Benny ends up bringing his father to the King’s ancestor’s grave and locks him in the coffin alive (what a freaky thought =__=) as he believes this would help him become King (putting the corpse over that of the ancestors; like what the evil fortunate teller was trying to do). He’s too selfish and heartless…He continues his own interpretation of the Book of Destiny and believes that on a certain day, the King will be killed. He sets things up between the King and his brother to stir things up between them in making the two kill each other off. We learn that Steven saved Shirley later after burying her (giving her some tube to breathe) and the two attempt to scare Benny in hope find out whether Benny had the Book of Destiny. However, Benny doesn’t get fooled and captures the two along with Selena. I just feels like a waste that Steven gets revealed now after working for Benny so long and didn’t really gain much from it. The three did manage to escape just in time and reported to the King Benny’s plan on the night of his ‘destined death’ (when the King’s brother really did grab the axe and want to kill off the king). Benny’s plans get revealed, and when he’s about to get captured , the Princess appears and Selena ends up saving him..

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