*Contains Spoilers*

  • I guess it’s not hard to guess what happens to the characters based on the below screencaptures ^^ I’m happy for Sam and Holiday but I do feel sorry for Jayden. He seems a bit lonely joining the military!

Triumph in the Skies 2 Finale

  • This has got to be my favourite scene in the finale- I’ve always been waiting to see a scene where all 3 of them would be in the cockpit together. Watching Jayden and Sam work together to save the flight was so awesome!! ^^ I guess TVB leaves the best til last:)

Triumph in the Skies 2 Finale

Triumph in the Skies 2 Finale
Triumph in the Skies 2 Finale

Triumph in the Skies 2 Finale

  • I guess nothing really unexpected came out of the ending.

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  • Cecilia says:

    I half expected all three to be single in the end. There doesn’t seem to be any real reason why Holiday ended up with Sam other than the fact that they are the main leads. Looks as if they move to the UK and adopt Zoe.

    Overall I enjoyed the series but the finale was too rushed in my opinion. Have they also stolen the “Love Actually” montage idea at the end?

    • KTVB says:

      I didn’t get why Fala was in a dilemma in the finale on who she should choose. I thought it was clear she liked Sam and Jayden was only a substitute..That’s why I wasn’t surprised she ended up with Sam in the end. She started to get a bit confused because Jayden told her he was serious about her and loved her; while Sam was kind of pushing her away (letting her choose).

      P.s: I don’t really get/see why Jayden loves Holiday….what is it about Holiday that makes her special to him?

      • Cecilia says:

        Yes, I agree that there really is no dilemma for her either she loves one and there is no need to choose or she loves neither if she has to dither over her decision. I feel really sad for Holiday because she genuinely loved Sam and wanted to be a suitable partner for him but Sam seem indifferent to her efforts to please him and insinuated that Jayden related better to her.

        In my opinion, Jayden only saw her value when she was with Sam so from that point behaved like a bunny boiler. He even introduced introduced Sam as his love rival to an old flame! There is no rivalry if someone is already in a relationship with your supposed rival! That said, he did change for the better towards the end probably because of Sam and probably because of Holiday not wanting him as a partner anymore. Just my two cents worth.

        • KTVB says:

          Hmm..well Holiday keeps saying she put a lot into the relationship and tries to change for him etc but he doesn’t realise/appreciate it. I still couldn’t feel she actually changed much (until the last episode when she seems to have matured)

          I think Holiday and Jayden both changed for the better in the end..because of Sam

  • summer7879 says:

    Wow.. u’re fast, i still not yet up to final for Triumph II , over all love this series so much 🙂

    as you said, they leave the best till last .

    among all those couples, most boring
    i will feel is Summer , Issac and Jose ,
    most interesting is Roy and HEather , and
    most cute will be Coco and Jim Jim and
    most sweet and touching goes to Sam , Jayden , Holiday , this triangle love 🙂

    over all , love this series so much 🙂

    • KTVB says:

      haha sounds like you enjoyed this series thoroughly..

      Did anyone feel Issac was quite immature on how he dealt with Summer? I mean..come on, he was the one who stupidly dated Josie, while neglecting Summer- the one he loved. What was Summer supposed to do? Be understanding and just continue to ‘wait’ for him?

      I thought he was quite childish how he made Summer do those things to make her ‘chase/purue’ him…normally what a guy would do. Did he really not feel any love from her?

      It also made me feel like Issac wanted to change Summer into being more feminine and girly (which she did turn eventully…) and he admited at the end he liked a lot. I thought it was contradictory given the bike scene where Ron told Myolie he liked the way she was….if a feminine/girly girlfriend was what he wanted, why didn’t he fall for Josie then? Sounds like the type of girl he has turned Summer into…

      Just my thought..

      • Lan June says:

        Totally agree. It surprises me when Isaac acts like it is Summer’s fault and make her to do all the stupid things to win him back. It sounds a bit like the to-do-list of Josie. LOL

  • curly_fries says:

    The shot of Sam and Holiday holding hands after saving the plane – I didn’t feel it in the thick of the action, but when the replayed it during the montage I was so so touched.

    I’ve always been a Sam-fan – not too sure what’s so special about Holiday either, but whatever makes him happy XD

    • KTVB says:

      haha I know what you mean..happens to be quite a bit when I like the male lead, not too huge on the female lead, but whatever makes the male lead happy right? XD

  • heavenly87 says:

    I really like the finale to this series…
    TVB didn’t screw it up as usual…
    I was also suspecting that Holiday notchoosing either of the guys coz of the themesong.
    but I’m happy Sam got the girl…
    His so right for her in the sense that she’ll be a better person/ better pilot with Sam…
    As for Jayden I don’t think Holiday will grow as a person…
    As to ppl wondering why it seemed like a dilema for her, well it wasn’t…
    if you anaylise the things she say to Sam and the things she says to Jayden…
    Holiday to Same: What do u choose, do you want me to stay or do you want me to leave?
    Sam: why is it my choice, it’s your choice
    Holiday: so does that mean if I chose to leave, you won’t stop me?
    Jayden to Holiday: You shouldn’t be in a dilema, Just chose me.
    Holiday: Don’t force me, gimme time to think.
    of course this is all just paraphasing…
    but everyone knows including herself, that she wants to be with Sam… however Sam isn’t saying the right things to keep her coz he doesn’t want to fight over her and treat her like an object as he once put it…

