TVB The Four

TVB Raymond Lam in The Four

[English Translations]- by KTVB. Please credit if reposted 🙂 As always, feel free to correct me if I’ve misinterpreted anything 🙂

If you are not staying, I will wait for my dream
After being heartbroken because of you, I have endured long pain
If you run to the end, hatred will be with you your whole life
If you learn to let go of everything, from now on there will be no regrets

* In the midst of hardship, betrayal is out of control
That very day how I gave out everything is also like a nightmare
While drifting, how heavy the burden
Slip out feelings then can understand, then will believe
Why after searching for the result can feel there’s no measure?
Why only in silence can we obtain a storm?
Who has been lightly swept by a rushing wind, also leaving a sign?
Who uses the heart to manipulate?
Violently changing storm, once more.

Peacefully walking in our own journey
Holding onto that unknown storm
Hard to avoid all the trauma and worry, gloomy fog


Who has been lightly swept by a rushing wind, also leaving a sign?
Who uses the heart to manipulate?
Violently changing storm, once more

**Download the Full Song here (Right Click-> Save as)

Comments: I quite like this song , it’s kinda catchy and feels that it really suits the series. It’s also a bonus to have all 4 main leads sing the song =] As I was looking at the lyrics, I feel that the song is talking about Raymond and Kate’s relationship and about Raymond’s realisation when he sees the ‘real’ her. The song expresses his feelings of betrayal, chaos and confusion (like a nightmare) as he was blinded by his love for her. Despite “Mo Chin” (Heartless), he soon grew into a caring person and he let his feelings for Kate take over what he believes, or wants to believe. Thing don’t turn out the way he had expected as there’s questioning in the lyrics “Why after searching for the result can feel there’s no measure? Why only in silence can we obtain a storm?“Only after “Slip out feelings then can understand, then will believe“.

That’s what I think anyway ^^;

36 Responses to “[The Four] Themesong Lyrics Translations+ Downloads”

  • kinki says:

    This song is very nice indeed!
    Nice translations, KTVB!

  • chibi says:

    hmm ^^; I can’t even tell which ones is Sammul and Kenneth singing XD Might need to listen closely, but still a catchy tune =)

  • sugar says:

    I haven’t seen this series yet but I heard that all four actors get a chance to sing for the theme. 🙂

  • jacietran says:

    i love raymond’s voice in the beginning well, in the middle, everywhere! lols

  • trinty says:

    is this the four song sang by raymond,ron,sammul, and kenneth for english

  • KTVB says:

    To chibi:
    Raymond, Ron, Kenneth then Sammul sings it ^^ (two sentences each). Sorta just remembered Sammul hasn’t sung a TVB Themesong before. I think Sammul sounds better than Kenneth 🙂 Pretty Decent.

    To trinty: What do you mean by ‘for english’?

  • congkhanh116 says:

    lyric pinyin of the four great constables

    Reply from KTVB:

    yu yeuk nei baat joi daau lau; ngo wai liu mung seung dik sau hau
    chaang wai nei sam seui hau; cheung tung sing sau
    yu yeuk nei jaau dou jeun taau; tung haan chi joi yaat saang jo yaau
    yu hok hui fong daai so yau; mou feui gaam hau

    (fung yu jung; bui bun leui chi saat hung
    dong yat ngo jaam fu cheut liu; ya jeung ngok mung
    piu bok jung; bui fu liu yau do chung
    ching teui heui choi hon dung choi seung seun
    waai ho chaam ging jung ho gam do; miu mou chek dou
    waai ho jam mak choi ho daak dou; lit bin fung bou
    seui yan chang bei fung gaap hing so; ya lau gei hou
    seui yan loi yung sam dik baai bou
    lit bin fung bou; joi dou)

    ping jing gok jau gok lou tou
    wai yeung na mei ji dik fung bou
    naan bei gwo dik chong seung fu nou; saau seui dik mou


    seui yan chang bei fung gaap hing so; ya lau gei hou
    seui yan loi yung sam dik baai bou
    lit bin fung bou; joi dou

    Pinyin credits to: coloratura tvb

  • Trinty says:

    i mean is the four song rewrite by english song

  • KTVB says:

    To Trinty: Sorry I still don’t understand what you’re trying to ask, can you give me an example?

