A Journey Called Life Themesong: A little Story

Sung by Steven Ma and Linda Chung

Download the Song here: Full Version

I really like this song~ sounds so soothing and sad at the same time and I think it suits the series really well. The beginning part sounds are bit haunting though lol Here is my attempt of translating the song (so please give credit my if repost :)) Of course, if there’s something I have misinterpreted, feel free to let me know and I’ll fix it up ^^ Enjoy!



The road ahead, there is no light, only smoke
learned to find a line of sight through getting drunk
Looking back at all the falls and bitterness (putting down the bitterness?), life can still be something worthy of remembrance
Living through, there is still meaning, if at the end there is still a difference(separate?), there is still tomorrow

When you get hurt to the extreme, don’t know how to shed tears
Even breathing can become chaotic, it’s hard to say how to face it(hard to face you to speak?).
When the eyes gradually turn red, crying isn’t a crime. Men or women, who hasn’t had bitter water(suffered pain)?
Both: Even though we already know the result, even if we have to sacrifice we are willing to
The road in front, not matter how bitter, still not scared that we will fall, all because there is you are close to lean on/ rely on
Forget yesterday’s suspicions, under harsh circumstances, we’ll persistently look for a route
No regrets, this life isn’t considered long nor feel short
Ah..support at sight(embracing each other at sight?)
You whether or not remember
I exist in this world
Waiting, this little story

14 Responses to “[A Journey Called Life] Lyrics”

  • snowfoxgirl says:

    nice, obviously since the grammar is different it will be a bit rough, but oh well! By the way, i think the ones in the parenthesis are the real meaning, but the other version was the literal meaning? wow, im starting to sound like some crazy reviewer :P!

  • Jeanrah says:

    the grammar of the song itself is odd, but KforTVB, your translations are very accurate. Plus, the lyrics and the song is by steven ma, so i can’t blame him for the odd grammar since he isn’t an experienced song writer. i’ve tried several sites for translations before your post, and you have done the best, and i will stay with your translations. thanks for the translations, and please continue to do so for other TVB songs. again, thanks ^^

  • Jessica says:

    this drama soo sadd i cried.. =(. though song sad too omg so suits the drama. I got addicted to the song. but yeah. thanks for posting the lyrics =)

  • Drey says:

    Hmm…this song can be really addictive. I loved Linda’s solo part. I thought it was pretty special, to have a solo in the beginning. And she sang it so emotionally

  • Nicole says:

    great translations! I love this song. I couldn’t stop listening to it! Continue translating song lyrics!!

  • Amy says:

    omg. i love this song! i cant stop listening to it too. but i still cant find the name of this song. by any chance if someone can tell me please? THANKS!

    Reply from KTVB: It’s called ‘A Little Story’

  • karen says:

    omg!!!! thank you sooo much for having this site! i just finished watching the whole series of A Journey Called Life and i LOVED it!!! i came online to look for the song and here it is!! just wanted to THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! made my day! =)

  • Nancy says:

    ahhh!!! love the song =\ mayb they couldve made it longer =\

  • Josephine says:

    is there pinyin here?

    Reply from KTVB: Nope~

  • Vivian says:

    I lOve this sOng! I lOve yOu tOO Linda Chung!

  • aMy says:

    can you put the lyrics into pinyin? i can’t read chinese but i really love the song.. please…

  • bry says:

    hey, i’m wondering.. well.. i wanna copy and paste the lyrics, cuz i don’t know how to type chinese.. so maybe u can? 😀

  • Wingie says:

    I love this drama,
    I hope to come ‘a journey called life 2’.

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