    I really like the last flight scene, when Hliday asked Sam “what was going through ur mind” I think him finally speaking up about how he really feels is very touching…

    I like when Issac passed his Captain’s test for 2 reasons:
    1: when Sam pretended he was really pissed off and threw the marking book at Issac and storms out…
    2: When Issac tells Summer to call him Captain Tong
    I like Issac and Summer’s love story too, even with Josie around… can’t get mad at her coz she doesn’t know how anyone feels, and when she did she tried to matchmake them. She is really the innocent one in this love triangel…
    but too bad TVB didn’t tell us how she is going with her illness… unless I missed it in the random small chit chats

    • KTVB says:

      Yea..I agree with you. Holiday never loved Jayden and it seemed like Jayden was the one side-tracking her mind. If Jayden wasn’t so pushy, even if Holiday didn’t end up with Sam, I can’t picture Holiday going back to Jayden on her own.

      Nope, you are right, I believe we never heard of Josie again.

  • Flick says:

    I ended up skimming the original series after finishing this sequel, and I really wished Sam ended up with Belle (played by Flora Chan I think) – cause Zoe just seemed super annoying compared to Belle, and their love story and the whole fate thing was just so much better, but I think this series has been a standout. If they make another one, I hope Bosco and Michelle Ye would come back too, the original cast is outstanding.

    • KTVB says:

      Interesting! Thanks for sharing~~ I haven’t seen TITS1 before..didn’t even know Sam had a love story with Belle ^^

      • Flick says:

        If you go back and watch it, the whole triangel story just makes so much more sense, and Myolie and Ron’s acting has improved beyond compare. Also, I just love Nancy’s character even more, her character has matured as well as her acting.

        The continuity is very impressive. Wish the ‘old’ stars would return though!

        • Lan June says:

          When I watched TITS 1, I was hoping that Sam ended up with Bella coz they had the doll-fate thing. But he ended up with Zoe. Now what the sequel, I kind of understand why. Look like whoever has the triangel will win at the end. The doll belongs to Bella but it was Zoe who keeps it, then she was married to Sam. Then she passed it to Holly, then she also ended up with Sam. It is just like a big circle going around and Jayden just happened to unlock Holidays’s bangle so she could move on, but Sam was the one for her destiny.

  • Joey says:

    can i ask , i wish to have all the songs that in this triumph in the sky 2 ….i love all the english songs ? can i have all the songs list or tittle ???

  • Lan June says:

    I’m happy with the ending even it’s a little rush in my view. Many ppl want Holiday ends up with Jayden instead with Sam. If you think abt it, Holiday will never grow up and be a good pilot if she’s with Jayden. Jayden would spoil her more since both are very free-spirited, meaning they would do any wild things they want just for fun (like they did in France) and that’s that. Jayden would never let go of his playboy style and never appreciate Holiday. He only changed after seeing Holiday with Sam. If they were still together, he would never do that.

    I agree that Sam is too harsh on Holiday, but she also learns a lot when she’s with him. It’s just a different way of showing his love for her. Remember he stayed up and took care of her for almost the whole night when she got sick and what did he get in return?? Holiday misunderstood him coz he called in sick for her but never told her why he did that.

    When I watched ep. 40 and 41, I just want to punch Sam in his face and tell him to wake up, don’t be too harsh on Holly coz he’s pushing her away. But at the end, Holiday realized the weight of her uniform because of Sam and a little help from Jayden. Jayden even told Holiday that she should thank Sam instead of him. So if Holly picks Jayden, I don’t think she can learn that much. Not to mention that she never really loved Jayden at the beginning. She didn’t even care Jayden still went out with XYZ girls when they were dating and even lived together. But she got hurt eveytime when Sam got angry or got mad of her for any reasons. Remember when Holly got drunk, she even apologized to Sam the next day even it wasn’t her fault. Plus, the scene when she broke up with Sam is so emotional and touching compared to with Jayden, meaning it hurts her a lot. So in my conclusion, Sam is the only person Holiday loves from the beginning till the end.

  • opium says:

    I love Sam and Holiday too much.

    • Lan June says:

      Me too. Except for those last ep.when Sam is too harsh on Holly, otherwise, they are just perfect and so sweet together ^^

  • claire says:

    i l0ve sam and holiday together !!! Somehow too sweet !!! i wish i have a kind of relationship like them

  • dina says:

    what is the title song at the end of the movie

  • Shirley Ho says:

    I really love tl”Triumph in the skies,,this is the best drama in 2013,I like Sam,Jayden,Ron Myolie,Heather ,Kenneth Ma ,Nancy Wu,Ilike to see the beautiful view in the drama,I really want to go to Japan and Thailand by plane too !I want to see my sister my sister ‘s husband Tatsuya and my niece Emma,I miss them so much,I also want to visit my relatives in Thailand,U miss my cousins in Thailand,I want to see them,by plane.I like this drama so much,I want to buy air tickets.

  • CBYeam says:

    Holiday does not deserve to be with either Sam or Jayden. Fala’s acting is not natural and overdoing it. Few times Sam chastises Holiday for overlooking the pilot’s basic responsibilities and she got the guts to playfully brush off Sam.Sam did the right thing to upkeep the integrity of AE and not to disclose any info but Holiday dared to say that as his girlfriend he can tell her what she wanted to know.Dim witted of her. She really sucks.

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