So much betrayl, backstabbing and acting..everyone seems to be lying to each other…

Benny’s family business is re-established. Steven and Shirley is suspecting Benny because getting rid of Joel just went too smoothly. Steven and Shirley falls in the Evil Fortune Teller’s trap, gets hallucinations and start seeing the other as the evil fortune teller, and the two end up at each other’s throats. Benny saves the two deliberatly (dressed in black) and Benny later reveals this to Steven. He ends up using Steven to work for him, to help him become king..I’m pretty sure Steven is only ‘acting’ to betray Shirley so that he can gain Benny’s trust…

Benny wants to marry the princess to get closer to the king..when Benny’s father appears and learns of Benny’s plan of becoming King and the way he was treating Selena, he tells Mimi the truth that Selena and Benny were already married and not to go between them~ This causes Mimi to go insane again and when Benny sees this, he pushes Selena aside and hugs the princess..

In addition to that, Steven helps Benny by pretending Steven and Selena were doing something inappropraiate, so that Benny can blame the two in front of Mimi and tell her that he doesn’t like Selena..Steven tells Selena that Benny doesn’t love her anymore and is getting in Benny’s way of being with Mimi. Selena planned to leave because there wasn’t any point of her staying anymore…Benny’s father wants her to stay and insists that Benny keep her here or he’ll leave too, but Benny couldn’t care less. Benny’s father ends up falling ill so Selena offered to stay to look after him until he recovered.

Steven acts like a jerk and causing Shirley to slap him in the face. She thinks that he’s changed but Steven reassures her that he’s always been like this.  In the last shot, we see Benny hiding in the bush and watching the two, grinning.

One Response to “[A Change of Destiny] Episode 16”

  • qing says:

    i love the ACOD eps 16 last part when steven acts like a jerk haha. love his every expression 😛 so seldom see him like this

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