is also on her way to the King and probably already reached him! Why do they always have to do that? It makes himangry, but also makes him aware! Benny dashes off to stop Selena, leaving Steven to get rid of Shirley! Steven ends up burying her alive..

Selena actually got the letter to the king, but changed the letter..not the one telling him his true identity, but hoping Benny can leave the palace with his father because his father has gone sick….hoping to give Benny one more chance…but Benny doesn’t change. When Selena found out that Benny has killed Shirley, she wanted to kill him but gets knocked out from the back. Benny goes to find his father..

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  • ep 18 is really exciting eh? wonder how shirley manages to get out….

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