Feels a bit incomplete making a post like this. Especially this is my first post on A Journey Called Life and it’s already 3/4 through ^^;

I’m currently up to episode 15 of A Journey Called Life and I really only started watching full episodes from about episode 8 onwards, the others were just bits and pieces. The highlight for me for this series so far is watching how Steven loves Linda and everything he does for her. I thought their moments were sweet and how Steven had a crush on her. I really enjoyed watching how he tried to tell Linda his feelings but she only treated him as a brother and didn’t think that Steven would like her that way. Every time he tried to tell her, Linda would say words that would hurt him (like only as a brother etc) or they would get interrupted. The turning point came in episode 13 at Steven’s sister’s wedding where Steven grabs onto Linda’s hand and she started to have feelings towards him~Or more like, realising her feelings for him =)

One of my favourite scenes would be episode 14 when they finally get together~

At the marathon, Linda is introduced to one of Steven’s close friend “Stephy” who was also another competitor at the marathon. Steven ends up winning 3rd position and the “Stephy” won first for the women’s one. The two hugged and the reporters started asking whether they were dating etc. Linda starts getting jealous and angrily walks off and Steven starts chasing her.

Steven: Ga Ga, where are you going? What’s wrong? *Steven grabs onto her hands*
Linda: It’s got nothing to do with me.
Steven: How could it have nothing to do with you? You’re my temporary instructor. It’s the first time I’ve made it in top 3, aren’t you happy for me? Don’t you plan to celebrate with me?
Linda: I’m only temporary. *Flicks Steven’s hands off* So I plan to tell the instructor your results.
Steven: Aren’t you happy? It’s the first time I won an award…
Linda: Nothing.. go and get your award, don’t worry about me, someone is waiting for you..

*Linda walks off and Steven realises Linda is jealous and that she actually likes him ^^ He catches Linda again and stops her*

Steven: Are you jealous of Stephy? Stephy..*Linda struggles to get loose from Steven and he grabs onto her shoulders* Look listen to me. She’s really just a friend I met from jogging. We’ve known each other for a long time. She always sends marathon information to me. *Steven grabs onto her hands* And also, she only treats me as a brother. And I only treat her as my sister.
Linda: You treat everyone as your sister. Don’t you know this can cause people to die!?

Steven: Look listen to me, listen to me first or I won’t let go. Listen..I’m not the one who wants to treat you as a sister, it’s you who treats me as a brother, I can’t do anything about it.
Linda: You’re so mean.. did you plan to wait until I grow old before you tell me? Or did you plan to take the truth with you to death? So that I’ll remain lost the whole time..
Steven: How do you dare me to say it? If I said it and you get angry at me, then what should I do? If you were angry and didn’t want to see me, don’t say we can’t be brothers or sisters, if we can’t even be friends, then how can I see you again? Right?…Why are you crying?
Linda: You’re too good, I’m not good enough for you..
Steven: Who says stuff like that?
Linda: I did too many things in the past.
Steven: Just let the past, pass by. Just live on as a good person, that’ll be enough.
Linda: Do you really not care?

And then Steven kisses Linda XD Aww..how sweet is this? <3

9 Responses to “[A Journey called Life] Linda and Steven get together ^^”

  • rachel says:

    aww…how sweet! i actually haven’t watched this yet, gonna start soon as soon as tests are over! but i just couldn’t resist reading this post because it looks like such an interesting series. i really hope to watch a Journey Called LIfe soon. Linda and Steven are so so cute together!!

  • Drey says:

    Haha…this was the sweetest episode ever! I think it’s one of TVB’s sweetest get-together scenes. The way Linda said “lei hou sui ga” really cracked me up…it was so shy and cute at the same time.

  • Summer says:

    Love tis part..at last, they’re together.. wait for so long..haha.. any way, Linda’s is bac to a good and nice girl.. and her atiire while she is a good girl.., i felt got abit same as Siong Joy Sum ” HOG I ” character… white shirt with blue jeans.. slightly same lo.. but sometimes, like to see the way she talk and her attitude as a rough girl.. she really improve alot in her shotting..

  • nich says:

    Yeah, I watched till eps 14 and I’m so happy that Onn Boy and Ga Ga are finally together. The scene from the birthday party was also cute… everyone is so happy for this couple.

  • chuchu says:

    I think they should have done more episodes. I just finished ep 16 and everything felt so squished together.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Aww,that was cute how Steven kissed Linda,haha i notice in evry series i watch that when Linda kisses sumone she looks confuse && uncomfortable,&& i notice they were both in virtures of harmony 2 : ) && i cant wait for this series.

  • Annie says:

    I absolutely adored this series.
    I’ve watched it twice because its so good.
    I really liked Steven and Linda’s chemistry in here, i would like to see them collaborate again.
    This series was very touching when Linda lost her best friend because she consumed all the pills. Very sad moment. Really got me trying to feel how I would react.

    Finally something Good from TVB!

    Oh and did anyone notice that when Steven was going to Kiss Linda that his lips were perched so much he did look like a horse! x), It just got me giggling, it added to that moment in a way to relieve things. Very memorable series in my opinion!

  • Fiona says:

    When steven kissed Linda, she kinda looked held
    back..probably cause it was kind of awkward. =/
    But this was one of the best part!!

  • sammmii says:

    where can i watch ep 15 of a journey called life?!

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