  • chibi says:

    Hey trinty, the above lyrics in English is just a TRANSLATION of the Chinese song, they don’t sing in it English.

  • sugar says:

    ^ I think what Trinity mean is, did you translate the lyrics into english?

  • Trinty says:

    ohh i get it chibi the lyrics is just english… and suger u rite i mean to say did ktvb translation the four song into english

  • Rin says:

    Hey! That’s one of the scene in episode 21 ^^ lol
    Can’t believe Kate did that to Kenneth’s brother -.- and like made him think that it was Raymond that did it! But I’m glad that Raymond is smart and finally figures it out =D

    Aniwho, thanks for the translation. I have to say, the song is very nice and I agree that while I was reading the translation, Raymond and Kate’s relationship popped into my mind 😛 Oh Kate.. why.. =/ lol.

  • Eric says:

    Love this song. Thank u for uploading this.

  • Anonymous says:

    To KTVB: Sammul did sing a TVB themesong before. He sung the theme for “Guts of a Man.”

  • congkhanh116 says:

    lyric vietnamese of the four great constables 2008

  • gaconcrazy says:

    This movie is really good. The four of them are perfect when they film together. But in the end, it isn’t a happy ending.It makes me feel sad because just only Iron Fist and Yeuk-fei can get together.However, their loves are really strong and meaningful. I love this movie + casts. Thanks for your translation

  • Roykent says:

    Thanks for pinyin lyrics i hope you can make for other lyrics thanks^^

  • SongOfDarkness says:

    it kinda difficult to tell which is ron and which is sammul. i thought i knew but then i still can’t figure out which is which!!! any help here? 😛 XD

  • K2K says:

    The song starts off with Raymond, 2nd is Ron, then comes Kenneth, and finally Sammul with the 2 last line of the 1st verse. Then they all sing the chorus together.

  • rachel says:

    i found out who sings which part on raymond’s blog if you guys are interested 😀

    Verse 1:

    如若你不再逗留 Raymond




    如若你走到盡頭 Ron




    風雨中 Ma




    飄泊中 Sammul





    為何尋覓總可感到 co









    Verse 2:

    平靜各走各路途 Raymond


    難避過創傷苦惱 Ron


  • Shirlala says:

    Thanks for the song upload!! Love it!! and Thank you rachel for figuring out who sang which part. I couldn’t tell haha aside from Raymond’s voice. Thanks again!!

  • 'Muff says:

    In my opinion…

    Raymond > Sammul > Ron/Kenneth

    ( Singing-wise )


    But I like it when they all sing together~ <3

  • Emlyn says:

    thank you so much for uploading dis song!!!!I have been looking for dis song for quite awhile.LOVE the lyrics & the full song.It really suits & deserves to be an opening theme for TVB drama.

  • Cheryl says:

    I love this song too… If it wasn’t published here, I didn’t realise that is was sang by the 4 of them tho… haha 🙂
    What a meaningful song…

  • Sally says:

    Thanks for the translation 🙂 I liked the series as much, though it got a bit draggy in the middle. Do you know if the theme song was launched in any album?

    Reply from KTVB: not that I know of ^^;

  • Anonymous says:

    Beautiful song. Just too bad there is a glitch at the start at 00:05. Sorry I am very choosy. Is there one without the glitch?

  • propa says:

    Way to go! K!!!

  • EWong says:


    Sorry, to be a bother, but when I click the link, it leads me to the song,, but I can’t download it. =| Would you mind telling me how, or maybe uploading it onto another server if it’s not too much trouble?

    Thank you for your time!

  • Funny1 says:

    #2 my fav song and show!
    I like Love Exchange better than The 4. 🙂

  • Joel says:

    Hey , do you know what’s the title of the song wu qing played on the flute ? /:

  • AlySeow says:

    This Show Is Awesome!
    It Just ended in Astro channel 311, in malaysia.
    I LOVE 4 of them! (:

  • Vicky says:

    Does anybody have this song becoz if you do can u please tell me the website to it so i cand download it

  • Ruby says:

    Can you email me this song? I like very much. I cannot download it. THANKS!

  • Andy Lau says:

    Can you plz email me this song? The download does not work, along with A fistful of stances. Thanks and greatly appreciate it!

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